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June 25, 2021 5 min read

Treadmill is scientific, convenient and effective indoor fitness equipment. As people's awareness of health increases and the pursuit of a higher quality of life becomes higher, the design of treadmills has become more comprehensive, and the cost-effectiveness has become more important. Practical and effective home treadmills came into being and are well received by everyone. However, the purchase of a household electric treadmill is not an easy task for consumers who have not yet experienced it. Faced with many brands and complicated models, how can we choose the right treadmill? How do we choose the brand of treadmill?

Understand the main parameters of the treadmill

  • Running Table thickness: The thickness of the table is the key to reducing joint impact. First of all, we have to choose a countertop with a thick material, preferably a double layer. A table that is too thin is also likely to cause bending or deformation of the table, causing danger.
  • Running table length: The larger and longer the table will give you more space and a sense of security during exercise.
  • Speed adjustment:The speed range of a standard treadmill should be 0-20 km/h. As you increase or decrease your speed, you should not feel obvious inertia.
  • Inclination angle: You should choose a treadmill that can adjust the angle of the table surface to simulate climbing walking and running uphill, which can bring more fun and changes to the exercise.
  • Intelligent adjustment function: The most advanced home treadmill in the world will automatically adjust the speed and angle according to your heart rate after you set the program, so as to help you reach the training heart rate.
  • Control panel: The control panel equipped on the standard treadmill should have at least the basic display functions mentioned above, and some treadmills will also provide more personalized data display and storage functions.

The Control Panel of Home Treadmill

    Factors to be considered in choosing the home treadmill:
    1. Step motor
    When you run or walk on a treadmill, the weight carried by the treadmill is 0.8-2.5 times your body weight. The motor can meet and maintain the speed you choose under such load-bearing weight, allowing you to walk or run freely on the treadmill. Under normal circumstances, one horsepower of a treadmill can provide a load of 50-60 kg. However, please don't forget that the area of the running belt is also directly related to the treadmill motor. The greater the horsepower of the treadmill, the larger the area of the running belt that can be driven. Therefore, after measuring efficiency and safety, we generally recommend that the continuous horsepower of a home treadmill should be at least 1.5 horsepower or more. In addition, if you or your family members weigh more than 80 kg, it is strongly recommended to buy a treadmill with a continuous horsepower of 2.0 or more.

    The Motor of Home Treadmill

    2. Speed range of the treadmill
    Under normal circumstances, the speed of people during normal walking training is about 6km/h, and the speed of running training is about 9-11km/h. Therefore, you only need to choose a treadmill with a speed range of 0-12Km/h to meet family needs. If you have special requirements for your physical training, you can choose a treadmill with a maximum speed of 16Km/h for training.

    3. Area of the treadmill belt
    Buying a treadmill actually means buying the running area provided by a treadmill, so you must pay attention to the size of the running belt. The width and the length of the running belt must be sufficient. Otherwise, it will not be able to move naturally. If the area is not enough, you will feel twisted and unsmooth, and fall more easily, which increases the possibility of your injury. According to the ergonomics calculation and referring to the horsepower of the motor, 1125px (17 3/4 inches) wide * 3250px (50 inches) long should be a suitable reference area. Then, you can increase or decrease according to your actual conditions. Theoretically speaking, under the same horsepower condition, if the treadmill can provide a larger area of the running belt, and the actual area of the whole machine is smaller, it should be a better choice.

    4. Vibration absorption effect of the treadmill
    The advantages of using a treadmill over running outdoors are: the treadmill provides a shock-absorbing effect. It can largely eliminate the impact force of each step, thus protecting your knees, ankles and other joints. The shock-absorbing method of the original treadmill usually uses elastic rubber pads to separate the treadmill from the base frame pad, so that the treadmill is in a suspended state, and then it has the function of absorbing vibrations to achieve the effect of shock-absorbing. However, this method cannot fully achieve the desired effect.

    5. Mute effect of the treadmill
    The treadmill drives the belt with a motor, and then drives the running belt through the roller. This series of electromechanical and mechanical operation processes is bound to produce a certain amount of noise. For brand new treadmills that just leave the factory, the standard requirement is to run on an empty platform (5 kilometers per hour), and the sound measured within 1 meter of the treadmill should not be higher than 70 decibels.70 decibels is also the protection standard for noise in the living environment. However, with the actual acceleration on the treadmill and the continuous wear of the various operating mechanisms, the sound value produced by it will gradually exceed 70 decibels. However, after all, treadmills are household appliances that are not used continuously for a long time, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, and the average noise level produced by treadmills is also lower than some commonly used household appliances, such as hair dryer (85 decibels), vacuum cleaner (85 decibels), range hood (85 decibels), washing machine (80 decibels). Therefore, the mute requirements for treadmills should be realistic, and the requirements for moderate and non-abnormal running volume are reasonable. Pursuing the so-called silent motor is actually unattainable and meaningless. In addition, it is important to note that the new treadmill must be relatively quiet when idling. However, if you start running on the treadmill, the sound of footsteps and the friction between each step and the running belt will be mixed into the sound of the motor and the noise value will be increased. Furthermore, each operating mechanism will also cause mechanical errors due to wear and tear due to continuous use, and the sound will become louder and louder.

    6. With the slope adjustment or not
    A treadmill with slope adjustment can greatly enhance the effect of aerobic training, allowing you to consume more calories in the same time and achieve better cardiopulmonary exercise effects. Under normal circumstances, the slope of the treadmill should be adjustable in multiple steps within the range of 0-12%, and some can even reach 25%. In fact, the home treadmill can meet the requirements with the slope of 0-12%. Excessive slope adjustment is rarely used in normal conditions.

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