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September 03, 2021 6 min read

Indoor rowing is a time-saving way of fitness training that can burn calories and shape your body without putting significant stress on your body. If you are outside the circle of athletes, this may be the first time you have heard of rowing exercise, but this kind of potential exercise has already become a new fashion in the fitness field.

Magnetic Rowing Machine for Home Gym

The home rowing machine UK is a functional fitness exercise equipment that has caused a sensation in the health and fitness field. As its name suggests, the indoor rowing machine can help you simulate the state of rowing in the water through some resistance facilities and a set of ropes with handles, so that you can fully feel the charm of rowing outdoors at home without going out and also provides the best quality service for your health and wellness. There are various rowing equipment on the market. For example, there are common flywheel rowing machines and hydraulic rowing gym equipment, which provide resistance to the machine through the rotation of fan blades and the flywheel immersed in the water. However, many others are keen on the quiet rowing machine's stylish metal frame and magnetic resistance function. This kind of fitness rowing machine is equipped with a magnetic braking system, which can adjust the resistance level to perform different levels of a rowing movement. However, this type is often the quietest, and this low-noise feature makes it particularly suitable for use at home. In addition, don’t think that this means that the rowing exercise equipment can only monotonously repeat the boating action. In fact, multiple other uses can also be achieved on this home device, including both low-impact and high-intensity exercises, both full-body strength training and core training.

Full-Body Workout
People who are not familiar with rowing machines may misunderstand that rowing equipment only exercises their arms. In fact, this is just a common misunderstanding. Fitness experts have already explained this point of view that rowing machine workouts can actually exercise more than 80% of the body's muscles, including 60% of the lower body muscle training. More specifically, rowing machine exercises can be targeted. Adjust the strength and endurance of the lower body, and exercise your core and buttocks at the same time, and then the remaining 20% of the work is to strengthen the upper muscles. In addition, the exercise on the rowing fitness machine requires you to keep upright while pulling, and it can last longer by balancing the strength of your legs, core and back. Therefore, as long as you stick to the correct rowing movement, your posture will gradually be corrected, which is a great tool for all office workers who curl up at their desks all day long.

High-Intensity, Low Impact
Rowing fitness minimizes the impact on the exercise body. Many other types of sports are prone to ankle and knee injuries if they maintain high-intensity training for a long time. In contrast, rowing has a much smaller impact on the joints, which means that it will not cause too much wear on your joints. But even so, the fitness effect provided by rowing equipment for home will never lose to any other sport. Rowing at home is a combination of strength and aerobic training, which means increasing your effective fat burning without adding additional physical damage. Someone has done an experiment, and the result is that a person of medium build will consume 250 calories after 30 minutes of medium-strength rowing, and if the indoor rowing exercise is increased to an intense level, then he will consume 315 calories. This means that rowing gym workout make you can consume as much as 400 to 600 calories in one hour. So once your goal of having a slim figure is not far away, isn't it exciting?

Friendly to Beginners
Since the previous point mentioned that rowing gym exercises may be high-intensity exercises, then some people may wonder whether this means that beginners can only regret to giving up it? Absolutely not. The commendable thing about the home rowing machine is that it is completely suitable for fitness enthusiasts of different levels. Getting used to rowing machine training does require a bit of coordination, but after mastering the correct skills it is actually easy to try. What is great for beginners is that rowing fitness exercises can quickly get feedback, which gives them the motivation to persist.

Various improvements
As an aerobic exercise, rowing workout equipment combines unique high cardiovascular output with whole-body strength training, which can effectively strengthen the entire cardiovascular system including the heart, blood vessels, and blood, ensuring that your body enters the best condition of life. Of course, in addition to the physical benefits, the positive effects of rowing at home on your brain should not be underestimated. It will release a hormone that makes people feel good, making your brain instantly forget all its worries and restore tranquility.

Help Track Data
Your progress indicators are motivating. Think about whether you have the belief that drives you to exercise at home rowing machines for more than half an hour when you find yourself accidentally breaking through your traditional limits. And the rowing equipment has this powerful function that can record the data of each moment of your exercise, which is impossible to achieve in outdoor rowing. But the best part of this function is that with the presentation of these data, you can intuitively understand your physical condition, and then customize the best rowing training plan according to your level.

1.Experts generally recommend that adults do 1 to 5 hours of moderate to high-intensity physical activity a week. In other words, you can arrange your rowing exercise 5 days a week. According to your adaptation level, 30 minutes is enough, and the remaining two days will be set aside as your body's recovery period.

2.Prepare for 5-10 minutes of warm-up activity at the beginning of each exercise. Slide your feet into the pedals and adjust the straps, then hold both ends of the handle with both hands. Straighten your back in the seat and keep your hips forward to start.

3.In the catching phase, keep your shoulders relaxed but your back straight, and use the core support to generate a strong thrust from the magnetic rowing machine to officially start the rowing machine. In the driving phase, the torso is tilted forward, the legs are straightened to apply force to the machine, and the arms are agitated to pull the cable to the chest to form a smooth continuous rowing motion. Be sure to keep your core muscles active and tight when you are done, your shoulders turn back, and you will find that your legs are fully extended and your wrists are straight. When it comes time to recover, relax your arms away from your torso, bend your knees, and reduce the speed to half of the driving speed. Keep your core muscles involved at this stage to get a good workout.

Not disturbing others' peaceful life is the most basic quality of exercising at home, so if you live in an apartment, the noise level may be very important. Choose a quiet aerobic exercise rower to maintain a quiet environment for yourself and others.

When buying any large-scale equipment, the maintenance of the machine is definitely worth your consideration. As you know, the parts of the at home gym equipment are complicated. If any failure occurs, you need to seek professional help. This is likely to cost you a lot of extra time and money. Therefore, you'd better buy some fitness rowing machines that already have a warranty service.

If you want to ensure that the rowing machine for home does not always take up a lot of ground space, that means you have to choose the one that can be easily stored when not in use. The ideal home magnetic rowing machine should be both vertical and foldable for storage.

In addition to the overall basic functions, some specific functions also determine the cost-effectiveness of the entire machine. Fitness rowing equipment equipped with comfortable seats can help you improve exercise performance and concentration. More resistance options help you set more precise and specific training goals. Additional smart components are available to enhance the overall experience of rowing at home. All of the above are the criteria you should include as a reference.

The home indoor rowing machine is the perfect way to welcome mind-centered waves and challenging full-body exercises into your living room. Are you interested in bringing your plan of boating on the calm lake into your warm home?
Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor

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