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January 10, 2022 3 min read

Rowing is a vigorous aerobic exercise, which is very suitable for burning calories. In this process, you can exercise multiple muscle groups, which can exercise the upper back muscles, latissimus dorsi, rhombus muscles, trapezius muscles, deltoid muscles and other small muscles of the back. Rowing can also exercise the lower back, and it can exercise the lower back to a great extent by swinging when pulling and stretching. But when you use rowing machine for the first time, you may experience lumbago. This is common for beginners and people who lack proper rowing skills. They tend to think that rowing workout machines are bad for their backs. On the contrary, boating can exercise your back muscles, which helps to improve your back strength and flexibility, thus preventing back pain. If rowing is not harmful to our back, then what exactly are the causes of your back pain?

What are the causes of back pain when rowing?
Most people describe pain when rowing as a burning or pulling sensation in an area of the back. Especially as a beginner the pain is more pronounced in the upper and middle back. When it comes to rowing fitness machine back pain, overtraining, wrong rowing technique and unstable core strength are the main risk factors.

1. Overtraining. Overuse or overtraining is the most common cause of rowing workout machine back pain. This happens when you suddenly increase your training level or change the frequency of your rowing workouts. Training for too long a period of time puts a huge amount of stress on your back, causing abnormal tension in the back muscles, which increases the chance of injury.

2. Wrong rowing technique. Rowing in an incorrect position on the rowing cycling machine is also one of the causes of back pain. The most common back pain from rowing workout machines comes from arching the back. It will cause the shoulders to rise, your chest to sag and your lower back to droop. This means that your muscles have no room to stretch. At the same time, another problem when rowing is stretching your back too far, it makes your posture uncomfortable. It will bring great pressure to your lower back and hips. These inappropriate forms will lead to unnecessary pressure on the stretching muscles of the back, which will lead to back pain.

3. Rowing with a weak core. For beginners, not having a strong core can also cause back pain. When your core strength is weak, it will make the whole back unable to get more support and stability, especially in the upper back area. It is easy for you to rely on the strength in the lower spine to complete the paddling action on the rowing sport equipment, which will lead to low back pain.

Correct Rowing Machine Exercise Technique

What to do if you feel back pain from rowing?
Knowing the causes of back pain in rowing, we also provide you with some correct rowing forms and techniques that can help you solve the problem of back pain. Before you continue next time, please make sure that you follow the correct technology to achieve better results.

1. Do a full-body stretch before rowing. While training on the fitness rowing machine, you can also protect your back by doing other stretching and strengthening exercises. Focus on your core muscles, leg muscles, back and hip muscles. For example, seated forward bends and plank supports are good stretching exercises. They can be great for strengthening your back muscles, increasing circulation and improving your posture.

2. Correct rowing posture. The back should be kept straight at all times while rowing. To start rowing, bend your legs over your knees with your calves vertical, lean your upper body slightly forward and extend your arms to grip the chain. Do not arch your back; instead, bend your hips. Start pushing from your legs and as you stretch your legs your hands need to be pulled to just below your chest. Make sure you start turning from your hips as you tighten your abdominals. In the finish phase you can bend backwards at the hips, but do not bend forward. When you use the correct rowing machine exercise technique, you should not feel back pain. If you still feel pain in your lower or upper back after maintaining the correct rowing position, stop exercising and see a doctor or chiropractor immediately.

Is a rowing machine bad for your back? The answer is definitely no. Rowing is one of the best ways to build up your back muscles and give your body a full workout. Therefore, when you row next time, please pay attention to the correct posture and don't forget to stretch your whole body, which will effectively avoid back pain.

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