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July 14, 2022 3 min read

We all know that a healthy body and regular exercise are inseparable. Adapting to good fitness habits can keep our bodies healthy for a long time. Although there is an abundance of fitness equipment on the market today that can provide us with high-quality workout to keep us healthy, I believe many of us can hardly keep using them for exercise. For people who lack endurance due to various situations but still want to stay active and do some kind of physical exercise, the easy-to-use vibration machine is an interesting alternative to any heavy aerobic exercise equipment. When you stand on it and start it, the muscles of all parts of your body will be activated and stimulated, and then you will soon enter the exercise state and get good exercise results from it over time.

the Vibration Machine is an Interesting Alternative to Any Heavy Aerobic Exercise Equipment

In the past decades, whole body vibration (WBV) has gained a significant amount of popularity. This type of exercise is performed on a piece of special equipment called vibration platform exercise machine. The vibration plate has many amazing benefits, and it is an innovative piece of fitness equipment, which can produce high-frequency vibration and benefit many parts of the human body. The vibration platform exercise machine has a wide range of applications, which can help strengthen muscle strength, improve blood circulation and reduce weight. But if you want to use this equipment but suffer from osteoporosis, you must want to know whether it is beneficial for treating osteoporosis. In fact, it is very beneficial for treating osteoporosis. In the following article, I will give you a detailed explanation.

What is osteoporosis?
Osteoporosis is a type of pathological condition of the skeletal system, characterized by thin and fragile bones. Unlike normal bones, the inner bone of osteoporosis has a honeycomb appearance. With osteoporosis, the space between bones increases, the bone wall becomes thinner and it is easier to break, which makes it easier for people with osteoporosis to break when they stumble or fall. For everyone, bone growth will slow down after the age of 30, and by ages 40–50, bone loss may outpace bone replenishment. According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), osteoporosis is a disease that often occurs with age. This disease mainly occurs in women (especially whites and Asian descents), but men may also suffer from this disease.

Is a vibration platform exercise machine beneficial for treating osteoporosis?
The answer is undoubtedly yes. Up to now, a large number of studies have shown that the vibrating exercise machine has achieved gratifying results in treating osteoporosis. The vibration platform exercise machine is a concrete embodiment of whole body vibration therapy (WBVT). When you stand on it and start it, these vibrations will cause your muscles to contract and expand, thus putting pressure on the attached bones. This pressure will prompt the bones to react, thus promoting growth. Scientists have developed WBVT as a branch of the space program to help astronauts avoid bone loss during space travel. They found that standing on the vibration plate for 10-20 minutes every day can help astronauts recover 1-2% of the bone loss they experienced after staying in the space station for several months. Therefore, the vibration platform exercise machine helps to relieve the symptoms of osteoporosis, and provides a low-impact way to promote bone growth and strengthening.

the Vibrating Exercise Machine Helps to Relieve the Symptoms of Osteoporosis

What are other effective ways to treat osteoporosis?
As you can know from the above, a vibration machine can help treat and relieve osteoporosis. Here are some other effective ways to treat and relieve osteoporosis.

1. Take in a certain amount of vitamins
Vitamin D & K are also important for good bone health. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. Many of us are deficient in vitamin D which can be obtained thru diet, supplements and daily exposure to sunlight. Vitamin K affects our osteocalcin, a protein involved in bone formation. Vitamin K enables osteocalcin to bind to minerals in our bones helping prevent the loss of calcium keeping them strong. Therefore, taking a certain amount of vitamin D & K can effectively treat osteoporosis.

2. Take regular exercise
Especially regular strength training and weight-bearing exercises can keep our bones strong and healthy. When we are active our muscles pull on our bones as they expand and contract through movements, strengthening our bones as well as contributing to bone flexibility. Exercise also improves cardiovascular health and helps decrease the risk of falling or other injury by improving balance, stability, strength, and our overall health in many ways. Therefore, taking regular exercise can also be of great help to treat and relieve osteoporosis.

As you can see, a vibration plate is very beneficial for treating osteoporosis. Of course, there are many other effective ways to help bone health and treat and relieve osteoporosis. I hope you can benefit from this article!

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