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September 30, 2021 6 min read

In modern life, people's levels of economy and technology have gradually improved, so after eating and drinking enough, people will pay more attention to a high-quality healthy life. As the saying goes, if iron is not smelted, steel cannot be made, and people are not healthy if they do not exercise. Appropriate physical exercise is very good and necessary for maintaining good health. Keeping fit can alleviate many current popular physical diseases and is the cheapest insurance for people. In addition, exercise habits can also help you relieve stress, quickly improve negative emotions, and thus appear to be more energetic as a whole. For people who are just starting to exercise, whether it is simply to complete a whole body vibration on the vibration machine, to complete an intense sweat on the fitness cycle, or any other exercise, it can bring obvious good changes. But if you continue to do the same exercise program for a long period of time, it is obviously a little monotonous. You may soon find that your physical fitness is at a trough, and your fitness plan has begun to stagnate and enter a plateau. It seems that all exercises will become boring and difficult to persist. One way to make things interesting is to change the intensity of the exercise. For example, consider HIIT training, a quick start needed to add fun to fitness at home, by adding HIIT to your exercise plan, especially a motorised treadmill or cross trainer magnetic resistance workout, and then you can reinvigorate in aerobic fitness to get more benefits, and at the same time, you can burn more calories during exercise. In this article, we will explain to you some basic knowledge of HIIT training that you don’t know well, explain why you should add it to your daily exercise, learn how to perform HIIT treadmill exercise, and provide Some example exercises to help you get started. No matter what stage of your exercise you are currently in, if you have an idea to try this efficient workout, then it is worth reading.

Cost-effective HIIT
HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and is one of the top training trends in the fitness industry today. It is extremely beneficial for building endurance and saving time. There are many changes in HIIT exercises, but the central feature of all aerobic HIIT exercise courses is to use home training equipment for short periods of vigorous exercise with short breaks in between. This rule is to push you to the limit by maximizing aerobic activity, and then give a short recovery period between high-intensity efforts. Generally speaking, it takes 30 seconds to 1 minute of maximum intensity exercise to complete a set of HIIT exercises, and then alternate medium-intensity exercises. Short-term high-intensity work will help increase the amount of oxygen your body can consume during strenuous exercise, allowing you to work longer at a higher heart rate, and lower-intensity work will establish your baseline. In this way, even if the initial training requires a strong effort to break out, it does not need to be maintained for a long time, allowing you to enter the recovery period to re-adjust before you feel particularly strenuous. This combination of high-intensity and low-intensity exercise is the secret weapon to improve your endurance and strength, making your fitness easier. Many stadiums are still closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but it shouldn't be an option that prevents you from achieving HIIT now. Because if you invest in a small compact treadmill or best 2 in 1 cross trainer as part of building a home exercise space, you can continue to exercise at any time without being affected.

HIIT training on indoor exercise equipment
+ treadmill for home +
Although there are many other methods such as smart exercise bike courses for HIIT exercise, many people may not think of using a fold up running machine for this type of exercise. The choice of most indoor running equipment users may be to perform steady-state training by setting walking or jogging at the same speed or using the same built-in exercise provided by the step treadmill. However, the 3 in 1 treadmill may be a good tool for perfect HIIT workouts. You can follow this plan and adjust the speed of the treadmill as needed to achieve a powerful collapsible treadmill HIIT exercise.

1. Start warming up with one minute of brisk and medium-speed exercise, then speed up and gradually increase to jogging, increasing the maximum heart rate to 90%-95%.
2. Increase the speed of the fold up motorised treadmill to a difficult level, and go all out to enter the maximum intensity interval of 45 seconds to 1 minute, and run at a speed of 10 miles per hour
3. Restore the speed of the foldable running treadmill to a simple level, then hold your breath and continue walking or jogging at a speed of 3.5-4 mph for 15-20 seconds of medium-intensity intervals.
4. Alternate the entire maximum intensity and medium intensity to achieve five to eight cycles.
5. At the end, give yourself 5 minutes to calm down at a relaxed pace, and do a set of stretching after the exercise is over.Treadmill
+ criss cross trainer +
In addition to portable folding electric motorized treadmill, 2 in 1 cycle cross trainer is also a good choice. By choosing to perform high-intensity cross trainer HIIT, you don't have to spend hours of exercise to get multiple benefits of surprises. Using any of these techniques on an elliptical machine can provide you with an excellent workout.

1.Warming up is essential to any other exercise, especially when you are going all out to deal with HIIT in your home elliptical cross trainer. Your warm-up should gradually go from mild to intensity, lasting about 8 to 12 minutes. Generally speaking, at the end of the warm-up, your RPE should reach seven out of ten. At this time, you should be sweating profusely but you can still have a conversation. Then, after warming up, make sure that your body gets a 2 to 5 minute recovery period to prepare for the real gym cross trainer exercise.
2.In addition to the previous warm-up, your quiet cross trainer HIIT exercise will take at least 10 minutes to be effective, and the ratio of work to rest is usually 1:1. For example, the sprint is set to a 9-10 RPE of 1 minute and the relaxing time is an RPE of 1 minute 3-4. However, you can adjust this ratio based on your actual health level. Sticking to this process for 10 repetitions is a perfect cross trainer fitness.

If you are new to HIIT, it is recommended that you take 2 minutes to start the elliptical trainer magnetic workout at normal speed before entering the maximum speed push. You can increase resistance and tilt until you become more and more comfortable with HIIT.Elliptical Machine
Not everyone is suitable for HIIT
Whether it is a smart home treadmill or an elliptical trainer with seat, the intensity of HIIT training is relatively high, and the correctness of the posture during the training process is also paid more attention. Therefore, it is not suitable for everyone's training, physical fitness must have a certain foundation before it can be carried out. If you have not been involved in fitness before, it is not recommended to do high-intensity HIIT suddenly on a whim. In addition, HIIT is not recommended for people with a BMI of more than 25, because more than half of the exercises in HIIT are large and acute exercises, so higher weight increases the pressure on the bones, especially the lower limb bones, so it is likely to cause joint damage and so on. If you are in either of these two situations, then for safety reasons, you might as well start with low-to-medium-intensity aerobic exercise, such as regular walking on the compact treadmill. It is not too late to increase your exercise intensity after your weight and body fat gradually decrease and your physical fitness gradually improves.

In short, life lies in exercise, and health is inseparable from exercise. Aerobic HIIT training will speed up metabolism, promote your cardiovascular health, and maximize your exercise efficiency. By adding this high-performance activity to your multi cross trainer and motorised running machine plan, adjusting the length and intensity of these exercises, and alternating the maximum and medium-intensity exercises, you can easily adapt and improve your performance. Maximum aerobic capacity. What are you waiting for when you see here? Don't be stingy on your energy output, get ready to sweat!

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