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November 05, 2021 3 min read

If you sit still all day because of the busy work, it is time for you to do some exercise. Exercise is an essential part of our life, and it is also the most effective way to keep healthy and lose weight. Nowadays, more and more young people pay great attention to their figure, so they often go to the gym for high-intensity fat burning exercise after work. It's really a good idea to exercise in the gym, because you can use a variety of gym exercise equipment for different exercises at the same time. But you may face the possibility of queuing to use fitness equipment, so you might as well choose to exercise at home. If you want to do an aerobic exercise that can effectively train your muscles, the home rowing machine is your best choice. It allows you to experience the charm of boating on water without leaving home.

When you ask around to find the perfect fitness equipment, rowing machine is usually the first answer. It is one of the most powerful aerobic exercise equipment, which can help you to exercise well and even reduce your stress. Exercise with it can not only save time, but also burn a lot of calories and exercise your muscles well. In any home fitness equipment, it can exercise the most muscles. 80% of the muscles in the body can be exercised, even the muscles of joints. But at this moment, some people will have a question----what muscles can it mainly exercise? With this question, please continue reading. In the following article, I will explain in detail what muscles can be mainly exercised by using it to exercise. I hope you can find a satisfactory answer after reading this article.

In the upper body
Doing rowing exercise on the rowing machine can train most of the upper body muscles well, which can make you look stronger. First of all, your arm muscles can get the best exercise. Before you start doing rowing exercise, you must hold both ends of the handles of the rowing exercise machine firmly with your arms straight. Then bend your arms and pull them back under your chest, and finally restore your arms straight. By repeating this arm rowing action many times, you can effectively exercise biceps and deltoid muscles on your arm. When you bend your arm and pull the handle back to your chest, your biceps will work. When you do every completed rowing exercise, your deltoid muscle will be activated. Therefore, your arm muscles can get good exercise. Besides, your back muscles and abdominal muscles can also get good exercise. When you do rowing exercise, you should always keep your back straight so as to better exercise your back muscles. When you lean forward and straighten back, it is time to exercise your abdominal muscles. It can support your body well and keep your balance during the exercise.

In the lower body
As mentioned above, using home rowing machine can effectively exercise the upper body muscles, but the lower body muscles can also be exercised at the same time. Among them, the leg muscles can be exercised most. When you do rowing exercise, your legs should bend naturally and your feet should step on the pedals. Like the arm movement, your legs will from bend to straighten in each rowing exercise. Repeated this exercise can train your leg muscles well.

Home Rowing Machine UK
As you can see, exercising with rowing machine can mainly strengthen your arm muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles and leg muscles. And you can burn a lot of calories by exercising these different muscles. Doing rowing exercise can not only help you lose weight, but also prevent back pain and relieve your stress so as to have a positive impact on your mood. However, it is worth noting that this effect cannot be achieved by doing rowing exercise once or several times occasionally. In order to exercise your muscles better, you need to exercise regularly. I suggest that you can arrange rowing exercise for 5 days a week, and do it for about 30 minutes each time according to your own situation. When you keep doing exercise for a period of time, you can see the amazing effect brought by rowing exercise machine.

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