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November 10, 2022 5 min read

Facts have proved that regular aerobic exercise can have many positive effects on our body and mind. But it is well known that exercise is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, especially for the elderly. As we age, it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to our physical activity levels and overall health, but for the elderly, this may mean finding new and innovative ways to stay active, while also accommodating any age-related changes or limitations. Due to the limitation of age, most fitness equipment is not suitable for the elderly, so there are not many kinds of fitness equipment that they can use. Therefore, it may be a challenge to find a suitable and effective piece of fitness equipment. The elliptical exercise machine is very suitable for the elderly. Even better, the elliptical trainer has many benefits, and can provide low-intensity exercise for the elderly while staying active. In the following article, I will discuss with you some benefits of using it for the elderly to let you know why it is suitable for the elderly.

What is it?
The elliptical cross trainer is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate walking or running without causing excessive strain on the joints. In addition, it also provides a low-impact workout that is easy on the knees and ankles. This fitness equipment is very suitable for the elderly who want to stay active and improve their overall health. The low-impact nature of the elliptical exercise machine makes it an ideal choice for the elderly who may be suffering from joint pain or other health issues. In addition, it also can help the elderly improve their cardiovascular health, strength and endurance.

the Elliptical Cross Trainer is a Stationary Exercise Machine

How does it work?
The elliptical exercise machine is a piece of aerobic exercise equipment, and even the elderly can use it for excellent exercise. At the bottom of the elliptical machine, it has pedals that work when the user is standing; while there is a handle at the top of it, and users can exercise their upper body by pushing and pulling. So it works by you standing on the pedals and using your legs to power the machine. You can also use your arms to help power the machine. The combination of pedals and handles movement makes the elliptical exercise machine an effective way to exercise all over the body. In addition, you can also adjust the resistance on the machine to make it harder or easier to use.

What are the benefits of it for the elderly?
The elliptical exercise machine is very suitable for the elderly because it can provide many benefits for the elderly. Here are a few of its main benefits for the elderly.

1. It is non-impact
The first reason why the elliptical exercise machine is suitable for the elderly is that it has non-impact in nature. This means that your back, knees and ankles will be protected. If you are suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis in your older years, you need to use exercise equipment that is as friendly as possible to your joints. Then elliptical exercise machine is your ideal choice. Because it has non-impact, it can keep your feet firmly on the pedals, so there is no impact on your joints.

2. It is relatively easy to use
The elderly are at an age when they don’t really have the energy to waste over something new and unnecessary. So, the simpler something is, the better it is for them to handle and understand. The reason why the elliptical trainer is suitable for the elderly is that it is relatively easy to use. It is a piece of fitness equipment used to imitate walking, jogging and climbing stairs, which are all sports we are used to. Therefore, even the elderly prefer to use the elliptical exercise machine for daily exercise. It doesn’t even feel like they are operating some heavy machinery or something. They just simply use pedals and handles and let the elliptical exercise machine take care of the rest of the workout. Furthermore, it doesn't take a long time for the elderly to get used to workout sessions that involve the elliptical exercise machine. Unlike gym workout sessions involving squat racks or power racks that require complex instructions, the elliptical exercise machine is much simpler.

the Elliptical Trainer is Suitable for the Elderly is That It is Relatively Easy to Use

3. It is adjustable
Another benefit of the elliptical exercise machine is that it is adjustable. You can adjust the inclinations to your preferences if you need to. And that’s something that elderly people really appreciate, because it allows them to exercise in their comfort zones. For example, when the inclination of the elliptical exercise machine is high, many elderly people do not perform well. Because of muscle or joint issues, it’s harder for them to operate it smoothly. Therefore, users like them can adjust the elliptical exercise machine settings lower to have more of an even ground. That way, the elevation will decrease significantly and they will get to operate the elliptical exercise machine more smoothly.

4. It can strengthen the key muscles of the elderly
Another benefit and reason for the elderly to use the elliptical cross trainer is that it can strengthen the key muscle groups that the elderly need to use every day. First of all, it will strengthen the quads and hamstrings, which makes it possible for the elderly to climb stairs and get up from chairs easily. Secondly, it will also strengthen the back muscles, which is very important for the elderly to be able to open doors, cabinets or anything else that needs to be pulled towards their bodies. Thirdly, it will strengthen biceps and triceps on the arm, which is essential for the elderly to carry out daily activities (such as putting away groceries or cleaning the house). Finally, it can even strengthen the core, which is important for the elderly to keep their bodies upright and keep good posture.

5. It is good for balance
Finally, the last reason why the elderly are suitable to use elliptical exercise machine is that it is very suitable for keeping balance. Many seniors do begin to lose their balance as they get older, but by using the elliptical exercise machine, they can better maintain their balance ability and reduce the risk of falling.

As you can see, the elliptical trainer is a piece of fitness equipment that is very suitable for any elderly person, because it can bring great benefits to the elderly. But it's best to maintain proper precautionary measures when using it, so that the elderly can really benefit from using it regularly.

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