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How to Choose Exercise Bikes with different weight Flywheels?

The weights of the flywheels of the indoor exercise bikes are different, some reach 18KG, and some are lower to around 3KG. The sizes of the flywheels are also different, but they have the almost same function. Regardless of the weight of the flywheel, it can realize the effect of fat burning and cardiopulmonary enhancing. So when we buy an exercise bike, is it right that the heavier the flywheel, the better? How should we choose?

Indoor Exercise Bicycle

How does the flywheel work?
When the pedal is stepped, the drive system which is connected to the conveyor will move the flywheel. Traditional outdoor bicycles are designed to use the drive system to move the rear wheels, while most indoor bike drive systems drive the flywheel in the front. When the pedal is stepped, the flywheel generates power, and the weight of the flywheel determines how long the power can last. If there is resistance acting on the flywheel at this time, the power is limited and the exercise bicycle will slow down or stop. If the weight of the flywheel is lighter, on the one hand, the power of the exercise bicycle will not last long, and on the other hand, it will be easier to stop when the stationary bicycle is resisted.

Is the flywheel heavier the better?
Indeed, the weight of the flywheel affects riding. We know that a heavier object needs more power to be moved. In starting the indoor exercise bike, the pedaling force to move the flywheel shall be strong and sustainable. However, when the flywheel moves, it requires no more power to maintain the present speed.

Just as the outdoor bike, it requires continuous power to pedal to start the bike. However, when the speed reaches a certain level, the rider can maintain the operation of the bike easily. When the resisting system is used, the indoor exercise bikes with heavy flywheels can simulate the effect of outdoor climbing.

Amateurs of some stationary bikes prefer bikes with heavy and big flywheels because a bigger flywheel will have a better and smoother outdoor riding experience.

If you are not interested in starting the stationary exercise bike with full power, a stationary bike with a lighter flywheel is a better choice. The lighter flywheel allows you to start the stationary exercise bike faster and start riding immediately.

Which kind of flywheel can burn more calories?
Although the heavier the flywheel, the more power is needed to start it, but it has nothing to do with how many calories are consumed. Most of the time, it depends on how much power is used to maintain the speed of the exercise bicycle at a certain resistance. The greater the resistance, the more power you need to keep running. This also determines how many calories you will burn.

How to make a choice?
Any home exercise equipment that you can use every day is good sports equipment. Therefore, you have to find the sports equipment meeting your budget and household space. If you want to experience more outdoor riding, the indoor exercise bike with a heavy flywheel will be a good choice. If you want to enter into the riding status very quickly, the indoor exercise bike with a lighter flywheel will better suit you. The amount of calories burned is often not related to the weight of the flywheel, but is determined by the resistance you encounter when riding.

Another reference for your choice is that a heavier flywheel will have a higher price because the cost of the flywheel is very high. However, if the flywheel is heavier, the rider can feel more significant stability of the entire exercise bike in fast riding.

Therefore, it is suggested to find the one suitable for yourself according to your own demands.

huton Lee
huton Lee

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