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December 26, 2022 4 min read

Nowadays, most young people concerned about their appearance and at the same time are increasingly concerned about their figures. Having a slim figure can not only keep us beautiful, but also reduce the risk of various diseases. As we all know, running is an effective way to burn calories. But if you are busy or just to avoid bad weather, you can also choose to run on the running exercise machine at home. Exercising on a treadmill not only has many health benefits, but even better, it is also one of the most effective tools for weight loss. Many people use the running exercise machine to burn calories, help with weight loss goals, and support cardio fitness. But in fact, if you master some ways correctly, you can burn more calories on the running exercise machine than you may have thought. In the following article, I will introduce some factors that affect calorie burning and some ways to burn more calories on the running exercise machine, hoping to help you.

the Treadmill is Also One of the Most Effective Tools for Weight Loss

What are the factors that affect calorie burning?
Although exercising on a running exercise machine can effectively help you burn calories, there are still some factors that affect the amount of calories burned because every person is different. Let's have a look together!

1. Efficiency
The smoother your motions are, the more you exercise, and the more calories you burn within a given distance on the running exercise machine. At higher speeds, running can be more efficient than walking fast or using a racewalking technique.

2. Exercise intensity
It can be said that exercise intensity is the most critical factor that affects the amount of calories you burn on the running machine. The greater your exercise intensity, the harder your heart and lungs work, and the more calories you burn. Exercise intensity can be measured by your heart rate or pulse. But please remember to choose the exercise intensity that suits you according to your own situation.

3. Holding onto the handrails
You will likely burn fewer calories if you hold onto the handrails while walking or running on the running exercise machine. Running exercise machine calorie counters don't account for holding handrails, so if you are gripping the handrails, the total you get is likely higher than what you are truly burning.

4. Bodyweight
Your muscles must use calories to move your body mass across a mile or kilometer. Bodyweight is one of the important factors that affect your calorie burning on the running exercise machine. The more you weigh, the more calories burned per mile or kilometer.

5. Age
Your metabolism naturally slows with age, which means the younger you are, the more calories you burn throughout the day, during both exercise and rest. Age is significant in calculating your calories burned on a treadmill, as the younger you are, the more likely you are to burn more.

How to burn more calories on a running exercise machine?
As mentioned above, although there are many factors that affect your calorie burning on the running exercise machine, there are ways to increase your overall workout energy expenditure so that you can burn more calories. Here are a few ways that have proved to be very effective.

1. Do interval training
Interval training alternating high intensity activity with low intensity recovery time so that you can better raise your heart rate and burn more calories on the motorized treadmill. Running at a consistent pace is great for longer workouts, but in shorter workouts you can increase the intensity by adding speed intervals. Then alternate between running at a moderate pace for a few minutes and running at a faster pace and you will burn more calories and build up your endurance, thus becoming a faster and stronger runner. Generally, this type of workout will take you out of your running comfort zone, but there will be enough recovery time between sprints to allow you to control your breathing again.

Do Interval Training on the Motorized Treadmill Can Burn More Calories

2. Increase the incline
Increasing its inclination when running or walking on the running exercise machine is a good exercise for beginners. Tilting can activate your gluteus muscles and hamstring muscles more than running on a flat surface. When you add some extra inclination, your legs push your body upward harder, and vertical movement is more challenging for the heart and lungs, thus strengthening the cardiovascular system. At the same time, it is also very beneficial to help you get better leg lines, burn more calories and improve endurance. If you want to match the intensity of outdoor running, please set the slope to at least 1%.

3. Increase running duration
The obvious choice is to run a longer duration if you want to burn more calories. If you run at a pace of 6 mph, you’ll burn 330 calories if you weigh 150 pounds. The more you weigh the more calories you’ll burn. Increasing your duration by just 15 minutes will add 165 extra calories burned during your workout for a total of 495 calories (using the 150 pound weight above).

4. Increase your speed
Naturally, the faster you run the more calories you’ll burn. Not many people can sustain running at 6 mph for a long duration, but this doesn’t mean you can’t start at a lower rate. When you are running on your running machine, start at a comfortable speed and slowly increase it every minute. If you can comfortably run at 4 mph, increase it to 4.5 and 5.0 and remain at that speed for as long as you can. But when you feel like you can no longer keep up the pace, drop the speed down slowly and try not to reach the 4 mph mark. It’s all about intensity. If you can increase your running speed, you’ll burn more calories. Even slight increases will provide amazing results.

5. Eat right
The premise of burning more calories is by combining exercise with a balanced diet. This doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. Running in the morning on an empty stomach, for example, is not advised. Instead it is more recommended to eat carbs and high energy foods to give you energy for your training. Remember also to keep hydrated during your workout and always keep a water bottle within reach.

You can burn more calories on your treadmill through several ways I introduced for you in this article. I hope you can achieve your weight loss goal as soon as possible!

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