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July 09, 2021 4 min read

Sit up bench is a kind of fitness equipment designed for abdomen training of the human body. With this home exercise equipment, bodybuilders can flatten their lower abdomen in the right way with half the effort.

Incline Sit up Bench

A flat lower abdomen is a lifetime dream for many people, because with a flat lower abdomen, girls can wear a lot of sexy clothes, and boys will not look old and bloated. The sit up board is designed for abdominal training. It allows the bodybuilder to obtain a flat lower abdomen in the correct way and with less effort. As long as you continue to use it for 15 minutes a day from now on, your dream will soon be realized!

Main Functions
1. Abdominal exercise: bodybuilders can exercise a large abdominal muscle into six pieces by doing correct sit-ups.
2. Bend over and stand back: Train the lower back muscles (deltoids, teres major, lats...) to strengthen the back. For office workers, this exercise can reduce back pain and hunchback caused by prolonged sitting.
3. Lie on back and raise legs: This is a kind of exercise aimed at the upper abdomen, thighs, arms and other muscle groups with the waist as a support. Doing this action frequently can give you a charming waist curve.
4. Abdominal strengthening exercise: This exercise is the same as the first one, but the feet have fewer fulcrums, so you have to exert more abdominal strength. If you want to quickly achieve the effect of strengthening the abdomen, this action is to be practiced every day. But please remember to proceed step by step. If you can’t do the first item, please don’t try this exercise easily.

How to Exercise
1. The correct exercise:

  • Sit-up (This exercise mainly exercises the six muscles of the abdomen, which can quickly consume abdominal fat)
  • Back-retraction exercise (this exercise mainly exercises the back related muscles, which is also a main method to relieve lumbar muscle strain)
  • Lie on back and raise legs (This exercise mainly exercises the abdominal and thigh muscles).

2. Auxiliary exercise:
Bend your waist down, stand your legs upright, keep your arms and head hanging down in the air, don’t force yourself to touch the ground with your hands, relax your muscles as much as possible. Then Stretch the muscles of the back and legs naturally, stop for about one minute, and repeat 3 times.

3. Correct sitting gesture:

  • When you sit on the sit up bench, be sure to sit on the entire board. Because only then can the entire back be supported and the spine bones can be straightened.
  • If you only sit on a part of the sit up board, your back will bend easily and lumbar muscle strain will slowly erode your back fascia over time.
  • Do remember: the goal of abdominal muscle training is to train muscle endurance, not to increase muscle and strength. Finally, remember to stretch your muscles after exercising.

Incline Sit up Bench Exercise

How to Choose Sit up Bench

  • The first thing to check whether the sit up bench shakes: if the sit up bench starts to shake when it is first bought or soon after use, it proves that the quality of the sit up board is not good. Generally, good-quality sit-up boards will use a variety of anti-shake designs at the joints to ensure the stability of the product in use. This not only guarantees the effect of exercise, but also solves consumers' concerns about safety. You can read the instructions clearly or consult some sellers in detail when purchasing;
  • Check if the length and width of the board are sufficient: As the most important part of the entire equipment, the length and width of the lying board directly affect the comfort and efficiency of use. If the lying board is too short, a taller friend will be awkward to use it, or even unable to use it. If the lying board is too narrow, it will affect the feeling during exercise. The length of a qualified sit up bench is generally not less than 130CM, and the width is not less than 25CM. Good quality products will be designed to be longer and wider.
  • Check if the material of the support is reliable: We know that people who want to lose weight are generally heavier, so the material of the support frame will directly affect the weight-bearing capacity and durability of the sit up board. The high-quality sit up board is generally made of high-quality thick steel, and the overall weight can reach more than 8 kilograms, and the guaranteed load can reach 300 kilograms. However, poor-quality sit up bench often use poor-quality steel, which is lighter and cannot guarantee load-bearing and durability.
1. It is required to pay attention to the feelings of the exerciser when using the sit up board. Not everyone can use a sit up bench, especially those with spine problems.
2. It is recommended that people who use sit up bench for the first time control the exercise time within half an hour. After that, the time of exercise can be extended slowly.
3. Those who don’t have time to use the sit up board can sleep on a head-up mattress, which is a mattress with a sloped head. In this way, exercisers can also use sleep time to correct the spine.

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