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October 26, 2022 4 min read

As we all know, keeping regular exercise not only helps our physical and mental health, but also helps us to successfully achieve many fitness goals, such as losing weight and strengthening muscle strength. However, pure exercise can only get limited exercise results. If you use a good piece of fitness equipment, you can do more high-quality exercise on it to get better exercise results. Among much excellent fitness equipment, squat trainer stands out with its unique advantages. Using it for exercise can effectively improve your squat performance, strengthen your lower limb strength and shape tight and toned glutes for you. Although it looks ordinary, it can bring you amazing exercise effect.

Although the Row-N-Ride trainer is a seemingly simple and small piece of fitness equipment, it can play a great role. It is packed with features and can help you achieve many fitness goals in a comfortable home gym. It can target not only your glutes and thighs but also your core and upper body for an all-in-one full body workout. Nowadays, the Row-N-Ride machine is very popular among people, but there are still some people who don't know much about it. If you are one of them, please read on. In the following article, I will help you know it better through three questions.

What is it?
The Row-N-Ride trainer is an excellent piece of exercise equipment, suitable for anyone looking for a low-impact, total-body cardio and strength workout. It can exercise your strength, speed and lean muscle tone well. This exerciser combines two compound movements (rowing and squatting), which can not only strengthen your lower body, but also effectively strengthen your shoulders, arms and back. What's more, the squat assisted machine also combines aerobic exercise and toning exercise, using continuous movement and your own body weight. And for just 10 minutes per day, you can achieve maximum exertion and high calorie burn.

the Squat Assisted Machine is an Excellent Piece of Exercise Equipment

What are the benefits of it?
As a Row-N-Ride machine can bring you many amazing benefits, this is one of the main reasons for its popularity. I will list a few of its main benefits for you below. First of all, it can strengthen and regulate your muscles. It is a very good piece of compound exercise equipment, which can exercise your whole body. If you use it properly and give full play to its potential, it can be used to exercise your upper body, lower body and core muscles. Secondly, it can help you lose weight. It is a great option for completing challenging HIIT workouts, or cardio-based sessions, that engage your entire body and burn tons of calories. Thirdly, it can activate your glutes. You can use this machine for various squats and get all the benefits of conventional squats by increasing the range of motion. During the whole squat, your glutes can be fully activated. Finally, it saves space. This equipment can not only help you to exercise with high quality, but also will not bring you any space burden. Because of its slim foldable design, it can be easily placed almost anywhere in your home.

a Row-N-Ride Machine Can Bring You Many Amazing Benefits

How to set it up correctly?
Before you start using the Row-N-Ride trainer, setting it up correctly is very important to ensure that you complete your exercise in the right form and maximize the results you see from your exercise program. Below, I will tell you how to correctly set its four key components to help you have the most personalized fit when using it for exercise.

1. Height setting
Generally speaking, the Row-N-Ride trainer has an adjustable squat height. This means that you can adjust the saddle angle of the Row-N-Ride trainer to 30, 60 or 90 degrees to increase the squat depth and the variety of exercise programs. 30 degrees will give you the deepest range of motion, so if you’re interested in squatting low, this will be the right setting for you. Each angle corresponds to a different hole on the Row-N-Ride trainer, and you can make reasonable settings according to your own preferences and exercise needs.

2. Seat setting
The squat trainer is usually equipped with a 3-level seat inclination, which you can adjust according to your needs. But when choosing the best seat setting for you, the most important thing is that you can feel comfortable support during the whole squat. This means that when you squat, the seat should be directly below you, just like sitting in a chair when you squat. You may need to conduct multiple tests to ensure that your seat is set correctly.

3. Handlebars setting
The handlebars of the Row-N-Ride trainer can also be adjusted to several different heights according to your comfort level. It will be most comfortable to adjust the handlebars height somewhere between the ribs and navel. If the handlebars of the Row-N-Ride trainer are too low or too high when you are rowing, you will not be able to achieve all-round movement. Therefore, in order to make your exercise more effective, please adjust the handlebars of your Row-N-Ride trainer in time.

4. Resistance setting
Generally speaking, a Row-N-Ride trainer comes with 3 adjustable resistance bands, each of which adds about 22 pounds of resistance. You can set the resistance of your Row-N-Ride trainer for personalized exercise according to your fitness level and exercise goals. For most beginners, I suggest starting with no resistance band, or just one. The second and third resistance bands are very suitable for increasing strength and challenging your health, and are more suitable for intermediate or advanced users. Changing the resistance during your workout with the Row-N-Ride trainer can make your exercise more challenging and make the muscle groups in your body stronger.

To sum up, I introduced you three pieces of information you need to know about a Row-N-Ride machine in this article, hoping to help you have a deeper know of it.

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