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May 13, 2022 3 min read

Among much fitness equipment, the Row-N-Ride trainer stands out with its unique advantages. Using it for exercise can effectively improve your squat performance, strengthen your lower limb strength and shape tight and toned glutes for you. Although the Row-N-Ride machine looks like it only targets your glutes and lower body muscles, in fact exercising on it can also be very good at targeting your muscles in almost your entire body.

When it comes to Row-N-Ride trainer, I believe that one of the biggest concerns of many people including you are whether you can exercise your core and upper body on this machine? The answer is undoubtedly yes. First of all, the core is essential for you to complete your exercise correctly. In the process of using the squat trainer to complete all actions, you need continuous core participation to do it correctly. Secondly, in most Row-N-Ride trainer exercises, you can target and exercise your upper body in a subtle way, and the most common upper body exercise is rowing. In order to better help you exercise your core and upper body on the Row-N-Ride trainer, I will share five great exercises with you in the following article, hoping you can add them to your daily exercise.

1. Overhand grip rows
First of all, you should know that the correct posture for overhand grip row is to hold the handle of the squat assisted machine with your palm down. Combine with your core in a good upright posture, pull your elbows back and constantly squeeze your shoulder blades. During this exercise, you need to return to your starting position in a controlled way, and keep your elbow slightly bent within your range of motion. By doing the exercise of overhand grip row, your lats, trapezius, rhombus, rear deltoid and biceps can be well trained.

Do Overhand Grip Row on the Squat Trainer

2. Underhand grip rows
Underhand grip rows are very similar to overhand grip rows. But the biggest difference between them is that when you hold the handle of the Row-N-Ride trainer, your palm is not facing down, but facing up. You can choose to hold the upper handle or the lower handle of the Row-N-Ride machine in this exercise according to your own comfort level. When you are doing this exercise, you will find that underhand grip rows are easier to keep your elbows close to your sides----it may be easier to directly target for your lats and biceps than overhand grip rows.

3. Wide grip rows
Wide grip rows means that you put your hands on both sides of the handle of the Row-N-Ride trainer, and then hold them tightly. In this exercise, because your elbow is more naturally opened than the regular underhand and overhand grip rows, wide grip rows will more focus on and exercise your upper back, trapezius, rhombus and rear deltoid.

Do Wide Grip Rows on the Squat Trainer

4. Single arm bent over rows
Single arm bent over rows are similar to the row variations you can do seated on your Row-N-Ride trainer. However, this exercise requires your more core involvement and back stability. Place your front foot on the rear stabilizer of the Row-N-Ride trainer with a slight lunge between your legs. Then by continuously lifting the seat of the Row-N-Ride trainer with your single arm this movement can be a good exercise for your arm muscles.

5. Incline chest press
Unlike the previous four exercises, the incline chest press will exercise a brand new set of muscles----chest, shoulders and triceps. This exercise will also be targeted for your core because you will lean back slightly when you do this exercise, and your core needs to participate in the whole process to keep your balance and stability. Remember to put your legs on the rear stabilizer of the squat trainer to ensure that your legs can always stay in place during exercise.

Do Incline Chest Press on the Squat Trainer

As you can see, I have shared with you five exercises to exercise your core and upper body by using the Row-N-Ride machine in this article. I hope you can remember them and add them to your next exercise.

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