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October 15, 2021 4 min read

With the increasing number of home fitness equipment on the market, facing more and more choices will make you dazzled. Before you choose, you can ask yourself: What's my goal? What do I care about most? Then search which exercise equipment can give the effect you want, this will make your choice easier.

If you want to know about the Squat Assisted Row-N-Ride Trainer, I can tell you some things about it:

# Strengthen & tone muscles
Row-N-Ride trainer is a very good exercise equipment, can be aimed at your whole body for exercise. If used properly and reaching its full potential, this machine can be used to exercise the upper body, lower body and core muscles- especially the glutes, quadriceps, hamstring, calves, medial and lateral thighs, core muscles, biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and chest.

Especially when the resistance setting of the squat assisted machine is combined with the right exercise, it can help you strengthen and adjust your whole body. After using it regularly, you can develop strong and lean muscles in the upper body, lower body and core. When it comes to building strength, the most important thing is to be consistent with your exercise. We suggest you start with a resistance band. But when you are ready to meet the challenge, any training can be done with 2 or 3 resistance bands to increase resistance on a regular basis. I believe that with the passage of time, you will see remarkable changes in your muscle strength.

# Loss Weight
Both aerobic training and resistance training play an important role in achieving goals in terms of losing weight or removing excess fat. In your daily training, the consistency of strength training and aerobic training will allow you to see home aerobic exercise equipment's huge impact on weight loss. In addition to the elliptical trainer and the magnetic rowing machine, Row-N-Ride is also a great choice for challenging HIIT workouts and aerobics-based workouts, allowing your entire body to participate and burn a lot of calories. In addition to strength training on the Row-N-Ride, aerobics-based training will burn extra calories to help remove excess fat and lose weight. Aerobic exercise can also improve your health and make you stronger and more athletic.

You can complete many kinds of exercises, such as Row-N-Ride’s signature movements, squatting and rowing, which are compound movements that combine multiple muscle groups. When it comes to exercise, usually the larger the muscle group, the more muscles you exercise at a time, the more calories you burn.

At the same time, even a few minutes on Row-N-Ride can help not only your muscles, but also your cardiovascular system. You will find that many exercises are a mixture of the two, but some exercises focus more on strength training, while others are based on aerobic exercise.

When it comes to aerobics in the Row-N-Ride, you usually find a variety of intervals, whether it's a longer endurance interval or a shorter high-intensity sprint interval. Both types are ideal for burning calories to reduce excess fat and to build your health so that you can work harder in future Row-N-Ride training.

Here is a set of exercises designed to help you burn fat while exercising major muscle groups to maximize calorie burning.

Activate glutes
Squat assisted Row-N-Ride trainer as an excellent home exercise equipment for buttocks. You can use this machine to do all kinds of squats and get all the benefits of regular squats by increasing the range of movement. Squatting with the help of equipment will help you maintain the correct posture every time than if you squat directly. Keep your core taut and proudly erect through your movements. When you do this exercise, just bend your knees and hips, sit as if you were sitting in a chair, and squat over and over again. Throughout the exercise, focus on activating and squeezing the buttocks throughout the range of motion.

The largest hip activation occurs in hip extension. Do you know when you stand up from a squat and squeeze your buttocks and push your hips forward? Or when you squeeze your buttocks at the top of the hip thrust? Yes, that's hip extension. And when it comes to gluteus, hip extension is the key.

Row-N-Ride can make the most of the hip stretch of squatting. When you fully extend your hips, the resistance on this machine is the highest-at the highest point of the squat. Take full advantage of this benefit by squeezing your hips and performing a full upper range of motion as you rise from each squat.Activate Glutes
Save your space
This equipment can not only help you in physical exercise, but also will not bring you any burden in space. Place this product virtually anywhere with ease due to its slim foldable design. If you need to fold it up and store it, just remove the resistance belt and lift the seat. Ideal for storing under the bed, closet or corner of the room when not in use!

Of course, its parts are as simple as you can see. So even if you don't want to fold it, it's not a big problem to disassemble and store it. As long as you keep all the tools intact, I believe there will be no difficulty for you to assemble and disassemble.

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