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April 29, 2022 3 min read

Being sedentary is probably one of the living habits of most people, including you. Coupled with the temptation of delicious food, as time goes by, you may inevitably become obese. As we all know that it is essential to do some exercise in order to achieve good weight loss effect. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight, reduce the risk of various diseases and improve aerobic capacity. Nowadays, you can use a variety of fitness equipment for aerobic exercise, but the rowing workout machine can be said to be one of the best aerobic equipment. Even if you are a healthy person, you can still get many great benefits from the rowing machine exercise.

Fitness Rowing Machine can Bring Many Benefits

We all know that rowing is a low-impact aerobic exercise, and rowing workout machine is a piece of aerobic fitness equipment designed to imitate rowing, which can make you experience the fun of rowing on the water without leaving home. Exercise on rowing exercise machine can give you many benefits, but one of the biggest benefits it can bring is that it can help you lose weight. Therefore, if you are interested in weight loss and ask me if rowing workout machine is good for weight loss, then my answer must be yes. In the following article, I will take you through three questions to know if rowing workout machine is beneficial to losing weight, hoping to help you.

What muscles does it work?
It is no exaggeration to say that the rowing workout machine can exercise the most muscles in any fitness equipment. When you exercise with it, it can work 80% of your muscles, even the muscles of your joints. To know what muscles the fitness rowing machine can mainly work, you must know the four stages of rowing. In the stage of the catch, you should keep your back straight and your arms straight, while holding both ends of the handle of rowing workout machine. In this stage, your triceps can be well exercised by stretching your elbows and arms forward to grasp the handle. In the drive stage, push your feet back and gradually straighten your legs, then bend your arms and pull your hands towards your chest. At this stage, because your legs will bend to straighten in every rowing exercise, this can work on your leg muscles, especially hamstrings and calves. When you pull the handle of rowing workout machine to your chest, your biceps will activate. At the finish stage, your legs are fully extended, your shoulders are back, and your arms are pulled down to your lower chest. At this stage, your abdominal muscles will contract to keep your body stable. In the recovery stage, keep your arms straight and knees bent. At this stage, your upper and lower body muscles can be exercised again.

Rowing Exercise Machine can Work Most Muscles in the Body

How good is it for weight loss?
The rowing machine's weight loss effect is undoubtedly very good. The reason why it can provide you with effective and rapid weight loss effect is mainly because most of the muscles of your lower body and upper body will be used during your exercise with it. 30 minutes of rowing exercise will strengthen your upper body, lower body and core muscles, and increase your cardiovascular endurance. In addition, according to the data of Harvard Health Center, a 125-pound person can burn 255 calories in 30 minutes of vigorous rowing. Therefore, rowing workout machine has a very good weight loss effect, and it can burn fat more effectively than other aerobic fitness equipment to help you lose weight.

How to use it to lose weight better?
If you want to achieve amazing and rapid weight loss by rowing, the most effective way is to do interval exercise on the rowing exercise machine. The interval exercise can help you switch intensity and speed back and forth between low and high. Even at rest, pushing your muscles with high and low intensity will increase your fat burning. Therefore, in order to use the rowing workout machine to lose weight better, you might as well try interval exercise.

I believe you will know whether the rowing machine is good for weight loss after reading this article. If you want to lose weight, then exercise on it as soon as possible!

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