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What Are the Differences between a Fitness bike and an Exercise bicycle?

A fitness bike and an exercise bike mainly differ in stability, exercise intensity, exercise effect, design, occupied space, and target users.

1. Stability:
A fitness bike is apparently stationary. Besides, all its components are wrapped by a shell, which avoids violent swings on either side during exercise. By comparison, exercise bicycles are roughly divided into stationary and swing bikes, which have lower stability. That is to say, a fitness bike is more stable than a cycling exercise bike.

Cycling Exercise Bike

2. Exercise Intensity
Regarding exercise intensity, fitness bikes are obviously inferior to exercise bikes. The effect of exercise bicycle is mainly reflected in their flywheels, which enable users to move rhythmically and persist more easily. Hence indoor exercise bikes are conducive to fat reduction and body shaping.

3. Exercise Effect
A cycling exercise bike adjusts resistance through its brake pad, whereas an indoor fitness bike generally controls resistance through its magnetic control wheel. Both bikes provide a smooth and quiet riding experience and a satisfactory exercise effect, which is no exaggeration. Despite this, an exercise bike provides higher exercise intensity for users.

4. Design
Regarding the design, the biggest difference between an exercise bicycle and a fitness bike lies in the flywheel. This component is connected to the pedal by a chain, providing users with an experience similar to bicycling. Also, the seat of a cycling exercise bike is similar to that of a regular bike. If you exercise on an exercise bike, you will obtain the same exercise effect as cycling.

5. Occupied Space
As a member of the large aerobic fitness equipment family, an upright fitness bike occupies little space, which can be directly known from its shape.

Fitness Bike

6. Targeted Users
Fitness bikes are suitable for both the elderly and the young. Riding a fitness bike with an appropriate amount of time and intensity helps facilitate cardiovascular flows, speeds up metabolism, and enhances cardiopulmonary functions, which eventually improves the body's physique.

Cycling exercise bikes place high requirements on users and are more suitable for young exercisers. It is not advised for people with knee injuries to use an exercise bicycle. Also, cycling exercise bikes are equipped with music and have special functions, such as an adjustable resistance and number of rotations. Furthermore, exercise bicycles can imitate the movement of movements uphill, downhill, and on the spot, which appears more fashionable and interesting. While exercising their endurance, users are consuming plenty of fat.

How to Choose Between a Fitness Bike and an Exercise Bicycle?
Whether you should choose a fitness bike or an exercise bicycle depends on your exercise goals.

A cycling exercise bike enables you to have intense exercise, particularly when considering how long you should exercise. Compared with an indoor fitness bike, a cycling exercise bike provides you with more intense exercise. Simply put, if you intend to lose weight, you should choose to exercise on an exercise bike because its intense exercise enables you to burn more calories in the same amount of time. A fitness bike has less stress on the knee and hip, which may be helpful to patients with arthritis. Also, such a bike lengthens the angle of the knee joint so that the knee and hip joints don’t have to be bent excessively in each rotation. It means a fitness bike may cause fewer pains to hip joints and knee joints than an exercise bike.

huton Lee
huton Lee

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