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Exercise Bike Workout Regulations

In the UK, the exercise bike has been in development for 10 years, and it is still popular in the UK today. Cyclists on exercise bicycles are no longer yelling and screaming while sitting on the bikes as before. They used to think that the greatest intensity and fastest speed can show that they are fans of bikes. Nowadays, the athletes have become “peaceful”. You can even close your eyes to feel the different realm of this “dynamic” sport: A wisp of breeze passes through the palm of the hand, the fine hair of the temples caresses the skin, the fragrance of the flowers permeates the heart and the spleen, and the whispering and singing of birds is crisp and sweet...So what are the norms for exercis bike workout?

Stationary Bike Exercise

Clothing Rules in Exercise
A fitness suit is not enough. We need to match suitable clothing according to different sports. This is not only for aesthetics, but also for convenience and safety.

It is recommended not to wear sweatpants with too wide trouser legs when riding a stationary exercise bike. Otherwise it is easy to catch the parts of the bicycle pedal. This can cause injury.

When riding an indoor exercise bike, we can wear a pair of gloves, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the handlebar cannot be held firmly after the hand sweats, and it can also prevent your delicate hand skin from being roughened.

Wearing a sleeveless camisole or tank top on the upper body can increase your desire to shape. Looking at your curvy self in the mirror will make you have a strong desire for more beauty. In this way, it is more motivated to exercise. At the same time, the sleeveless camisole is easy to wick away perspiration and will not cause hyperthermia.

It should be noted that the clothes should not be too tight so as not to damage the clothes when the movements are too large and cause indecent phenomena. At the same time, you can bring an extra coat to protect against cold and wind.

Warm-Up Rules in Workout
Before workout on the exercise bike, in addition to doing some low-intensity exercise, there will be a targeted warm-up procedure in the formal classroom. We should all attach great importance to knees that are more prone to injury, thighs that are prone to fatigue, and waist. You must perform the following actions:
Leg stretch
Because the thigh is the center of the stationary cycle exercise, special attention should be paid to prevent strain.

Separate your legs as much as possible, bend your left knee, squat your upper body, shift your weight to the left, and fully extend your right leg. Pay attention to the toes pointing forward, feel the muscles of the inner thighs tighten, and hold for 5 seconds before changing your legs.

Or you can use equipment to stretch your legs. First put your hands on the handlebars, raise your left leg on the exercise bicycle beam, extend your right leg backwards, lean your upper body slightly forward, move the ligaments and muscles of your legs, and then change your legs.

Side waist stretch
In simulating the situation that the bike goes by an emergent turn, your upper body shall shake in the left and right directions. The waist force shall be the control gravity and the waist is prone to injury on the bike.

You can have a group of simple movements. You can maintain your body straight and lower body unmoved, twist your upper body for 90°. Or you can have side waist stretch, separate your two legs to have the same width as the shoulder, raise your arms and stretch them to the head, maintain the body on the same level, and then bend your upper body to the right side. Perform the above movements for five times in both two sides.

In view of the fact that the entire body will forward slightly in riding, the pressure of the shoulder joint is very high, so the relaxation is vital. You have to hold the handlebar with two hands, separate two legs, lean forward the upper body, and try to approach the ground with your body.

Riding Regulations in Exercises
As long as you adjust your sitting posture, please follow the coach to start with light and music. The simplest riding movements don’t need to be repeated here, you just need to follow the rhythm. There are four positions according to the shape of the handlebar. Riders can gradually exercise the oblique muscles, back width and arms.

Rotate the weight control button, increase the leg bearing force, lean forward the upper body at first, then leave the entire body from the seat to rotate the wheel. The weight control is vital. Please avoid moving your leg by the pedal, instead you should take the initiative to fully grasp the revolving speed of the metal wheel, and place the force on the leg. In the meanwhile, you can feel that the muscle group of the hip and back is also very nervous and tension at this moment. The leg is almost straight, which relieves the burden of the knee. The core of exercise is the muscle of the thigh and shank.

Producing the downhill feel can lower the weight control button to the smallest, and there is almost no burden on the leg. You can easily step on the pedal, leave the hands from the handlebar, keep your upper body straight, and stretch two hands, just as hugging the breeze. Normally, the music is very light at this moment and you have to lower the exercise strength to the minimum.

The upper body must be exercised with the legs to achieve the overall effect of reducing fat. When simulating a rapid turn, you need to hold the handlebars tightly with both hands, stick your upper body to the left and right sides, basically offset the center of gravity of your body, and use the strength of your waist to control the upper body.

Recipe Rules in Workout
In fact, indoor stationary bike workout will not stop at the end of the 40-minute course. For enthusiasts, in addition to reasonable training arrangements, a balanced intake of healthy and natural foods is also important. Of course, you also need to add enough water during each workout process.

For enthusiasts of exercise bike, there are three types of food that hinder performance and recovery: refined carbohydrates, such as sugars (soft drinks, processed juices, candies, desserts) and white flour foods (noodles, white bread, white rice, various packaged foods), which can prevent fat burning, cause blood sugar rise and fall, and suppress kidney glands; margarine, biscuits, candy, potato chips, cakes and fried foods, which can hinder the operation of the aerobic system, leading to diet-related heart disease and cancer; Caffeine, which can inhibit the renal glands and weakens the ability to discharge pressure.

It is important to get enough calories and water before exercise. Fasting exercise will deplete the energy reserves in the body, thereby slowing down the rate of metabolism. Ideal foods include fruits, carbohydrates such as oatmeal, brown rice, soy milk, and nutritionally balanced powdered foods.

After training, in addition to supplementing some sugar, other nutrients are also important, especially the protein. Eggs, skimmed milk, fish, beancurd and powered protein supplies are good sources of protein. It is estimated that a person who exercises regularly needs the same amount of protein as his lean body weight in pounds. For example, if your weight is 140 pounds, 15% of which is fat, then your lean body mass are 119 pounds, so you need to consume 119 grams of protein per day.

Water is especially important. No other things can affect sports performance and physical health better than water, Even though 40-minute stationary exercise bike workout will probably lead to your serious dehydration. It is best to drink half of your body weight every day (turn the number of pounds into ounces). The water here refers to white water, carbonated mixed energy drinks containing 7% or less. Most fruit juices and sodas contain more than 7% sugar. The stomach absorbs these drinks slowly, so they are not an effective source of hydration. Whether you have taken in enough water, you can refer to two indicators-the clarity of urine: urine should be clear when there is enough water. It is required to measure your weight before and after exercise: Your weight should remain the same before and after the exercise bike class, and the water you drink just replenish the water lost caused by sweating. Weight loss during exercise is only the result of temporary water loss.

huton Lee
huton Lee

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