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May 20, 2021 4 min read

How to choose an indoor exercise bike? Everyone’s selection standards for exercise bike are different. It’s best only when it fits you. Now let me introduce the 9 points of choosing a stationary bike.

Indoor Exercise Bike

1. Load-bearing
Firstly is the bearing capacity of indoor exercise bike. If the exercise bike frame can’t bear your weight enough, during the fitness process, either you easily make the indoor exercise bike broken, or you are injured. So load-bearing is the first to think about when you are choosing a stationary bicycle.

2. Adjustable seats and handles
A good exercise bike is surely the one that can adjust cushion and handles, including vertical and horizontal direction adjustment. Only the cushion and handles are adjusted properly, can you exercise in right cycling position; in this way it can avoid a series of issues causing knees and spines, but make the exercise more effective as well.

3. Resistance types and gears
As to resistance adjustment, everyone is familiar with the methods of outdoor bike resistance adjustment. That is, increase or reduce resistance by physical friction of wheels.

But as to indoor exercise bikes, the adjustment of magnetic control resistance is the best choice. The resistance is generated by magnetism effect on flywheel. It does not directly contact the flywheel, but rather the resistance size is determined by the distance between magnetism and flywheel. So this also means the entire process is static, and do not need to worry the sound generate from physical friction. It also shows the stationary exercise bike can have different gear resistance choices. The higher the gear is, the bigger the resistance, and of course the bigger the amount of exercise. So you can choose gears according to your requirements. So magnetic control resistance, multi-gear adjustable and static are very important consideration factors in choosing a fitness bike.

4. Flywheel weight
As to the flywheel choice, it’s not the heavier the better, but it is determined by your own fitness requirements. For those who like that outdoor challenge, big power output, and big weight flywheel, such as 18KG, is a good choice; but if those who are not interested in starting the flywheel with all their strengths, instead they want to quickly enter into fat burning phase, around 8KG flying wheel is an appropriate choice.

5. Data monitoring
Starting an exercise plan is already great, but if you can still learn to constantly make your exercise advancing, it should have more sense of achievement. So if you can monitor your own exercising condition in each exercise is a vitally important link. Here there are several data can be used to follow your own exercising condition, including distance, speed, calories, heart rate, strength, duration and rhythm etc. Such LCD display to be equipped in exercise bike is a very important part. Of which the monitoring of heart rate can see your own fitness strength clearly.

6. Multi-functioning handles
If there’s someone who used indoor exercise bike, he should notice the exercise bike handles have different shapes and sizes. This is because different handles correspond to different cycling modes. The personal cycling posture can also be somewhat adjusted due to the use of different handles. Therefore, exercise bike with different handle design is also one of the measurement standards.

7. Equipment bracket
The equipment bracket refers to IPAD or mobile phone bracket. On one hand, in busy times, you can keep exercising while listening or watching corresponding programs at the same time; on the other hand, the repetitive exercise can also become not boring and tedious. So equipment bracket can be said a part with flowers and cheers.

8. Q value (stepping width)
The full name of Q value is Q-Factor, which refers to the distance between the two outer edges of a stationary bike crank, or put it more bluntly called stepping width. The size of Q value is associated with the cycling comfort, muscle power stretch and so on. A proper Q value can not only avoid hurting, but improve cycling efficiency in a maximum degree and mobilizing more muscles into the exercise. Usually the Q value standard of bikes is around 150mm-170mm scope; of which 150mm is the Q value of road bikes, whereas 170mm is the Q value of mountain bikes. They are normal whatever they are within the scope or exceeding the scope. Different bikes, such as fitness bikes, horizontal bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes etc. have all their respective small scope of Q value difference, so as to ensure the comfort in cycling. Usually the smaller the Q value, the muscle power exertion in cycling is relatively full, but the comfort and so on is maybe not the absolute good. In addition, if you don’t use exercise bike for a long time, your feeling of Q value maybe is not very obvious. But no matter what, try more exercise bike to feel the comfort in cycling, and find the most confortable one when you are cycling. Measure the Q value, then this distance is the stepping width that suits you most.

9. Bottle holder
During fitness process, supplementing water properly is very vital. So a bottle holder may seem very small and very simple, but it can show one side of the designer’s considerate and be in place.

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