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June 16, 2022 4 min read

I think whenever, among many forms of exercise, running is always the most popular one among people. Because as we all know that running is a simple and effective way of exercise, which can not only make our hearts stronger and our minds clearer, but also make our muscles stronger and help us keep a slim figure. But for those who don't want to run, cycling is also a good form of exercise. It's both high-intensity and low-impact, and it can bring us amazing exercise effects without causing great influence on our joints. If you want to experience the fun of outdoor cycling without leaving home, you may as well invest in an indoor bike for your home gym, and you will certainly benefit from it.

We all know that exercising correctly on an exercise bike can bring many benefits. But before you are ready to exercise on it, learning to set up your fitness bicycle correctly is always the most important key to ensure your success. If you don't set up your fitness bicycle correctly, you will not only fail to get good exercise results from it, but also risk injury, such as knee strain, neck strain and even back pain. Therefore, in order to make your riding more comfortable, enjoyable and safe, before you start exercising on your fitness bicycle, it is very important to take some time to set it up correctly, and a properly adjusted fitness bicycle can also bring you more effective exercise. So do you know how to set up your fitness bicycle correctly? I will explain it for you in detail in the following article.

1. Adjust its seat
Correctly adjusting the seat of your fitness bicycle to fit you will ensure your effective and safe exercise. Almost all fitness bicycle seats have the functions of height adjustment up and down and front and back adjustment. Check your fitness bicycle and make sure to adjust its seat according to the following tips.

Seat height
First, put your feet flat on the ground, stand next to your indoor exercise bike, and adjust the seat height so that it is approximately flush with your hip bones. Next, sit on your fitness bicycle and slowly step on the pedals a few times. Ideally, when your front legs are fully extended, your knees should be slightly bent, about 5 to 10 degrees. In this way, you can pedal comfortably on your fitness bicycle. But if your hips swing from side to side when pedaling or you have to point with your toes to pedal properly, then the seat of your fitness bicycle is too high. On the contrary, if your knees are bent more than 10 degrees, the seat of your fitness bicycle may be too low. Too low or too high a seat will make your knees ache. Therefore, when the seat of your fitness bicycle is too high or too low, please adjust its height in time.

Seat fore/aft
Once you have adjusted the seat of your fitness bicycle to a comfortable height, then the next step is to adjust its seat forward or backward. Sit on your fitness bicycle with your feet equidistant from the ground. Then look down at your front knee, which should be directly above your ankle. If your knee is too far in front of your ankle, the seat of your fitness bicycle is too far forward. On the contrary, if your knees are too far behind your ankles, the seat of your fitness bicycle is too far behind. Too much front or too much back of the seat will put unnecessary pressure on the knees and also limit your exercise. Therefore, please make corresponding adjustments.

2. Adjust its handlebars
When you adjust the handlebars of your exercise bike, always adjust them according to your comfort level. Sit on your fitness bicycle, lean forward, gently put your hands on the handlebars, bend your elbows slightly, and relax your shoulders. The handlebars of your fitness bicycle should be at a comfortable height for you, while keeping your spine in a neutral position. If your back starts to bend, the handlebars of your fitness bicycle are too low. Please make timely adjustments.

Adjust the Height of Handlebar of an Indoor Exercise Bike Correctly

3. Adjust its pedals
If your indoor bike has caged pedals, just slide your feet into the toe cage and put the ball of your feet in the center of the pedals. Then you should adjust the straps of the pedals to ensure that you stay safe while riding. But that doesn't mean the tighter the straps, the better. You must make sure that there is a little gap between the top of the straps and the shoes to make your feet feel comfortable. However, if your fitness bicycle has SPD-compatible pedals, just put your feet in the pedals when wearing bicycle shoes with SPD-compatible cleats.

Adjust the Pedals of an Indoor Bike Correctly

I believe you will know how to set up your exercise bike correctly after reading this article. After setting it up correctly, start enjoying a pleasant and safe ride!

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