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November 19, 2021 4 min read

When you choose the exercise bench from tens of thousands of home fitness equipment, there is also a question worthy of your consideration: which type of workout bench is more suitable for you? Two common adjustable weight benches and flat weight benches on the market have different characteristics and functions. In our surface cognition, the flat bench only has basic functions, but it is safer and more stable. The adjustable weightlifting bench will have more complete functions and higher price. Next, let's discuss the differences between them in detail so that we can make a wise choice.

Characteristics of Flat Bench
As the basic style, the flat bench has the following three characteristics:
1. Better durability
As the best equipment for bench press, the stability of weight bench must be self-evident. The durability of objects is often determined by the overall quality. However, fewer moving parts can more effectively avoid less wear in a long time, while the flat bench has only one back cushion, so it will have more advantages in durability. Secondly, the legs of the flat bench do not need to move in a series of different positions, so that its legs can be more firmly supported on the floor. Therefore, if you only do a single bench press action, you should pay more attention to the comfort of the back cushion and the anti-skid rubber cap at the foot of the bench in the selection of the flat bench, so that your flat bench will have longer durability in use.

2. Cheaper price
Compared with the adjustable weightlifting bench, the gym flat bench is cheaper because the adjustable weightlifting bench is more functional. On the market, adjustable weightlifting benches are generally two or three times the price of flat benches, depending on the model and function of the adjustable weightlifting bench. We always believe in goods for every penny. No matter which type of weightlifting bench you choose, be sure to check their quality and stability carefully. So if your budget is limited and you don't need too many functions to exercise, you can choose a cost-effective flat weightlifting bench, which can also provide longer time for your follow-up exercise.

3. A uniform cushion
The flat weight bench has only a single and uniform cushion as we can see. So when exercising, the comfort of the back will be stronger. The adjustable weight bench is composed of a backrest and a seat cushion, and if the gap in the middle is too large, it will cause discomfort and even security risks. Of course, this problem must be solved in the design of well-made adjustable weight benches. So when we buy, we must pay attention to the comfort of the back cushion, which is also very important for our exercise.

Adjustable Weight Bench

Characteristics of Adjustable Weight Bench
As a popular and fully functional adjustable weight bench, it has the following characteristics:
1. More exercise options
There is no doubt that adjustable weightlifting bench can provide more comprehensive exercise. On a flat weightlifting bench, because of your body position, you can only exercise specific muscle groups. But the backrest of the adjustable weightlifting bench can be adjusted to different angles, which can more effectively help you exercise the rear, front and upper, and the middle and lower parts of the muscle group. Adjustability allows your body to reach an unreachable angle to exercise muscle groups. This means that your body can get more comprehensive strength training. You can use this function to do a lot of exercises, such as incline bench press and incline pecs flyes etc. So this alone makes adjustable gym benches more popular.

2. Save space
Most of the adjustable weightlifting benches can also be folded. This is an obvious benefit for friends who do not have much space. Although most weight benches are small, foldable weight bench can be easily folded and stored under your bed and closet, saving more space for your home. If you are a person who likes to store things, folding must be a surprise for you, saving space and bringing cleanliness at the same time.

3. Longer bench pad
Another feature of adjustable weight bench is that they are longer than flat ones. Although its two separate cushions have potential disadvantages, it is a good thing for tall people, and the longer cushion also means there is more room to stretch, making our exercise more comfortable. Longer cushions can better support our heads and backs, providing us with more sense of security when we exercise. So for most people, this feature is also a very concerned point.

Finally, I believe you have a detailed understanding of the three remarkable features of the adjustable weight bench and the flat bench. Each of them has different attributes, you only need to choose according to the characteristics you care about most, and you are sure to get the most suitable one. Of course, when exercising, we must also pay attention to the scientific way of exercise and diet. Look forward to your successful transformation on the home weight bench!

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