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May 21, 2021 4 min read

In the fitness room the exercise bike exercise has many benefits, in that exercise bike exercise can improve exercise ability well, and effectively improve our physical quality. There used to have a research that compared the course before and after 16 weeks exercise bike workout, the result of male/female physical condition change of the college student shows that no matter male or female, his/her weight, waist and body fat have obvious reduction, of which the reduction of the body fat percentage is the most obvious, showing the fat reduction result of spinning is very significant. Also, female’s thigh circumference lowers more than 1cm, so female friends can ride spinning reassured.

Spin Bike

In addition, the indexes related to heart and lung functions and exercise durability are significantly increasing, which is somewhat also showing that exercise bike workout can effectively improve exerciser’s physical quality.

Spin bikes are fitness bikes, rather than ordinary bicycles

  • In the fitness room I saw many people riding exercise bike. Of which the biggest problem is they are like riding the ordinary bikes.
  • The design thought of ordinary bike tries as much to conform to the general people’s feelings. As the quads is the most favorable muscle group of the whole body, so the common bike is inclined to let the quads to exert power together, which can make your own cycling speed faster and burn more fats. In the long run, it can also make your exercise more endurable.
How to ride exercise bike to tilt the hip?
  • To effectively burning fat and tilting hip, then how should the right spin bike riding posture be? Simply speaking, it is very much like deep squat and hard pull! The correct exercise bike cycling should let the buttocks participate power exertion. But to make the buttocks exert power, you need to enlarge your hip angular angle.
  • Put your upper part of body forward and the seat position a little bit higher, but the handles a little bit lower. In this way, the hip angular angle formed between the upper part of body and legs is bigger, which is more suitable for the buttocks power exertion. In addition, the sitting position of buttocks should not be too forward; otherwise the change in joint angle is small, which also affects power exertion. The buttocks should sit backward a little, the change in joint angle is bigger, and the power exertion of buttocks is also more obvious.
  • Also in pedaling process, not only the power exerts when the legs press downward, the related muscle groups should all have proactively exert power. If only relying on quads, it’s not merely the unbalanced power exertion, but more easily result in thick riding legs. During pedaling process, exert power all along. The upper part of body should be forward! The buttocks should sit backward! Exert power all along!
What if knee pains when riding spin bike?

Although the spin bike can burn fats effectively, it also has a big disgusting problem—it has certain wearing on cartilages. We are really seeing from the experiment that bike, in addition to running, is an exercise that has wearing on cartilages. Many friends whose knee-joints are not good or worrying about knee injury then ask, how to do to keep the goodness of stationary bike, while avoid it’s wearing on knee-joints?

  • For those friends who exercise in the fitness rooms or in home gym room, it is suggested to train with semi-lying power.
  • The study found that during the pedaling process of exercise bicycle, a 7.5% self-weight loading is added, which not only reduces your fat burning and consumption, but also aggregate the joints and cartilage wear in exercising process. But the semi-lying power bike does not have such concern. Owing to not vertical ground power exertion, you don’t need to worry your weight to press on your knee-joints. In this way, the fat burning ability is stronger under the same strength, but this posture can also better your knees and reduce knee wearing.
  • For those friends who want to exercise to keep fit by cycling in their usual on/off duty times, it is suggested to add some force training aiming at major muscle groups such as deep squats, tilting buttocks and legs to divide buttocks, sitting posture leg’s bending/extension and so on, to strengthen muscles around knee-joints to better protect the knee-joints, but can also have the effect of fat burning and shaping.
  • Cycling posture is very important when using spin bike to exercise. It may help a lot if there’s a coach to help. If it’s only personal, I hope everyone can know more about cycling posture of exercise bike to avoid your own improper use. And in the fitness room, you can use semi-lying power bike to exercise, which keeps the advantages of spinning, but avoids knee injury as well!

Sticking to ride exercise bike can bring us pleasures, but also exercise your body, with very good effects, such as fat burning, tilt buttocks and shaping etc. mastering the cycling skills are very important. However, there’s a disadvantage for spin bike exercise is its wear on the knees. So we need to learn to ride exercise correctly and safely.


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