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September 30, 2021 5 min read

In any gym, the bench press is the most common upper body exercise, and home gyms are no exception. It is a recognized standard to help determine how strong you are. It can also help you train your chest, arms and core at the same time, making you stronger and improving your weight lifting ability. It is the kingly way of strength training for both men and women. Given the supremacy of this training in indoor gyms, you certainly need certain home fitness equipment to promote better execution. For example, investing in a gym weight bench plays a vital role in your fitness plan. Best weight bench uk provides stability and versatility, allowing you to perform many different dumbbell exercises and perform the most comfortable exercise at home. However, with so many different types of gym flat benches available on the market now, deciding which one is right for you can be a difficult task. Today I have carefully prepared a buying guide for you, I believe it will help you choose the gym bench that suits your needs.

# Main Type
· Flat bench set : The home flat bench is the most basic resistance workout bench you can get. This type is usually the cheapest, which means it has no accessories except a frame and a flat pad. In addition, the name of this home flat weight bench has clearly stated that its shape is flat and cannot be tilted or adjusted. However, this does not mean that the exercise effect of the cheap fitness bench is destined to be bad. In fact, if you are a beginner who wants to start strength training from a weight bench with weights, a flat weight lifting bench will be a good first choice. When you use it in combination with a set of dumbbells, you can do exercises such as flat bench presses. At present, there are two types of main indoor flat benches on the market. The light weight bench is designed for entry-level users and indoor home gyms, while the heavy weight bench set is usually used in commercial gyms or sports fitness studios.

· Folding weight bench : When you consider the next step from the gym flat bench. The backrest of this adjustable weight bench is freely adjustable, allowing you to easily adjust the inclination and allowing you to target different areas of your chest when doing chest compression to meet your multiple training needs, ensuring that each fitness result is of high quality. Moreover, another commendable benefit of the foldable bench press is that it can be optionally folded into a smaller size so that it can be stored in any corner, saving more space in your home.Adjustable Folding Bench
· Olympic gym bench : The Olympic bench press weight set is a popular choice for home and business buyers. Usually, these types of lifting benches come with optional accessories including adjustable safety bars and built-in shelf systems, and most of them have safety features to increase exercise safety. The Olympic exercise benches are very sturdy and designed to support heavy objects. The heavyweight structure caused by this extra strength means that the Olympic bench fitness equipment are durable. Some compact Olympic weight benches can be folded to save space when not in use, which makes it suitable to be a perfect complement to your indoor home gym. However, the back support of the Olympic gym bench set is usually a fixed angle. In this case, I think you need to purchase an adjustable bench press chair.

· Professional weightlifting bench : This type of heavy duty workout bench does not tend to provide a wide range of training, but is designed for specific types of exercises. It only allows the implementation of a single action, but it allows the exerciser to be trained under comfortable and safe circumstances, and specific muscle groups can also be more effectively trained. For example, the ab bench is designed to be tilted and equipped with comfortable padded foot pads that can securely fix the legs, which is very suitable for core exercises on inclines and inclines.

# The key to choice
· Load-bearing capacity : How much weight can the workout bench uk actually bear? This is a very important factor in the selection process before you buy. If you are a big guy, then a low-endurance indoor weightlifting bench is very unsafe for you, and the multi-functional bench you choose must be rugged. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you take into account your current weight, the weight you may bear after exercising your muscles, and the dumbbell weight you will use. Then choose a heavy duty adjustable weight bench that can withstand the maximum load weight without affecting performance, and make sure that the indoor bench with back you buy is also strong enough to withstand the load.

· Adjustability : Do you want your bench fitness equipment to move through different angles to trigger different muscle groups? Then adjustability becomes the most important feature to consider when buying bench press equipment, and an adjustable folding weight bench is the best choice. The multi purpose weight bench allows you to adjust home the workout bench to different levels according to your needs or exercise conditions, allowing you to exercise different areas of your muscles. Whether it's chest, shoulders, back, or abdominal muscles, the best adjustable weight bench can achieve your bodybuilding goals.Weight Bench
· Size : In order not to buy a home exercise equipment that cover all the available indoor space, you must choose a suitable weightlifting bench according to the space in your home. We all know that all fitness weight benches have different sizes for you to choose from. The flat folding bench press is small and compact, while the Olympic weight training bench is much larger. But length, height and pad width are the three important values you should remember to measure when looking for a workout bench. Make sure that your gym bench set has a usable area in your exclusive gym, and there is enough space around it for safe and unhindered use. In addition, please note that in most cases, the height of the mat equipped with exercise bench for home is also very important, that is, the distance between the floor and the top of the mat. After all, when you perform a bench press, you always want your feet to be firmly on the floor, rather than tiptoes or hanging in the air.

· Comfort and safety : As far as safety is concerned, everyone knows that the manufacturing quality of indoor home exercise equipment is very important. When you want to lie on a fold flat weight bench, you must consider that your weight lifting bench set is strong enough not to shake and give you a bad and disturbing fitness experience. A perfect home fitness bench should ensure a comfortable seat so that you can comfortably support the weight you expect to use when you are doing inclined bench press. In order to achieve this expectation, you cannot choose a gym bench set with a over-soft mat, because it may be compressed or deformed due to repeated use, which will cause your whole body finally lose balance when lying on it. If the filling of your workout bench mat is too thick, you may also feel discomfort, especially when pushing heavy objects. Therefore, it is best to choose a cushion that is moderately soft, and will not cause any pain to your neck, back or waist, and look for a high-quality bench press that is much more stable than cheaper alternatives to ensure complete safety and comfort.

A good weight set and bench can make your workout more effective and enjoyable, allowing you to train at any angle, focusing on almost all muscles, and helping to reduce the risk of injury. In contrast, the wrong training bench can make your exercise uncomfortable, frustrating, and even dangerous. So in order to avoid this regrettable moment, please check whether the home gym equipment you choose meets the above conditions before making any purchase decision.

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