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March 10, 2022 3 min read

Daily exercise is essential for everyone, and it is absolutely no exception for you. Regular and good exercise can help you control your weight, build a perfect figure, strengthen your muscle strength and improve your overall health. Generally speaking, good exercise effect and good fitness equipment are inseparable. Therefore, before you begin to plan to exercise, it is particularly important to choose a piece of good equipment. If you are looking for a kind of fitness equipment that can bring you a good exercise effect without putting extra pressure on your joints, then I think an exercise bicycle is your most ideal choice. It allows you to sit down during exercise so that you can enjoy more comfortable and effective daily exercise.

If you often pay attention to the related information about a fitness bicycle, you may see its different flywheel weight and have noticed that the flywheelweight is often mentioned by many people. Some flywheels are very heavy, weighing over 40 pounds. However, some flywheels are much lighter, about 8 pounds. Although there may be obvious differences in flywheel weight of a fitness bicycle, there is little difference in function. With the exercise bike becoming more and more popular among people, there are many questions about its flywheel and discussions about the importance of its flywheel weight. For example, what is a flywheel, how does the flywheel change the exercise experience and whether the flywheel weight is important for a fitness bicycle. If you also want to know, please continue reading the following contents. In the following article, I will answer these three questions for you one by one.

What is a flywheel?
You may have heard of the flywheel on a fitness bicycle before, but what is it? In a simpleword, a flywheel is a big wheel. It is usually located in a large disk-shaped mechanical structure in front or rear of an indoor exercise bike, which can store rotating energy and keep it running smoothly. Flywheel is one of the most important components of fitness bicycle and its main core. The flywheel is connected to the pedal through a chain (chain drive) or a belt (belt drive). When you step on the pedal of your fitness bicycle, the chain or belt will start to move, and then the flywheel will move. The flywheel provides you with resistance when cycling by storing power, so as to provide you with excellent outdoor cycling experience. Most domestic elliptical machines usually use the flywheel as a part of their mechanical system, and its running mode can be comparable to that of fitness bicycles.

Flywheel of an Indoor Exercise Bike

How does flywheel change your exercise experience?
Before you know how the flywheel can change your exercise experience, one thing you must know is that the flywheel of an exercise bike always works with some kind of resistance system. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of resistance systems: one is the resistance caused by friction (caused by felt or leather pad directly applied to the flywheel), the other is the resistance caused by magnetic force (caused by applying magnetic force to the flywheel). Therefore, the resistance exerted on the flywheel is the key to change your exercise experience, and the small or large resistance will make your exercise feel easier or more difficult.

Is flywheel weight important?
If you ask me, is flywheel weight important fora fitness bicycle? Then I will answer you without hesitation that the flywheel weight is very important, because it will affect the function of a fitness bicycle. Riding an exercise bicycle is very similar to cycling an outdoor bicycle. When you step on it for the first time, you will spend more energy to make the flywheel run. In order to get a smooth cycling feeling, the flywheel needs to generate a lot of power. The weight of flywheel is one of the factors that affect the power generated by flywheel. Weight does have some influence on flywheel performance and motion. A heavier flywheel is designed to build and maintain power. Generally speak, that flywheel weight of a fitness bicycle ranges from 8 pound to 40 pounds, and the heavier the flywheel, the more stable and quiet the fitness bicycle will run. In addition, the flywheel also provides smoother circular motion. If there is no flywheel weight, the pedal is more jerky, which will increase the pressure on your joints and make you more vulnerable to injury.

In a word, the flywheel weight is very important for an exercise bike. However, no matter how heavy your flywheel is, you can be sure to get the benefits of aerobic exercise from using the fitness bicycle.

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