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November 17, 2022 5 min read

When it comes to the most effective exercise equipment, running exercise machine is probably the first answer given by most people. It is one of the most famous and popular fitness equipment in the home gym, because treadmill can work many muscles. What's more, it also can help people lose weight and bring countless health benefits to people. However, no matter how well you take care of your running exercise machine, its moving parts will show some wear and tear more or less over time. One of the parts that take quite a beating is the motor. The motor is the heart of this machine. Without it, the running belt will not run. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most expensive problems to fix in your running exercise machine. Moreover, a faulty motor will make your running exercise machine stop working right away and reduce the machine's efficiency, preventing you from having an effective workout. To avoid such problems, it's essential to learn how to tell if a running exercise machine motor is bad. That way, you’ll be able to repair or replace it before things get worse. Please continue reading the following article to know the common causes that cause running exercise machine motor is bad and several signs to tell if running exercise machine motor is bad.

Treadmill is One of the Most Famous and Popular Fitness Equipment in the Home Gym

What are the common causes that cause running exercise machine motor is bad?
There are many causes that cause running exercise machine motor is bad. Here are some common causes that cause running exercise machine motor is bad.

1. User behavior
The running exercise machine motor usually goes bad due to excessive load. In that regard, the motor on the running machine motor depends on the user speed, user weight, friction factor that develops between the machine's mechanical parts, and the way of walking/ running on the machine. While you cannot control the user's weight or how someone walks on the running exercise machine, there are various factors you can consider to enhance the motor life. For instance, you should avoid starting the machine with your feet on the walking belt. This makes the motor request an extremely high current demand from the running exercise machine DC motor controller, which might end up damaging the motor windings and the controller. In addition, avoid using your running exercise machine at a low speed for a long time as it may cause the motor windings to overheat. At the same time, it might cause damage to the motor controller and motor windings.

User Behavior May Cause Running Machine Motor is Bad

2. Dirt and dust buildup in the motor
If you don't clean the motor compartment regularly, dust and dirt will accumulate inside your running exercise machine. This can lead to various issues like causing the motor's internal components to overheat and smell like burning.

3. Lack of maintenance
Lack of regular maintenance is another common cause that causes the running exercise machine motor to go bad. This includes lubricating the running deck and cleaning the motor compartment from time to time to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

How to tell if running exercise machine motor is bad?
You can tell if your running exercise machine motor is bad by the following signs.

1. Detect burning smell
A burning smell is one of the most accurate and widespread indications that your treadmill motor is going bad. This strange smell usually occurs due to short circuits in the running exercise machine motor, wiring, and other electrical components. However, it might also be caused by the friction and heat generated between the running exercise machine deck and belt when using the machine. Whichever the case, if you detect any strange smell while using your running exercise machine, turn it off right away, unplug its power cord, check its motor and make the necessary running exercise machine repair. If the problem isn't caused by the issues I've mentioned above, clean the deck to remove any moisture, debris, and dust. Afterward, plug the power cord back in and reboot your machine.

2. Motor overheating
Whenever you feel like your running exercise machine has begun overheating then it means your motor is overworking itself. It either has debris or dust stuck in it or it requires revamping. Don’t ignore when your running exercise machine starts overheating because that is an indication your motor has gone bad.

3. Motor inefficiency
An inefficient or non-working motor clearly indicates it's going bad. This will cause things like preventing the belt from moving efficiently when training on the running exercise machine. Once you notice that your running exercise machine motor isn't performing as it should, make sure you check it immediately. On the downside, fixing an inefficient motor is one of the most expensive motorized treadmill repairs you'll ever run. The motor continues to work poorly when powered at full speed; you'll have to replace it. Or else you'll experience more problems like failed circuits which can lead to safety issues. Moreover, it's recommended that you hire a professional technician to help you with replacing or repairing the running exercise machine motor or circuit.

4. Belt is not moving
When you switch on the running exercise machine, but the running belt doesn't move, something may be wrong with the motor. In most cases, this occurs due to belt friction, dead motor, or loss of power connection to the motor. If a belt jam causes the problem, the machine will vibrate, but the belt will not move. In that case, check the inner part of the deck and clean it to get rid of buildup dust. In addition, use a high-quality belt lube to lubricate the running exercise machine belt appropriately.

5. Noisy motor
If your running machine motor is making an annoying noise, it might indicate that its motor has accumulated gunk. Unfortunately, this also prevents the motor from effectively getting rid of the produced heat, thus affecting its overall performance. So, if you notice any noise from your running exercise machine, check the motor to see if it's going bad.

6. Sparking
Lastly, if your running exercise machine motor produces any spark during use, you should immediately turn off the machine and inspect the motor brushes. Sparking usually occurs due to constant use, which causes the brushes of the motor to wear out and produce electrical sparks.

As you can see, this is how you will tell if there is something wrong with your treadmill motor. As soon as you detect any of these issues in your running exercise machine, you need to address them right away. Don’t ignore these issues because if you do, you may have to replace your entire machine instead of a small part.

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