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December 14, 2022 3 min read

Whenever, especially in the 21st century, more and more people are aspiring to keep healthy and slim figure, and you are definitely no exception. But as we all know, in order to keep healthy and slim figure all the time, taking a regular exercise is essential for you. I believe that the gym is one of the best places for anyone to work out because you can choose to use different pieces of fitness equipment there depending on your fitness goals. But if you have a busy job and usually have little time to go to the gym for exercise, it is also a great idea to buy an excellent piece of fitness equipment for your home. Among a lot of excellent fitness equipment, squat assisted machine stands out with its unique advantages. The cult-favorite Row-N-Ride trainer is packed with features to help you achieve your various fitness goals all from the comfort of your home gym.

The Row-N-Ride trainer is more and more popular among fitness enthusiasts, and there are good reasons for this. It combines two compound movements, a row and a squat, in one smooth motion. And as we all know, a row and a squat are part of the seven fundamental movements which account for all basic human movement. The Row-N-Ride machine is a simple but excellent piece of fitness equipment that allows the user to perform this compound movement safely and effectively to achieve your specific health and fitness goals. But if your main fitness goal is to build muscles, you must be concerned about the question of what muscles the Row-N-Ride trainer can build. In the following article, I will not only answer this question for you in detail, but also introduce some relevant information about it to you. Please keep reading.

What is it?
The Row-N-Ride trainer is a fantastic piece of fitness equipment for anyone looking for a low-impact, total-body cardio and strength workout. It can exercise your strength, speed and lean muscle tone well. This exerciser combines two compound movements (rowing and squatting), which can not only strengthen your lower body, but also effectively strengthen your shoulders, arms and back. What's more, the squat trainer also combines aerobic exercise and toning exercise, using continuous movement and your own body weight. And for just 10 minutes per day, you can achieve maximum exertion and high calorie burn.

Squat Trainer

What are the benefits of it?
As a squat assisted machine can bring you many amazing benefits, this is one of the main reasons for its popularity. I will list a few of its main benefits for you below. First of all, it can strengthen and regulate your muscles. It is a very good piece of compound exercise equipment, which can exercise your whole body. If you use it properly and give full play to its potential, it can be used to exercise your upper body, lower body and core muscles. Secondly, it can help you lose weight. It is a great option for completing challenging HIIT workouts, or cardio-based sessions, that engage your entire body and burn tons of calories. Thirdly, it is designed for strength training. Strength training on it is great for building strong lean muscle, sculpting and toning your body, increasing metabolism, and burning calories! Finally, it saves space. This equipment can not only help you to exercise with high quality, but also will not bring you any space burden. Because of its slim foldable design, it can be easily placed almost anywhere in your home.

What muscles does it build?
The Row-N-Ride trainer is an incredible piece of fitness equipment, which can build almost your whole body muscles. As it is designed to help you achieve a wide variety of squats and rows, two compound movements involving multiple muscle groups to help you gain strength, fully build your muscles and burn more calories. At its full potential, this machine can be used to target your upper body, lower body, and core---- specifically the glutes, quads, hamstring, calves, inner and outer thighs, core, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and chest. If you want to adjust, tighten and shape your glutes effectively, then you can specifically read the related articles I wrote about how to target your glutes with the Row-N-Ride machine. In addition, although the Row-N-Ride trainer is designed for squats and rows, there are a slew of other exercises that can be completed off your machine, like deadlifts, glute bridges, incline chest press, bent over rows, and more. Doing these exercises will help you build your muscles in a better and more targeted way.

the Row-N-Ride Machine Can Build Almost Your Whole Body Muscles

As you can see, a Row-N-Ride machine is an excellent piece of exercise equipment, which can help you build many muscle groups in your body. In addition to building muscles, it can also bring you many other benefits. I hope you can benefit from it!

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