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July 30, 2021 4 min read

Russian doctor and inventor Gustav Zander has developed a device that uses heavy objects and pulleys to create a vibration sensation. Its purpose is treatment and is called vibration therapy. He uses the vibrating chair to help improve blood circulation and relieve constipation. This is because doctors discovered during the space program that young astronauts suffered from bone loss and fractures. So they began to use vibration therapy to help strengthen the astronaut's bone mass and muscles. To this day, American astronauts continue to use vibration therapy to help bone loss. Through the research on the health of vibration therapy over the years, it has been found that it has many benefits.

1. Muscle conditioning
The vibrating plate can be adjusted to different frequencies when it vibrates, some up to 30 to 50 vibrations per second. The muscles contract at such a frequency at an astonishing rate, just like exercising. If you just stand on the vibrating board and do not do other auxiliary training, this effect may not be good enough. But exercise is better than no exercise. A large amount of research data can prove that many customers' comments on the whole body workout vibration platform are full of praise. There is a study has shown that vibration therapy can help improve leg muscle strength in the elderly, help stimulate bone formation and improve bone strength. And this only requires you to spend 30 minutes on the vibration plate every day.

2.Lose weight
All fitness equipment is used for fitness and healthy, and of course the vibration plate is also. Researchers found that the effect of vibrating plate in losing weight is the same as running on a portable treadmill for home. The vibrations emitted by your whole body can reduce abdominal fat deposits and activate fat. In this way, your liver can metabolize fat faster without turning it into glucose. When you consume fat accumulation, you are more likely to lose weight. The reason is that the muscle mass you gain at rest burns more calories than fat tissue. Importantly, fat loss and muscle building are the cornerstones of weight loss. Before you lose weight you need to lose body fat. Of course, to achieve the best weight loss effect, you need a healthy diet and more professional fitness equipment to help you lose weight. Vibrating plate is one of them.

3. Increase metabolic rate
When you improve muscle mass and reduce fat deposits, your resting metabolic rate will increase, which can help you offset the negative effects of the bottleneck period of weight loss.When you are dieting or resting in bed, your brain will turn on its survival mode, allowing your body to save resources. This translates into storing fat and lowering the metabolic rate, so you will consume less energy than usual. In contrast, an increased metabolic rate means that even when you are resting, energy expenditure will increase, so you will have a healthier metabolism. In short, it can boost your metabolism.

4. A healthier endocrine system
The functions of our various organs are closely related to each other. A healthy metabolism plays an important role in our endocrine system. In this way, you only need to use the vibration plate to improve hormonal problems, such as acne, menstrual pain and other related problems.

5.Reduce the pressure
Effective metabolism and good hormone secretion can reduce your stress. As we all know, when a person feels stressed, they should do something that can relieve the pressure. Some people will travel, and some will make themselves feel relaxed and happy by eating delicious food. Exercise is the most common way. Cortisol is a stress hormone, it can make you feel angry, anxious and agitated. In severe cases, it can cause insomnia and loss of appetite. Using a vibrating plate can make people reach a state of excitement within a period of time, and then the brain produces a hormone called dopamine, which makes you happy, and then reaches a state of relaxation. What are the effects of these hormones? They fight the pressure from the outside in your body.

6.Better balance and flexibility
The vibrating plate will challenge your balance. When it vibrates left and right, it will make your brain think that you are falling. Therefore, you need to work harder in the core area to stabilize your abdomen and lower back muscles to keep it on the plate. At the same time, better balance and stability can be achieved in real life. Just as astronauts do a lot of eccentric training before they take off, such as placing themselves in a centrifuge with a gravity of 10 times the earth's gravity, rotating chairs and swings, and other training that loses the center of gravity, they can also achieve a stable state.

7. Improve blood circulation
Vibration plate can improve blood circulation, because they can activate blood flow. If the blood circulation is poor, the feet will be cold to cramps or edema. Vibration can promote lymphatic flow and allow blood to circulate freely by means of draining fluid. Improving blood circulation can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Because exercise can produce a certain amount of insulin, it can assist the body's metabolism. Vibration massage can relieve pain, especially for people with sciatica and muscle spasms.

8.Young and good skin
The vibration plate can also stimulate the production of collagen, and the metabolism will be in the best state after the blood circulation is improved. Collagen is a hormone that makes the skin smoother. Collagen will accelerate the production as your fat deposits decrease. In the end, not only will the cellulite be reduced, but the skin will also become more tender.Whole Body Vibration Machine

9.Recover quickly
  • If you feel muscle soreness after exercise, you can stand on the vibrating board and rest for a while, it will speed up blood flow and allow lactic acid to drain out of your system.
  • If you feel sore or cramping after a long day in the office, you can do a few minutes of training on the vibration board to relieve the pain.
  • If you are bedridden or have just recovered from an illness, you can follow the doctor's advice to use a vibrating plate to make blood flow and stimulate more muscles to speed up the recovery.
Of course, when you get home after a long day of work, if you feel tired but don't feel like doing exercises, then you can sit on the vibration board and let it help your muscles relax. This is really a perfect fitness equipment!

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