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July 21, 2022 4 min read

Regular exercise can bring us countless benefits. Nowadays, people tend to save time while trying to keep healthy, so more and more people prefer to exercise at home compared with spending a lot of time to commercial gyms. In order to exercise better, these people who want to exercise at home will turn the idle space at home into a practical home gym. If you are one of these people and you are not sure what fitness equipment to buy for your home gym first, then you should definitely start with a running machine. Among all fitness equipment, it is not only the easiest to use, but also can bring you excellent exercise effect, which can make you keep your body in the best condition in a comfortable home.

a Running Machine Can Bring You Excellent Exercise Effect

Exercise on a treadmill can not only bring you many health benefits, but also help you lose excess weight, keep in shape and gain muscle. But if you want to maximize the service life of your running exercise machine and make it run normally, it is essential to learn to maintain it correctly. Besides keeping it clean, you should also know how to lubricate your running exercise machine. Although the process is not complicated, it is necessary for you to know the required steps. In the following article, I will teach you how to lubricate your running exercise machine and let you know some relevant information about a running exercise machine.

What is it?
In a simple word, the electric treadmill is a stationary aerobic exercise machine using a conveyor belt. It runs through a motor that can rotate the belt, so you can walk, jog or run on the platform that moves with the belt to improve your strength and endurance. In today's market, there are many sizes of running exercise machines to choose from, and most running exercise machines allow you to adjust the speed and inclination of the conveyor belt by pressing a button, which can change the difficulty of your exercise and make your exercise more effective. Whether your goal is to lose weight or strengthen muscles, you can use the running exercise machine to achieve your desired results quickly. It is very suitable for beginners and advanced users.

the Electric Treadmill is a Stationary Aerobic Exercise Machine Using a Conveyor Belt

Why should you lubricate it?
When you walk or run on the running exercise machine, the running belt keeps moving. In addition, the bottom of the running exercise machine will constantly rub against the roller, motor and other components. Frequent friction will lead to premature wear of your treadmill, and unnecessary friction will also lead to noise of running exercise machine during use. Therefore, in order to prevent your running exercise machine from breaking down, making noise and ensuring its smooth operation, you need to lubricate its components regularly. The lubricated running exercise machine can keep its best condition and provide good performance, and at the same time, it can also prolong its service life.

How often should you lubricate it?
By regularly lubricating your running exercise machine, you can achieve comfortable exercise on it. Most importantly, lubrication can prolong its service life and prevent its premature wear. So how often should you lubricate your running machine? Under normal use, you should lubricate the running platform of your running exercise machine every three months or every 150 miles to maintain the best performance. If you use the running exercise machine more frequently, please lubricate it more frequently. Remember not to wait until you hear it squeak or make unnecessary rubbing sounds before lubricating it.

How to lubricate it?
If you don't know how to lubricate your running machine yet, please don't worry. The lubrication steps are simple, and I will teach you how to do it in detail below.

First, prepare the tools you need. Fortunately, lubricating the running exercise machine is not a complicated process, so few tools are usually needed. In most cases, all you will need is an allen wrench, t-wrench, or a screwdriver accompanied by your silicone lubricant for your running exercise machine. Second, turn off your running exercise machine. Before lubricating it, make sure to unplug the power supply or turn it off completely. Third, use t-wrench or allen wrench to loosen the rear roller bolts of running exercise machine counterclockwise. Usually 8-10 turns counterclockwise will give the belt enough slack for you to lift it. Fourth, apply lubricant. This step may be a bit difficult, especially if this is your first time to do so. You need to lift the belt as far as possible and apply lubricant directly on the deck below the belt. Once you have lubricated the deck, lower the belt to the center of the deck, and then reverse the same number of turns as the rear roller bolts loosened in step 3. This ensures that the tension of the belt is exactly the same as before. Fifth, after tightening the belt, turn on your running exercise machine to run slowly for about 3 minutes, and let it spread the lubricant. Finally, unplug the running exercise machine and wipe the excess lubricant on both sides of its running belt with a soft cloth.

I'm sure you will know how to lubricate your treadmill after reading this article. The steps of lubricating it are not complicated. But don't forget, lubrication is essential to prolong its service life. Therefore, please lubricate it regularly.

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