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January 17, 2022 4 min read

The rowing machine is a very popular piece of indoor fitness exercise equipment. It is very beneficial for our health and for getting in shape. As one of the best cardiovascular exercises, rowing can increase your heart rate and burn fat. At the same time, it can also help you to strengthen aerobic exercise and muscle tension, so that all kinds of muscles of legs, cores and arms can be fully exercised. There is no doubt that when rowing, we will use most of our body muscles to complete the standard rowing exercise. However, many people think that abdominal muscles are auxiliary muscles used in rowing, so they have not received much attention.This is not the case, during the whole exercise on the rowing workout machine, rowing will exercise your core and abdominal muscles. Next, we will provide you with a variety of ways to exercise your core and get the greatest benefits from your abdominal muscles while rowing. So read on for more information.

The reason why it benefits your abs
When you finish rowing machine workout, you are actually exercising the core muscles in your midsection, because these muscles help prevent the lower back from collapsing and stabilize the back to keep it upright. At the end of each stroke, when you slide forward, exercise your abdominal muscles like sit-ups, and when you push backward, it will engage your lower back. Part of the reason why it is so effective is that you are sitting in a small, not particularly stable seat, so your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles will help you stay stable when you slide back and forth. Only basic movements can strengthen your core strength by rowing.

The fitness rowing machine provides an effective fat burning exercise. This means that you will burn the whole body fat and calories when rowing, including belly fat. Your core and abdominal muscles are fully engaged each time you row, providing you with a full body workout. It greatly helps you to burn calories and tone your body. Once you get rid of the belly fat, your abdominal muscles are all engaged, thus strengthening and toning them. However, to build your abs, you must use your core correctly when rowing.

The right way to exercise your abs when using it
To have a perfect abs, the following four key steps must be performed carefully and correctly. Once you start rowing machine workout correctly, you will feel the different parts of your body start to benefit.

Catch - When you are in the starting position, flex your abs and tighten your abdominals as you lean forward.

Drive - As you push back on the pedals with your legs and pull the handles towards the top of your abdomen, you should feel your core tighten as you slide into an upright position.

Finish -Tilt your hips back slightly here. Your core should be keeping your upper body stable and preventing you from leaning back too far.

Recovery - Return to the starting position with your abs and lean forward slightly. Keep your arms straight and your knees bent so that your abs can get a good, safe workout in place.

The Right Way of Rowing Machine Workout

Different ways to exercise your abs with it
Using the correct rowing technique is a great way to improve your abdominal muscles. However, you can also use the rowing cycling machine for abdominal workouts in several different ways.

Do Mountain Climbers - Place your feet on the seat and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Push back on the seat with your feet until it reaches the front of the machine and do a push-up. Pull your feet towards your head and straighten your elbows.

The Abdominal Roll Out - if you find the mountain climber too difficult, try this. Pull the seat all the way to the back and place your hands on the sides of the seat. Your body should be in an inverted 'V' shape and your back should be sticking out towards the ceiling. Use your hands to push the seat forward until it reaches the end of its travel or until you are fully prone. Return to the start and pull your abdominals in.

Pistol Squat -This is another squat that you will feel in your core muscles from the first rep. Pull the seat of the rowing exercise machine all the way back and place your forearms where your hips usually are. Your legs should be straight. Push the seat forward as far as you can and then pull hard on your abs to bring the seat back to the starting position.

As you can see, you can certainly use the rowing sport equipment to work your abdominals. Incorporate these movements into your workouts to help build your core strength through rowing. At the same time, regular rowing will certainly help you achieve your goal of toned abs and a flat stomach. So, get moving!

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