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November 12, 2021 4 min read

When you exercise in the gym, you will always find that rowing machine gym is one of the most popular fitness equipment. Nowadays, this kind of fitness equipment has become very popular and deeply loved by people who love fitness, so it has also become the essential home gym equipment in many people's homes. As the best fitness equipment for aerobic exercise, it can help you burn fat, exercise muscles and improve aerobic endurance. If you want to lose weight or strengthen muscles, you can use it for exercise, which can bring you many benefits.

As we all know that rowing machine is the low-impact fitness equipment, which means that it can provide you with excellent whole-body exercise without damaging your muscles. When using it to exercise, you may be worried that it will cause pain in your knees because rowing training seems to mainly use the knees. But in fact, it helps to strengthen the muscles around your knee joint and can effectively relieve your knee pain. Unlike running or cycling, rowing is a smooth and rhythmic sport. As the whole exercise is done by sitting, the impact of rowing exercise on your knees is relatively small, which can protect your knees well. Another advantage is that it can help you burn a lot of calories and lose weight, thus reducing the risk of knee pain. Finally, rowing exercise is good for your knees because it can strengthen the muscles around the knees. When you do rowing exercise, these muscles can be well trained and become stronger. Therefore, using it for exercise can effectively protect your knees and prevent knee pain. But the premise of all this is that you must use it correctly and reasonably. If you use it improperly, you will not only fail to achieve good fitness results, but will also cause knee pain. If you want to avoid knee pain and get the rich benefits of exercising from the fitness rowing machine, please read the following causes and solutions carefully. I hope these can help you do rowing exercise safely and painlessly!

Fitness Rowing Machine

1. Excessive exercise
Excessive exercise on the rowing machine is one of the most common causes of knee pain. Some people exercise for a long time at a time in order to achieve good fitness results in a short time. Generally speaking, the best rowing time is about 30 minutes, which can fully exercise your muscles and burn lots of fat. You can arrange rowing exercise several times a week instead of doing it for a long time at a time. You know, too much exercise will not only make your fitness ineffective, but also cause knee pain and muscle strain.

How to avoid knee pain caused by excessive exercise? First of all, the most important thing is to arrange the exercise time reasonably. Rowing exercise is a gradual process, so you can't rush for success. To avoid knee pain, please stop exercising immediately when you feel tired. Besides, you can also combine rowing with swimming and yoga. In this way, you can enjoy the pleasure of rowing.

2. Wrong rowing posture
Wrong rowing posture is the most important cause of knee pain when using rowing exercise machine. In order to get enough length when rowing, you may tend to stretch your legs completely, which may lead to overstretch of your legs. Unfortunately, when you overstretch your legs, it will put a lot of pressure on your knees. Day after day, your knees will become painful.

How to avoid knee pain caused by wrong rowing posture? You must adjust your rowing posture. The wrong rowing posture will only aggravate the knee pain in the end, while mastering the correct rowing posture can help you to exercise effectively without knee pain. To avoid knee pain when rowing, you should always keep your knees slightly bent to ensure that your muscles remain active.

3. Incorrect foot placement
Incorrect foot placement will not only affect your experience in rowing exercise, but also cause knee pain. It is wrong to put your feet too low or too high, which will make your legs unable to exercise well so as to cause knee pain. Besides, it will also add pressure to your lower back.

How to avoid knee pain caused by incorrect foot placement? When your feet are properly placed on the pedals of the rowing machine, your feet should form an angle of 45 degrees. In addition, the distance between your feet should be approximately the same as the distance when you stand. Only by paying attention to the placement of your feet can you avoid knee pain.

In a word, exercise with rowing machine should not cause pain or make it worse. If you feel knee pain while rowing, please pay attention to whether the rowing posture and foot placement are correct first. Then remember not to exercise too much, so as not to strain your muscles. I hope this article can help you avoid knee pain when using the rowing exercise machine.

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