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June 15, 2021 3 min read

It is vital to supplement carbohydrates. If you eat something 30 minutes in advance, you will feel more energetic when exercising.

Many people mistakenly think that one should diet to lose weight. However, the effect of losing weight will be significantly affected, if your body lacks energy for fat metabolism.

Dieters: It is recommended to finish the food of a regular supper into two proportions respectively before and after exercising. Prepare your sportswear and shoes.

Warming Up
Start with gentle and relaxing exercise. Avoid increasing the intensity too fast. Just make your body sweat slightly.

People with obesity can choose to warm up on equipment, such as fitness bikes and elliptical cross trainers, to reduce the impact on their joints.

Before carrying out the intense exercise, it is necessary to warm up the main training muscles, such as having a set of light-weight training.

Warming Up

Stretching before exercising aims to reduce muscle viscosity, increase blood flows in muscles, improve the effect of exercise, and reduce the occurrence of sports-related injuries.

Main Body Training
Basic component: strength training + aerobic exercise

Prerequisite: It is necessary to obtain data on your personal physique through the health-related fitness test (HRFT). Next, set training goals according to your personal physique. Eventually, adjust your training content, priorities, and plans according to your goals.

Strength Exercise
Primary bodybuilders: When carrying out strength exercises, you should focus on equipment training and supplement it with free weight. It’s because stationary equipment provides a fixed movement trajectory, which is easy to grasp and trains your muscles more effectively.

Strength Exercise

Ordinary bodybuilders: Have strength training for 20 to 45 min and aerobic exercise for 20~45 min. Generally, control your total exercising time within an hour.

Medium and advanced-level trainers: The training duration or intensity can be lengthened appropriately according to your physical conditions.

Aerobic Exercise
Generally, aerobic exercise should be arranged after strength training.

Aerobic Exercise

Pay attention to monitor your heart rate. You lose fat when your HR max is 60%~70% and train your cardiopulmonary functions when it is 70% ~ 80%.

Common aerobic exercise equipment includes treadmills, elliptical machines, summit trainers, and stationary bikes.

Aerobic courses are generally divided into static and dynamic courses or courses with equipment or without equipment. Different courses have a distinctive emphasis on the exercise effect of muscle endurance, suppleness, muscle strength, cardiopulmonary functions, and the body physique (five elements of health-related fitness).

Male bodybuilders: It is recommended to take courses such as kickboxing, Pilates, body pump, and core training.

Female bodybuilders: Generally speaking, female bodybuilders can select exercise that fascinates them. Fundamental courses include aerobic dances and pedaling, while popular courses include belly dancers and Indian dances.

Training Arrangements for Different Groups
Muscle builders: Regarding time arrangement, strength training should account for 70%~80%, while aerobic training needs to take up 20~30%.

Dieters: Regarding time arrangement, strength training should account for 30%~40%, while aerobic training should take up 60%~70%.

Male bodybuilders: To appropriately increase your muscles, you are advised to select several types of exercise (2~5), which should be finished through multiple sets (10~20) and at regular times (8~12).

Female bodybuilders and dieters have a low weight, so the number of exercise sets should be controlled within 15 to 20 (maximum). Although female bodybuilders focus on aerobic exercise, strength training should not be neglected.

Cooling Down
It mainly involves stretching. You should stretch statically rather than bouncing upwardly or downwardly.

Stretch each part repeatedly for two or three times. Each time lasts for 15 to 30 seconds.

Besides, you should also stretch the target muscles during the intervals of equipment training sets.

Showering and Changing
Don’t rush to take a shower after training. Just rest for a while until your body stops sweating.

Showering with Warm Water :
Most problems occur in the sauna rooms of a gym. After intense training, plenty of blood flows into muscles. If you take a sauna right now, your body may not provide an adequate amount of blood and oxygen to your viscera and brains. Hence risks are likely to occur.

Nutritious Meals
It is generally recommended to add a meal after exercising. You should supplement your body with a small number of proteins and mineral materials with a high GI.

Muscle-builders: A dinner should be had in about one hour after exercising.

Female bodybuilders and dieters: Calories should also be supplemented appropriately.

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