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October 15, 2021 4 min read

Recently, HIIT has become popular in the fitness world, and it is also recognized as a way to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. People are also more and more inclined to get the maximum benefit from training in a short period of time. Compared with any other type of aerobic equipment, it is easier to perform training techniques such as HIIT exercise on exercise bicycle, Thus making this sport the choice of many people.

Why exercise cycle is a great HIIT workout:
For indoor exercise bike beginners, indoor bicycle is home aerobic exercise equipment because it is very easy to use. No matter how long ago, you may have ridden a bike at some point in your life. Because the action of cycling is familiar to all of us, we can jump on the bike and get excellent exercise without learning whether we HIIT or not.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a training method that alternates short-term training close to the maximum intensity with rest time. It can be used for weight loss, cardiovascular health, prevention or control of type 2 diabetes and general fitness. It's also a more time-saving and fun way to exercise-long biking can get a little boring, but with HIIT bike exercise, intense activity alternates with easier time.

With HIIT bike cycle, you will gain improved performance and endurance, as well as the benefits of harder metabolism and calorie burning after exercise. Whether you are a novice cyclist, an experienced professional or a senior cyclist, you can benefit a lot from it.

How to choose the right HIIT exercise bicycle for beginners:
The fitness bikes that can be used in HIIT are simply divided into indoor studio style cycles, upright bikes, and recumbent bikes. If you have decided to choose the HIIT bike for exercise, then you need a bike with good performance, which should have high load-bearing capacity and a wide range of rhythm and resistance options.Upright and Recumbent Bike
These three models have their own characteristics. Indoor studio style cycles have the basic functions of ordinary bicycle and can meet your general needs. If you are worried about your lower back, upright bike is a universal choice. Of course, if you pay more attention to the participation of quadriceps and core muscles, you can also choose recumbent bikes. According to your fitness goals and fitness bike price, you can choose the most suitable exercise bike for you.

Tips for Indoor Cycling HIIT Workout:
Before you get into the saddle, there are some basic guidelines for all fitness levels. These tips will also help you stay motivated at the beginning of your cycling exercise.

Keep your mind steady. Whether you are a new exercise or you come back from a fitness crack, the best thing you can do is slow exercise. HIIT training is very demanding, so it's important to start slowly.

Quality, not quantity. For beginners, it is possible to train for about 10 minutes at the beginning. When you are ready to add more content, the next step is to try to be consistent. After three to four weeks, your training can be increased to two or four times a week.

Pay attention to warm up. As tempting as it may be directly into the harder interval, with enough time to warm up, there will be a difference in the quality of your exercise.

Focus on intensity. To reap the benefits of HIIT cycle exercise, it is critical that intervals be carried out at a very high intensity. This also means that it is essential to allow a full recovery between training and never exercise for several days in a row.

Getting Started on HIIT Bike Workouts:
If you are not familiar with exercise or static cycling, high-intensity interval training is much more tolerant than starting with long training at high speed.

Take a few weeks to ride your bike at a steady speed that makes you feel comfortable and complete a 10-minute HIIT exercise program. This gives your muscles, joints and cardiovascular system time to adapt to new exercises without causing damage or injury.

Then, do HIIT cycling training once a week for a month, and then gradually increase the number of workouts per week. Increase the intensity and length of the interval at the same time.

By following this high-intensity interval training as recommended by beginners, you can not only avoid injuries, but also feel more comfortable with your plan and are more likely to stick to it. If you want to exercise, you can follow these steps:

Off the bike warm up
  • 10s squat to overhead reach
  • 20s front lunge stretch
  • 20s arm circles(forward and back)
  • 20s ankle circles(both directions)

On the bike warm up
  • 1 min1-2 gears, warm-up leisure mode
  • 30 sec 5-6 gears, fat reduction mode
  • 1 min 3-4 gears, cardio training mode
  • 30 sec 7-8 gears, muscle building mode
  • 1min 3-4 gears, cardio training mode
  • 30 sec 7-8 gears, muscle building mode

Are you ready for HIIT?
I believe you have a detailed understanding of the basic steps of HIIT exercise bike. If you want to lose weight quickly, you need to take action from now on. But the key to success is to keep doing it, because it's not easy and it can be laborious in the first few times. Don't be discouraged, stick to it and you will see the result. So are you ready?

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