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March 10, 2022 4 min read

It is well known that if you want to exercise to achieve better results in losing weight, strengthening muscles and staying healthy, it is essential to use a piece of good fitness equipment. And if you like to exercise in the gym after work or in your free time, you will always find that the fitness rowing machine is one of the most used fitness equipment in the gym. Nowadays, this kind of fitness equipment is deeply loved by people who love fitness, so it has also gradually become a piece of necessary fitness equipment in many families. As the best representative of aerobic exercise, it is very effective in helping you burn fat, build muscles and improve aerobic endurance.

Very Popular Fitness Rowing Machine

As we all know, comfort is the most important thing when exercising. When you exercise with the rowing machine, your body has three main contact areas with it: feet, hands and butts. Among them, your butt supports your weight, and it is also the main fulcrum when you do rowing exercise. Therefore, if you don't pay attention to some factors, as time goes by, your butt will probably become uncomfortable or even painful. Therefore, in order to get a better experience when you exercise with rowing workout machine, how do you avoid butt pain? In the following article, I will introduce to you the causes of butt pain when you exercise with rowing workout machine and several ways to avoid this situation. Please continue reading.

What are the causes of butt pain?
1. The pressure on butt during rowing exercise. When you do rowing exercise, because you have to turn back and forth on the tailbone, butt and ischium, your butt will bear most of the weight. In addition, you must use your butt as the main muscle to provide power for driving your legs when rowing. Therefore, when using rowing workout machine to exercise, your butt need to bear a lot of pressure and work, which may cause your butt pain.

2. The seat design of rowing workout machine is not suitable. Most of the rowing exercise machines are made for people of medium height. In today's market, it is difficult to find a rowing workout machine suitable for everyone. Therefore, if you are fatter or thinner than the average person, your butt may not fit perfectly on the seat. Even slight discomfort can cause pain in your butt.

3. Improper posture when rowing. If you just started to exercise with the rowing workout machine, you may not have mastered the correct rowing posture, so you won't concentrate all your weight on the center of your seat. Most beginners including you may tend to lean forward or backward too much, and sometimes to the left or right too much. Therefore, this will inadvertently cause pain in your butt. In addition, some people may have poor positioning on the seat or tight muscles, which will lead to poor blood circulation in the butt so as to cause butt pain.

4. Excessive use of the rowing machine to exercise. Be aware that any sudden change or sudden increase in training frequency may cause your butt pain. Therefore, please don't do rowing exercise too much in pursuit of better exercise effect.

How to avoid butt pain?
1. Warm up and stretch before rowing. Good warm-up and stretching exercise are necessary because they can help you relax all muscles, promote blood circulation and even keep you in the right posture when rowing. Before you start doing rowing exercise, spend five minutes stretching. You only need to stand up, shake your muscles and stretch your butt to avoid your butt pain to some extent. If you feel butt pain during a long rowing, please try to stop every 20 minutes and do a quick stretching exercise.

2. Position correctly when using fitness rowing machine to exercise. First, you must make sure your feet are in the right position. When your feet are placed on the pedals, the strap should pass through your sole. If the position of the strap is incorrect, it needs to be adjusted up or down. Too low feet will cause the thighs to lean against the edge of the seat and slow down the blood circulation, which will cause pain in your butt. In addition, you should make sure that you are in the center of your seat when rowing. Deviation from the center to either side may cause more pressure on your butt. Therefore, when you sit on the seat of rowing workout machine, you should sit in the center position so that your butt will not feel pain due to uneven pressure.

3. Master the correct rowing posture. The most important thing to avoid pain in your butt is to master the correct rowing posture. First of all, you need to sit with your legs bent and your feet naturally on the pedals. Then hold the front handle with your arms straight and keep your body leaning forward. Secondly, push your legs back while keeping your back straight. At this time, your arm should also be pulled back at the same time. Thirdly, bend your elbow, pull your hand to your lower chest and keep your legs completely straight. Finally, return to the posture similar to the first step. As long as you fully master the above four-step rowing posture, your butt will not feel pain.

To sum up, I introduced to you the causes and solutions of butt pain when using the rowing machine in this article. I hope these can help you avoid pain when rowing.

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