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December 09, 2021 4 min read

With incredible advances in exercise equipment technology, fitness enthusiasts can now enjoy the benefits of many different fitness products right in the comfort of their own home. Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight, build muscle or stay fit, there are more options than ever before. When you want to get fit and lose weight, both running exercise equipment and rowing workout machines are two types of equipment that can provide an excellent workout. But choosing between them will be a difficult question to answer.

The running workout equipment is a machine that works mainly to the muscles of our lower body by walking and running in an upright position. It is through the speed and slope of running to provide perfect resistance. This could be excellent cardio for fitness beginners, walking slowly on the running exercise machine at a small incline. The rowing exercise machine, on the other hand, is designed to mimic the action of propelling a boat through the water. Rowing provides a full body workout. Compared to running, rowing can be more complicated at first as it is difficult to get the correct form. They both have their own characteristics. Next, let's explore which one is the best in terms of the different effects they can deliver with exercise.

Suitable Rowing Machine

Which is better for weight loss?
Weight loss effect is one of the important factors for us to choose home fitness equipment. The better the weight loss effect, the more attractive it will be to people. On the one hand, losing weight mainly depends on the amount of calories burned, but the intensity of our exercise and individual metabolism also have a certain influence on the amount of calories you burn. Assuming that you exercise at the same intensity on each machine, running on the running machine will consume more calories. On the other hand, using rowing workout machines can exercise more muscles than using treadmills. This muscle can help you burn more calories all day, and it can help us maintain a more stable weight loss effect over time. If you just want to lose fat, then the running exercise machine is a better choice. However, if you want to keep a steady weight loss effect, rowing workout machines are more suitable for weight loss.

Which is better for muscle building?
These two kinds of fitness equipment have certain effects on muscle exercise. Running exercise equipment is mainly used to exercise the muscles of the lower body. There are not many choices to use the resistance of running workout equipment to better exercise the muscles. Accelerating the speed or inclining the slope to get better aerobic exercise can help us to burn more calories, but it will not play a great role in muscle exercise. On the contrary, rowing workout machines are excellent at exercising muscles. By adjusting the damper, the muscles of our upper and lower bodies will be fully mobilized. Muscle strength of legs, back, biceps and shoulders will be significantly enhanced. In terms of muscle exercise, rowing workout machine is obviously superior to treadmill.

Which is better for aerobic exercise?
They are both great pieces of equipment for providing an aerobic workout. Both machines increase resistance to raise your heart rate and get you into the aerobic zone. Technically speaking, running is the best aerobic exercise. However, at the end of the workout, the heart rate after rowing will be maintained for a longer period of time than after running. Fitness rowing machines are not normally used for long periods of steady-state aerobic exercise. They are ideal for shorter, high-intensity workouts that usually last a maximum of 20 minutes. On the other hand, the running workout machine can be used to complete an aerobic workout by jogging. This means that running exercise equipment are better suited to aerobic exercise than fitness rowing equipment, but in reality, both options have excellent aerobic potential.

Which has less influence on joints?
Some people may be concerned about whether both types of equipment are stressful to the joints when exercising under prolonged periods of time. Rowing is a smooth and rhythmic exercise. As the whole exercise is done sitting down, rowing is less stressful on the knees and at the same time can be very protective. Running however is an intense exercise and when you run at a fast enough pace to raise your heart rate means a big impact on your knees, feet and back. In contrast, using a rowing machine has very little impact, but it is important to maintain a correct rowing position, taking care to keep your back straight and pushing with your whole foot; this will reduce the risk of joint injury.

If you want to lose weight fast, then the running workout machine would be a good choice for you. But in terms of a more comprehensive workout, the rowing machine is a better option, using it to work out not only your whole body but also with minimal impact. No matter what type of fitness equipment you like, please pay attention to the correct use, so as to bring you safe and effective results.

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