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May 31, 2021 4 min read

Nowadays, exercise bike workout is very popular. No matter in the fitness room or in friend’s home who likes fitness, we all can see indoor exercise bike. Mastering the skills of exercise bike cycling is very important, particularly for fitness room new comers, or those who try stationary bike exercise for the first time. Let’s know 4 tips for exercise bike workout and its benefits!

Exercise Bike Workout


4 Tips for Exercise Bike Workout:

Exercise bike workout is a repetitive exercise. The correct way of riding exercise bike has many advantages for us. But the incorrect behavior and erroneous cycling may lead to sports injury as the parts of the body are endured for a long time. And for those who have requirement for skills and speed, if they want their future exercise to have some growth, they must lay a good foundation first!

1. Keeping the upper part of the body stable

When stepping on exercise bicycle, the upper part of body takes the core muscles as the main axis, and the thighs and buttocks as the center of balance, keep stable, should not tilt or twist when stepping. This is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to get strength out of your legs.

Keep the Upper Part of the Body Stable on the Spin Bike


2. Hands and back naturally bent

When stepping the stationary bike, the back should be naturally forward bending, and it should not be upright and stiff. If the waist and back constantly keep undesirable position, it may lead to pain in waist and back for a long time. Besides, usually we should do more waist and back extension to increase softness and stability, which helps the performance on spinning. Meanwhile, the arms should also present naturally bent position when riding. If the hands or shoulder stiff and full of strength when riding, it may result in pain due to improper application of force of the wrist and elbows, and the arms posture will also affect the angle of waist and back forward bending.

Hands and Back Naturally Bent on the Stationary Bike

When doing outdoor bicycle exercise, some people may strive to raise their necks because they want to pay attention to the road condition in front of them, causing excessive force application in shoulder and neck, resulting in muscle tension and sore. They should relax their shoulders and necks, and keep their eyesight at the position in front of the front wheel, and using the corner of their eyes to watch the road condition in front of them.


3. Using the front sole to step

The soles of stepping home fitness exercise bike should be placed in the right position to reach the complete and efficient output, along with increasing the speed and stability of spinning. The correct way is to put the soles with the maximum area behind the feet on the slightly inward of the pedals and step with the frontal soles, rather than on the arch position to apply force. In this way, the main muscles around the thighs can be correctly used. If wearing professional spinning shoes, the screens of the shoes can stably fix the soles on the pedals to avoid slippery.

Using the Front Sole to Step the Exercise Bike


4. Maintaining round movement

The stepping movement can present round cycle. If you can draw an angle that is more inclined to be a round when you stepping spinning, the better the stepping efficiency. With good movement, in future’s training, long-distance spinning or competition, your body strength can be more efficiently and fully used. Take the clock as an example. Draw a perfect round method by using your feet to step is as follows:

  • Step the pedals when the spin bike pedals are at one o’clock direction, down to apply force till stepping at five o’clock direction.
  • When the exercise bike pedals are at five o’clock to seven o’clock direction, the pedals are in the lowest position. Relax the feet and then raise them up at their convenience, and cannot step down forcefully.
  • Follow the force of the other foot stepping to naturally bring back the spinning pedals from seven o'clock direction to one o'clock direction.

The above movement is the most perfect round. If the oval is presented, it will make the buttocks of the spinner move on the cushion, which is not beneficial for stability and physical strength consumption. The reason for causing this situation may due to the position of the seat is too high or too low, and the legs need to be overly stretched or bent; it may also due to the movement of downward stepping is too deep, and still using force after the pedals are reaching the five o’clock position.

Maintaining Round Movement

Exercise bike workout is a repetitive exercise, with very good result. Therefore we also need to fully master the correct cycling skills, which is the attention we most need to pay attention to when we are exercising. Sticking to use spinning to exercise can not only prevent and lower the possibility of sports injury, but also make our exercising result more significant. I hope you can pay more attention, and give up those incorrect cycling in the past.


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