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August 30, 2021 5 min read

Maintaining the habit of daily exercise has obvious benefits for your body and mind. On the one hand, exercise can enhance cardiovascular endurance and the ability of the immune system to resist diseases. What does it mean that you will reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. On the other hand, when you are committed to physical exercise, your negative mental emotions can also be improved. This is because your brain releases endorphins when you exercise. This chemical can effectively combat stress and anxiety and enhance your sense of pleasure. If you are attracted by the above benefits and become a fitness beginner who desires health and happiness, then try to use the small portable treadmill to take the first step in your fitness journey.Motorized Folding Treadmill
-- Aerobic Exercise & Running Exercise --
Aerobic exercise is a type of exercise that speeds up your breathing and heart rate and maintains a continuous increase so that the oxygen content in your blood will be increased accordingly, which will improve your cardiovascular health. It can reduce your risk of heart disease. Walking slowly on an automatic treadmill, running on a fitness running machine, and cycling on an indoor exercise bike are all popular aerobic exercises. One of the facts you have to admit is that running is the basis for almost all effective aerobic fitness programs. The entry barrier for running is very low and it is a well-implemented exercise. You don't need to master any complicated skills. You can start your running exercise plan on the mini running machine at any time regardless of your age.

-- Why Choose A Fitness Running Machine --
• Accessibility
Running outdoors is easily disturbed by weather factors, so it is a wise choice to continue your running exercise on a treadmill for home when the weather is bad. It allows your fitness plan still can go on, whether day or night, whether windy day or raining day. In addition, for busy office workers, basic home gym equipment like indoor electric treadmills that can be used at home is more efficient than other fitness equipment in the past. If you can have one in your living room, you can exercise in the luxurious environment of your own fitness home gym every day without having to go to the gym and share limited machines with others after finishing a day's work.

• Multifunction
As a proud work of modern technology, the pro fitness electric treadmill is equipped with many intelligent functions. For example, the tracked treadmill is traceable. It can identify all kinds of real data during your running workout, including exercise time, speed, and calories burned, so that you can continuously adjust your exercise decision based on continuous feedback and thus meet your specific fitness goals with conditions that best suit your physical condition. In addition, treadmill manufacturers consider that you may become bored during the constant training process, so they also install a Bluetooth speaker and an LED display for the top rated home treadmill, so that your running journey will be surrounded by your favorite music.

• Controllability
Most importantly, the slimline treadmill also allows runners to set different levels of speed, incline, and resistance. Outdoor running may cause a greater risk of injury to your ankles and knees due to factors such as uneven ground and slippery sidewalks. In contrast, home gym treadmills can simulate outdoor running environments through various numerical simulations through your own settings, while avoiding potential risks of injury. Moreover, this function of the portable treadmill for home helps to personalize exercise, and it is especially friendly for beginners, because it allows them to carry out training under their own standards.

-- Beginner Treadmill Walking Machine Exercise--
• Treadmill Training for Weight Loose
Some fitness experts have said that when your heart rate reaches 50% to 70% of your maximum heart rate, it means your body has entered the fat-burning zone, which will give you the best weight loss effect. For most people, this does not mean that you need to exhaust yourself, as long as you find that your breathing speeds up but you can still maintain the conversation is enough. Considering that you have just started fitness running, you can adopt a low-intensity exercise strategy. Start with a lower slope of the portable treadmill and 0.5% slope is more recommended for beginners. And, it only needs to take about 20 minutes of consumption per day. Assuming that you run about 4 kilometers in these 20 minutes, you will burn 260 calories. Coupled with this 0.5% slope, as long as you persist, you will gradually achieve the best weight loss effect you expect.

• HIIT Running Machine Workout
If you have a tight schedule and hope to achieve maximum exercise in a shorter time in the home gym training, then HIIT is very suitable for your requirements. This kind of fitness training is characterized by high-tempo exercises of 15 to 25 seconds and rest intervals, so as to achieve the purpose of rapidly increasing heart rate. For you, you can proceed according to the following operations. In the first 15 seconds, do your best to sprint and run on the high slopes of the electric treadmill, and then let the next 45 seconds resume slow walking and rest, then repeat the cycle. However, as a beginner, this advanced exercise is best kept within three times a week, and if you find any discomfort, you should immediately stop running from the home treadmill equipment to avoid danger, and consider other options.

-- Note for Beginners --
• Remember to Warm-Ups and Stretching
It is necessary to do some gentle warm-up and stretching activities before and after running on the compact electric treadmill, especially for those who are new to fitness workouts. The former can expand your blood vessels and ensure that your muscles get sufficient oxygen before using the home gym running equipment for strenuous exercise, helping you to prepare well for the next exercise. The latter, however, can quickly calm your whole body at the end of the training and prevent your body that you haven't exercised for a long time from injury or delayed muscle soreness.

• Don't Be Impatient
Many new runners take it for granted that increasing the amount of running quickly will help them reach their fitness goals faster, but they don't know that overtraining is the main reason for runners' subsequent injuries and burnout. Please take moderate exercise measures and allow yourself to set aside an appropriate recovery time, then gradually increase the mileage, speed and slope of the fitness running machine according to your own fitness training adaptation. Only such a step-by-step process can ensure that you can carry on your bodybuilding plan for a long time without being hurt.Supplement nutrition and water in time.

• Supplement Nutrition and Water in Time
A good diet has a great influence on your performance on smart running equipment. Don't be afraid of calories from food. Focusing on healthy and balanced nutritional supplements will not break your weight-loss plan, but also keep your body at its best state to use the interactive treadmill. In addition, once your body starts to exercise, you will inevitably lose water through sweat. At this time, you must immediately inject enough water into your body to prevent you from becoming dangerous due to dehydration.

After reading this exclusive guide for new runners, you should now have a clear idea of how to find a way to achieve your unique fitness training. Then make good use of the folding running machine in your living room to create a smart home gym. Don't waste your good time lying on the sofa watching TV and swiping your phone, just use a little sweat combine with your beliefs to create a miracle of a healthy and happy life.


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