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August 24, 2022 3 min read

So far, the entire scientific community has explored in depth the many benefits of regular exercise. Exercise is not just a mood booster for a person; in fact, far from it. Regular exercise has also been shown to have beneficial effects on a person's long-term cardiovascular health, as well as strengthen his or her muscles and help him or her achieve good weight loss. And as we all know, good exercise effect and good fitness equipment are inseparable. If you don't know which fitness equipment to use to help you achieve your fitness goals, then you should definitely start with a running machine. It is not only one of the most popular exercise equipment, but also can bring you amazing exercise effects.

In recent years, the treadmill is a popular choice for home gyms, and it is also one of the most used exercise equipment in commercial gyms. We all know that running is one of the best all-round exercises to improve health, strengthen muscle strength and lose weight, and exercising on a running exercise machine can bring the same benefits as outdoor running. As far as weight loss is concerned, burning and losing belly fat is a very difficult thing. But if your goal is to get rid of that pesky belly fat, you may want to know whether it is good to exercise on the running exercise machine. In fact, the answer is undoubtedly yes. In the following article, I will explain it for you in detail.

Why burn belly fat?
Belly fat comes in two forms: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous abdominal fat is located in the fatty tissue just under the skin—it's the fat you can pinch with your fingers. Visceral fat is more of a concern than subcutaneous abdominal fat. Visceral fat is located around the internal organs and has been linked to a variety of health problems, including impaired insulin regulation, increased blood sugar and cholesterol, abnormal heart function and cardiovascular disease. However, burning belly fat can greatly improve health. Medical studies have shown that a 5% to 10% reduction in belly fat can improve cardiovascular risk factors and lower triglycerides, total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in patients.

Is exercising on it good for burning belly fat?
The answer is undoubtedly yes. Exercising on the running exercise machine is an excellent way to burn belly fat. When you exercise on it, your heart gets into the fat-burning zone, where the fat cells in your body (and abdomen included) are burned for energy. What's more, if you exercise on it regularly, it will help you get rid of deep belly fat (visceral fat) completely. As a result, even if you gain some weight in the future, running exercise machine will not allow visceral fat to return. Therefore, exercising on the electric treadmill is good for burning and losing stubborn belly fat. And that’s good news for anyone looking to slim down and tone up.

Exercising on the Electric Treadmill is an Excellent Way to Burn Belly Fat

How long should you exercise on it to lose belly fat?
It's not that the longer you work out on the treadmill, the more belly fat you'll lose. Excessive exercise may not only make your body feel tired and thus not get a good workout results, but there is also a risk of injury. Try exercising on a running exercise machine for 30 minutes a day to help you reach your goal of losing belly fat and you will soon start to notice results, but only if you combine a healthy diet with strength training.

How to exercise on it to lose more belly fat?
Exercise on the running exercise machine can help you lose belly fat well, and even help you burn the whole body fat. However, if you want to lose more belly fat, you can try to change your running machine routine in the following two ways. First, walk or run on a higher incline to target your abdominal muscles and give you a more intense workout. Secondly, add interval training to your running exercise machine routine by increasing the speed for short bursts of time. HIIT increases your heart rate further, helping you burn even more calories.

Change the Running Machine Routine to Lose More Belly Fat

All in all, exercising on a treadmill is good for burning belly fat. I hope you can get good exercise results from it!

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