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September 10, 2021 5 min read

Being confined to a limited family space for a long time and unable to go out to do some sport is undoubtedly a painful and unbearable process for fitness enthusiasts who are used to and eager to spend some time in the gym every day. The good news is that now you don't have to feel unmotivated because you don't have a trusted machine in your house, and think that fitness at home is an unattainable challenge, because all you have to do is invest in a portable weightlifting platform for your at home gym for your use. Then you can activate your whole body at any time in the comfort of your home to complete a series of excellent bodybuilding exercises, so that your abdominal muscles, arms, buttocks and leg muscles are restored to tension. For novices who are new to exercises and fitness, this is also the answer to your dreams of exercising. If you want to go out to the gym to exercise, you may be embarrassed to find that you will always feel completely at a loss after entering the gym. It seems that it is already very difficult to get up the courage to step into the door of the gym to join the exercise crowd, not to mention the pressure of participating in the sweated fitness people. At this time, having an exclusive weightlifting exercise bench for you to use alone at home allows you to focus on training with peace of mind, allowing you to build your entire body on the basis of freedom and relaxation. Today, let me discuss with you the magic of a collapsible wall mounted weight bench and see how it can meet people's different lifestyle needs and fitness goals.Weight Bench
Different types of gym flat bench
Flat weight bench: This is the most frequently used and compact equipment in the gym. It can help you strengthen your pectoral muscles by lying on it and doing flat bench presses. Due to the lack of adjustable parts, such weight benches at home are relatively easy to maintain. But people find that their unchangeable exercise angles limit the exercises that can be performed on them in traditional use.

Adjustable weight bench: The folding bench set of this design takes into account a variety of resistance and strength equipment, so it is installed with multiple adjustable components for movement, which is more flexible by comparison. Its backrest and seat allow various angle options to be adjusted, including tilt, flat and lower, allowing people to exercise muscles in different positions.

Olympic weightlifting bench: Unlike ordinary folding weightlifting bench sets, the Olympic weight bench is equipped with multiple layers of additional components and frame systems, such as weight plates and dumbbells, which can comfortably and safely perform some higher-level weightlifting workouts, making it a suitable machine exercise unit. However, a typical shortcoming of this one is that their size is relatively large, and the angle is also fixed.

Professional weight platform: These types of gym bench equipment can be know from the name that their equipment settings are more stringent, and it allows more precise and professional weightlifting exercises to train for specific muscle groups.

Why the fold away workout bench is incredible?
Provide A Variety of Exercise Combinations
As you can see, the multi-functional weight bench and weight set can be used for a variety of exercises, and its role is far more than sitting or lying down. Folding weight gym equipment is a very useful tool to help you increase your strength. It provides you with the most basic solid platform for your training. You will feel that you can easily practice on the gym bench. The most common training is to perform bench presses and weightlifting on an exercise fitness platform. These two training target specific arm muscles and fully stretch your chest to make the most of your exercise. This type of home fitness equipment is not only useful when lifting weights, but also helpful when performing other exercises, such as as a platform for push-ups or as a mat for abdominal exercises, or even as a step-up step. This series of actions help to improve core stability, posture and strengthen the lower back muscles. If necessary, you can also purchase some accessories according to your training style and focus to maximize the use of your home gym exercise platform, so that you can focus on different muscle groups and ensure that you can exercise complete muscles.

Suitable for All Kinds of People
Whether you are a novice or an experienced weightlifter, the decline weight bench is essential home gym fitness equipment. If a novice fitness player chooses some other large gym machines when doing high-intensity exercise for the first time, it may easily cause very painful injuries if they are not used properly. Using folding exercise benches to exercise can help eliminate these problems. As long as new weight trainers work hard to learn some correct exercise postures, basic principles and breathing guidelines, then the multi workout bench is great all-around exercise equipment for them. What's more, you don't have to worry that girls with weaker physical strength will be difficult to master. Both women and men are very suitable for use, which means that any group of people deserves to have one.

Flexible Height Adjustment
The convenient multiple activity accessories of the home weight bench allow you to adjust different angles during exercise to suit various sports needs. The most basic adjustable folding weight bench has 3 adjustable back angles: flat, tilt and drop. Among them, the flat fitness bench is the most friendly for beginners. What provides him with a series of exercises especially based on dumbbells and barbells a good and stable entry place to help them start the correct exercise. And if you increase the height of the backrest or seat of the home workout bench, you can expand the range of exercises that can be performed for the chest and other muscle groups, and perform some exercises for the upper and lower chest muscles. By exercising from different levels, your muscle flexibility in all parts of your body will be surprisingly and quickly improved.

Compact Portability
When setting up a home gym, you always want to reduce the occupation of precious space as much as possible, and the folding home exercise platform set is just such an indoor exercise equipment, which is the best space saver. Bench and dumbbell sets are much lighter than most other large gym training machines and are therefore easy to carry. Its easily foldable design also ensures that it can be pushed to any corner of the house for storage when they are not in use.

Healthy and Fit
For anyone who wants to improve their health, a weights bench is definitely a worthwhile investment. According to the Commissioner's Sports Committee, regular bench presses on a fitness gym bench can combat high cholesterol and keep cholesterol levels in the body at a healthy level, thus to preventing coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases. It also helps to maintain your body's blood sugar levels to reduce the risk of diabetes. In addition, when you exercise muscles, your bones and joints are also extremely beneficial, because this lifting bench helps increase bone density and increase flexibility. What’s more, most people want to have a clear-toned appearance, the bench will lead to the loss of your body fat, shaping the body's slender shape, especially the graceful lines of your upper body. In fact, the multi-functional fitness platform can even help you maintain a good posture when lifting weights and other types of daily exercises, thereby improving your body shape to achieve this goal.

Exercising on a weight workout bench is cost-effective and can provide you with the best way to exercise without spending more than your budget. Don't hesitate to make your home life more exciting, just take a little time to exercise on this home gym exercise bench set to get your amazing fitness effect.

Multifunctional Exercise Table

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