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July 09, 2021 2 min read

Rowing machine workout can burn a lot of calories but won't put pressure on your joints. The effect of rowing machine exercise is good, the affecting part is wide, less injury, and low noise will not disturb the people. It has many benefits and has gradually become one of the most popular home exercise equipment.

Home Rowing Machine Exercise

1. Lose Weight
There is no doubt that the production of all fitness equipment is for the purpose of slimming and fitness. But rowing machines are less intense, so you need to row for 60 to 90 minutes a day if you want to lose weight. According to a scholar, if you weigh 56kg, you can burn 510 calories per hour by rowing machine workout. The larger your weight base, the more calories you'll burn.

In addition, you can also try high-intensity interval training, increase resistance for a short period of time or fast rowing movements can lose weight rapidly.

2. Cardio-pulmonary Exercise
In fact, aerobic exercises such as swimming, cycling, rowing, etc. can exercise cardiopulmonary function. By increasing the heart rate and maintaining high-frequency heartbeats, the oxygen content of the heart and lungs can be strengthened.

The rowing machine is great cardio workout equipment, but how do you raise or maintain your heart rate? In fact, as long as lower your resistance relatively then you start rowing frequently for a long time, after a while you will find that your heart is beating strongly and you will enter the aerobic state. Also, rowing machines exercise use most of the muscle groups in your body during exercise, which can help raise your heart rate.

3. Training Your Muscles
Rowing machines workout use 84% of your body's muscles in each cycle, using your legs, hips, and upper body to help strengthen your back, shoulders, and arms. Through a short time of high outbreak of rowing can exercise muscle endurance and explosive power, rowing machine is all-purpose exercise equipment to fat reduction.

4. Release Pressure
Rowing machine workout is a great way to relieve stress when you're feeling stressed out. Roaring to the rhythm of your rowing is also a great way to relieve stress but you need to have a rowing machine for home use. And exercise stimulates nerves in the brain that increase the amphetamines, which helps you release stress and make you slightly happier.

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