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October 29, 2021 3 min read

In all aerobic machines, the elliptical machine is often not the first choice for most people. Because the first understanding of it, often think that it is boring and ineffective. But there is a unique reason why it can be used as a piece of basic equipment in gyms and home gyms for a long time. So if you want to re-recognize the elliptical machine, please continue to read to find out what is an elliptical cross trainer. Learn how to shape and achieve your fitness goals by adding elliptical machine to your daily exercise.

What is an elliptical cross trainer?
The elliptical machine combines the advantages of a variety of heavy-duty machines. If you like treadmills and fitness bikes, then you will certainly like what the elliptical machine has to offer.

The elliptical machine as a fitness tool, you can see in most gyms, allows you to do low-intensity activities without significantly affecting your joints. At the bottom, it has pedals that work when the user is standing. At the top, it has a handle, and the user can join the upper body by pushing and pulling.

The combination of pedal work and handle movement makes the elliptical machine an effective whole-body exercise. The pedal provides a range of exercise for the lower body that allows you to participate more fully in the muscles than a motorised treadmill and is a low-impact form of aerobic exercise. It replicates the patterns of walking, cycling and climbing stairs to provide accurate full-body exercise.

How to use the elliptical machine?
1. When getting on the elliptical machine, first hold a handle with both hands.
2. Then put one foot on the pedal first, and then step on the other foot slowly.
3. If you only want to exercise your leg muscles, you can put your hands on the rest of the armrest on the inside and run with only your legs.
4. If you want to exercise your muscles all over your body, just put your hands on the outer exercise handle.
5. After entering the advanced stage and being familiar with the function of the equipment, you can adjust the degree of resistance to meet the calorie consumption and muscle exercise effect.
6. After you are familiar with the elliptical machine, you can use the elliptical machine to practice forward and backward two-way movements. You can generally practice forward for 3 minutes, then practice backward for 3 minutes, and practice for 5-6 minutes in a group, preferably 3-4 groups at a time. Remember that the movement frequency should be gradually accelerated, but remember that you must pay attention to being within your control.
7. Don't make dangerous moves on the elliptical machine. The elliptical machine is the best instrument for the knee, and don't use it too hard.

You can click on the video below to get some information about the elliptical machine clearly.

Which groups are suitable for?
As the safest and easiest to use machine, elliptical machine is suitable for everyone. The elderly, newcomers in the gym and overweight people can be afraid of fitness equipment, whether they are worried that it is too difficult for them or that they will hurt themselves. The elliptical machine allows users to follow their own pace, greatly reducing the risk of injury and promoting effective exercise.

Which muscle parts does the elliptical machine help you?
The elliptical machine is a full-body exercise that exercises various muscles of the legs, buttocks, waist and arms. When using push-pull movements, the guide rails on the elliptical machine can adjust, stimulate and strengthen muscles. This exercise also requires your core and increases the number of calories you burn during exercise.

Professional elliptical cross trainers include the use of knees to activate hip and thigh muscles. The targeted core muscles are:glutes, quads, hamstring, calves, and lower shin.

Professional Elliptical Cross Trainer

If you get some information you want to know, it's time for your body to do comprehensive exercise and new fitness exercises!

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