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August 02, 2023 6 min read

When you want to boost your cardiovascular fitness and lose weight, riding a fitness bicycle indoors is probably the first form of exercise that comes to mind. We all know that there are many benefits of exercising correctly on an exercise bike. However, you can also strengthen your core on it to achieve a better-looking physique. Keeping your core tight and observing the proper cycling form is crucial in strengthening your midsection. Also, cycling techniques like one-handed biking, standing while pedaling, and interval training enhance the core toning effect. Read on to learn why we need a stable core and how to do these core-strengthening strategies on the fitness bicycle.

There are Many Benefits of Exercising Correctly on an Exercise Bike

What is core strengthening?
Stabilizing or strengthening the core involves activities targeting the corset of muscles at the center of your body. These include your spinal, stomach, and hip muscles. That means using an indoor exercise bike or any other exercise to strengthen your core is beyond getting a six-pack. The primary objective of core strengthening is ease of movement. Since the core is at the center, this muscle group maintains proper load distribution between your upper and lower bodies. A robust core then allows an average person to move around without pain. Athletes also need a stable midsection, especially in sports performance and injury prevention.

What are the importance of core strength?
Rippling abs may be most people’s top priority when doing core-strengthening exercises. However, there are other more important reasons why these should be part of any workout routine.

1. It lets you perform everyday tasks
Lifting the laundry basket, vacuuming the floor, or fixing the garden may be mundane activities to you. However, a person with an unstable core will find it difficult, if not impossible, to do tasks as simple as bending, twisting, or reaching overhead. Remember that the core is in the middle of the body. So, any problem in this area will likely affect your upper and lower body movements.

2. It helps you stay productive at work
Similarly, you need a balanced core no matter your job, whether it’s desk work or work with lots of heavy lifting. Having sufficient core strength makes it effortless to stand for hours, take phone calls, operate equipment, or use the computer. More importantly, it keeps your body stable and balanced, protecting you from experiencing accidents at work. Also, for athletes, a strong core is essential for performing various sports activities.

3. It corrects your body posture
When your core muscles are weak, the body tends to pass their functions to other muscle groups, like your spine. The added load, however, can increase the wear and tear on your spine. It also contributes to slouching, affecting your posture and breathing. And when you slouch, it makes your belly protrude or sag, hindering your goal of getting a slimmer, more attractive silhouette.

4. It protects you from low back pain
In a 2015 report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, statistics show that 1 in 7 Australians (13.6%) have back problems. Also, 44% of people with back problems experience mobility issues. And various studies show that core strengthening can help alleviate back pain. For instance, Chang and colleagues (2015) concluded that core strength training strategies can help patients with chronic low back pain. Another analysis of multiple studies also revealed that combining core-strengthening exercises with athlete training aids in reducing back pain among athletes (Zemková and Zapletalová 2021). It’s also important to stress that the statistical report noted a higher incidence of back problems among seniors. This finding only means that core strengthening is essential in preparing the body for old age.

How can you strengthen your core better on a fitness bicycle?
Aimlessly riding the fitness bicycle will not do your core any good. But there are cycling techniques that ensure you are targeting the right muscles. Here are a few good tips you can add to your next indoor cycling session.

1. Consciously engage your core while cycling
You’ve probably heard the instruction “engage your core” before, but what does this mean exactly? Imagine someone is about to punch you in the stomach. Now, picture yourself bracing for it by sucking your stomach and moving your navel towards your spine to soften the blow. Engaging your core means contracting and tightening your midsection. The feeling is like having a corset or a brace around your abdomen. And doing this while cycling increases your core muscle activation. In addition, it helps in keeping your body stable on the bike. When engaging your core, make sure that you can still breathe normally. It will be challenging to do this at first. But as you improve at cycling and build up stamina, engaging your core during exercise will eventually become second nature.

2. Ride the fitness bicycle in the proper form or position
Riding the fitness bicycle incorrectly not only limits the core toning effect. It also leads to unnecessary body stress and pain. So, if you want to strengthen your core on an exercise bike, the key is to sit up straight and avoid hunching over the handlebars. Also, check that the sitting bones of your bottom, not the fleshy part, are in contact with the bike seat. Relax your hands and arms, and then keep your knees straight and your chin up. Riding the bike this way ensures your abs, back, and pelvis are working hard. Cycling with your body upright also pushes these muscles to keep your body balanced, enhancing the core-strengthening effect.

3. Reduce the weight on your arms or try one-handed cycling
Another way to get an effective abdominal workout on an indoor cycling bike is to reduce the weight from your arms. To do this, relax your arms and maintain a neutral stance throughout your cycling session. Once you feel comfortable on the fitness bicycle, you can level up this technique by cycling with one arm off the handlebar. First, tighten your core. Then, remove one hand from the handle and move it behind your back. After 1 minute of one-handed cycling, switch arms and repeat. This strategy works as your body works harder to keep you upright and stable on the bike. Best of all, this technique also tones your arms on top of core strengthening.

4. Consider adding interval training to your weekly routine
You probably heard of high-intensity interval training on a fitness bicycle and its efficacy on weight loss. HIIT is also an excellent technique for boosting cardiovascular health and muscular strength. However, one of its less popular benefits is core strengthening. HIIT cycling is a short workout that involves alternating periods of intense pedaling and active recovery. As you boost the intensity of your cycling workouts, you also activate your core muscles more. But remember, HIIT cycling requires a higher level of stamina. So, if you plan to do it on a fitness bicycle to strengthen your core, start slowly, improve your fitness capacity, and consult a professional if needed.

5. Try standing while pedaling
Lifting your bottom off the indoor exercise bike seat while cycling requires extra balance, pushing your core muscles to work double. Also, standing while pedaling intensifies the workout session and simulates uphill cycling. In turn, it encourages your abdominal muscles to generate more power. Like HIIT, this technique is taxing on the body, especially for beginner cyclists. So, build strength first and lift your bottom off the seat at short intervals. Focus on mastering the correct form when cycling as well. And to avoid any discomfort, do not lean on the handlebars too much.

Lifting Your Bottom off the Indoor Exercise Bike Seat While Cycling

6. Do core exercises on or off the bike
Anyone trying to tone their abdomen must have done multiple crunches on the floor or bench. But did you know you can also perform this classic exercise on a fitness bicycle? To do this, pedal in a straight line as usual. Then, contract your core inwards while cycling for 1 minute before returning to regular pedal strokes. It’s an excellent cardio and core workout in one. But for optimum impact, I think it’s best to strengthen your core with toning exercises off the fitness bicycle. For example, dedicate a few minutes of planking or Russian twists after your 30-minute cycling workout.

Several studies confirmed the effectiveness of cycling in core muscle activation. I hope that several of the ways I've presented in this article to strengthen your core on an exercise bike will be helpful to you!

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