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July 09, 2021 4 min read

Treadmill is a kind of fitness equipment commonly used in homes and gyms, and it is the simplest kind of home fitness equipment today, and it is the best choice for home fitness equipment. How are treadmills classified?

Classify According to the Driver
1. Mechanical Treadmill
The mechanical treadmill relies on the friction between the human foot and the running belt to drive it.

Mechanical Treadmill

2. Motorised Treadmill
Motorised treadmill is higher-end equipment used in gyms and families. It drives the running belt through the motor to enable people to run or walk passively at different speeds. Since people run and walk passively, from the appearance of their movements, their movements are almost the same as those of ordinary running or walking over ground. However, from the perspective of human body force, running and walking on a motorised treadmill eliminates a stepping and stretching action compared with ordinary running and walking. Just because of this, people who walk and run on an electric treadmill feel very relaxed. However, this allows people to run about 1/3 longer than ordinary running, and consumes more energy than ordinary walking and running. In addition, because the electronic auxiliary equipment on the motorized treadmill has many functions, people can experience different running environments, such as flat running, uphill running, hill running, variable speed running, etc. You can choose according to your exercise purpose.

Motorised Treadmill

Classify as the Application
1. Commercial Treadmill
Commercial treadmills incorporate innovative patented technology and overall entertainment options to provide an excellent user experience. The design of multiple preset programs allows users to perform a variety of treadmill exercises.

1. Equipped with IFT driving controller
The IFT drive controller supports 4.0 horsepower high voltage AC induction motors. Combined with the integrated Footplant TM technology to control the speed belt, it can give users a smooth and natural feeling during running or walking.
2. Ground Effects&reg control technology
Its unique suspension system can be worn on the knees, legs and back. While maintaining responsiveness, it can reduce impact and control lateral movement.
3. Integrated entertainment choice
The personal visual screen designed for the overall entertainment of Cardio Theater will create a unique high-end aerobic gym for you, which also enhances your ultimate membership experience service.
4. Easy computer programming
Exercisers only need to press 6 buttons to complete multiple preset projects, including some diversified treadmill exercises. During the exercise, the exerciser can freely choose or change the training content.
5. Lasting and enduring
The IFT drive controller supports a 4.0 horsepower high-voltage AC induction motor, which ensures the long-lasting durability of this product. The commercial treadmill series has a high degree of reliability and accuracy, and is the representative of its commercial equipment.
6. System controlling the ground impact
On the premise of keeping the belt corresponding to the pace speed, the unique suspension system design of the treadmill slows down the impact and controls the side oscillation while maintaining the rebound, thereby reducing the pressure on people's knees, calves and back.
7. Inductive panel and entertainment sports integrated system
8. 26 programs can be selected directly
The treadmill has only 6 keys to control 26 programs, including six physical fitness test programs. During use, the operator can switch to other programs at will.

Commercial Treadmill

2. Home Treadmill
The home treadmill is characterized by durability, low impact, and its basic performance meets the needs of users, fully demonstrating commercial quality. The streamlined display screen and integrated entertainment system allow users to fully enjoy a dynamic and efficient fitness experience.

  • 16 fitness schemes
  • Streamlined display
  • Motor with 3.0 horsepower: it can provide power smoothly without noise. The self-cooling motor will continue to rotate, thereby eliminating the fan device and improving the life and reliability of the motor;
  • System controlling the ground impact: The unique design of the treadmill controls the side oscillations, thereby reducing the pressure on the joints;
  • The running board makes exercise more ideal: the running board with a height of only 7.5 inches allows any user to walk on the ground like a flat ground, providing an ideal area for physical therapy;
  • The streamlined control panel has the characteristics of easy operation: friendly user interface and program feedback make movement easier.

Classify According to the Function
1. Single-function Treadmill
Single-function treadmills can be divided into two types in terms of structure, one is roller treadmills, and the other is flat treadmills. Because the roller treadmill is very noisy, it has been eliminated. Flat treadmills are active by people, so exercisers feel the same as ordinary running. Its electronic meter can help trainers record indicators such as speed, time, heart rate, calories, beats, distance, etc., so that you can know your training situation at any time and make purposeful adjustments.

2. Multiple-function Treadmill
A multifunctional treadmill is a combination of treadmill, rowing machine, recumbent fitness bike, upright fitness bike, relaxation machines, waist spinners and other functional equipment. Multifunctional treadmills are favored by some people because of their more functions and less space. Its exercise method is the same as an ordinary treadmill. However, from the point of view that the fitness machine should be comfortable and convenient to use, and the technical movements are accurate and reasonable, the multifunctional treadmill has certain shortcomings.

Multiple-Function Treadmill

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