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October 22, 2021 3 min read

The exercise of core muscles is the focus of almost all sports. No matter how strong a person looks, if his core muscles are weak, it is just an empty shelf after all. Therefore, if the core muscle group is not well exercised, the whole person still seems to be in an incorrect posture. By training the local exercise of the core muscles, it can not only reduce fat hoarding, but also strengthen the muscle endurance of the core muscles. In order to help the core muscles support the upper body more effectively, to achieve the purpose of improving posture. You can use the abdominal trainer to do many classic movements on the core muscles, such as rocking, twisting, pressing, sit-ups, leg lifting and so on.

Abdominal Trainer Core Exercise

Actually, whether you are doing all kinds of sport activity or strenuous exercise, you are relying on stable core muscles. In daily life, you will find that you will always need them, such as playing golf, gardening, vacuuming, climbing stairs, holding kids or bending over to pick up things. Because of your core muscles, you can do all these things more easily.

Muscle components of the core:
The core muscle group refers to the muscles that surround our body, including the abdominal muscles. It is mainly composed of rectus abdominis, oblique abdominis, lower dorsal muscle and erect spinal muscle. So our abdominal muscle is also one of the core muscles. But many people equate the abdominal muscle directly with the core muscle group is completely wrong. We can say that the core muscle group includes the abdominal muscle, but we can't say that the abdominal muscle is our core muscle group.

The role of the core:
Your core supports your body in many different sports. These are usually actions you take for granted, such as getting up, walking, and bending over. Therefore, you can also use them during exercise. In addition, your core muscles are responsible for maintaining good balance and stability. That's why we talk about "training your torso stability" when talking about core training.

Benefits of training your core:

  • Relieve back pain. Modern people are often sedentary, so that the core of the body is often in a motionless state. Sitting for a long time can put a lot of pressure and load on the back, especially if the muscles are not strong enough. When you use a core exercise machine to exercise your core muscles for a long time, you can strengthen the muscles around your abdomen, thereby reducing or even completely eliminating back pain.
  • Have better balance and stability. You can also benefit a lot in life. Whether you are exercising or just doing housework, a strong core can keep your torso in a more stable position, such as vacuuming or holding a baby. In addition, as you get older, it is often more difficult to find your own stability. Train your core to help you maintain this stability.
  • Keep a good posture. Using an abdominal exercise machine to strengthen your core muscles, especially your abdomen and back, can help you avoid hunchback and even pelvic displacement. When your posture becomes better, I believe the whole person's temperament will become very different.
  • Reduce the risk of injury. Because your body is more stable and better able to absorb unexpected forces, you are less likely to fall, pull a muscle, or be overloaded in some part of your body.


What are good exercises and materials for training your core?

Using an abdominal trainer can effectively help you exercise your core muscles completely. Its backrest design includes massage rollers that move with your body to keep your back supported. For your neck, you may need to slightly adjust accurately position one of the upper rollers. And the cushioned seat can be rotated and twisted so that the lower abdominal muscles can strengthen the core strength. Especially for those who don't like to go out or don't have time to go to the gym, the abdominal trainer as home fitness equipment, you can exercise in the living room while watching TV. People who have never exercised before only need to spend 10 minutes a day on the abdominal trainer, which can get good results in about a month.

Here is a training video for women's core muscles. if you want to have a stable and strong core muscle, do it now!


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