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June 25, 2021 4 min read

Indoor fitness bikes for household use have been popular all over the world more than ten years ago. Compared with gym fitness, it provides users with an easier way to achieve fitness. With it, exercisers can easily lose those excess and annoying fats. We can see advertisements for fitness bikes everywhere on TV, the Internet and in newspapers. It is precisely because of too many brands and types that our purchase process is more difficult than imagined. Massive amount of information can also cause choice difficulties.

Indoor Home Fitness Bike Exercise

Before I started to study the techniques of buying a fitness bike, I didn’t realize that I still need to spend so much time on the resistance system and a stable frame. To tell you the truth, I even thought about ignoring all purchase factors. As long as I want to lose weight, any fitness bike can help me achieve my goals.

Under normal circumstances, the lowest-end models have some basic features, such as resistance adjustment system and a few simple electronic meter functions. The mid-end models usually have better industrial design, lower noise, and more stable structure. High-end models usually have higher-level features, such as accurate and detailed electronic meters that display data, built-in fitness training programs, user-defined programs, longer shelf life and more resistance levels.

Factors to Be Considered in Choosing the Home Fitness Bike:
1. Your purpose of buying the fitness bike
Before buying any fitness bike, you must be very clear about your training goals, your frequency of use, and the training intensity you will achieve. In most cases, people overestimate their athletic ability, thinking that they can easily complete the training program they imagined. This will cause them to choose the most expensive race car or other fitness bike, but the result is that they do not fully realize the full potential of these high-end models.

When you can make the correct prediction for your own needs, you will find that choosing a fitness bike that matches your fitness goals will be much easier.

2. Vital functions of a fitness bike
No matter how much you spend or what model of fitness bike you buy, some functions are vital for all fitness bikes, such as a resistance adjustment system and a comfortable cushion. In addition, if you do not have the usual standard body type, you need to choose a model with adjustable seat position.

If you have determined that you will purchase a certain model of product, but the fitness bike does not have a comfortable seat, you can also consider separately purchasing a cushion cover with silicone or cushion padding.

Regardless of your budget, comfort is the primary consideration. The pedals should not always be wide and big, but some fixed devices are needed to ensure that the feet will not slip during exercise. The standard electronic meter needs to include basic functions such as speed, time and calories. In addition, heart rate is one of the most important considerations for aerobic exercise. If the fitness bike you choose does not have this function, you can purchase a device to measure your heart rate separately.

3. What additional functions are more attractive to you?
If you take a fancy to several different fitness bikes at the same time, you can compare which additional functions are more attractive to you. For example, some models have a built-in fan, which can bring cool breeze in addition to providing additional wind resistance. If listening to music while exercising is your favorite thing, the model with built-in high-fidelity audio is undoubtedly the first choice.

Another additional function of the fitness bike may be the bottle holder, which looks unremarkable, but it does allow you to continue exercising without being interrupted by getting up and drinking water (or your favorite energy drink).Some fitness bikes are also equipped with remote control shelves and magazine shelves.

The Bottle Holder of Fitness Bike

4. Maximum load bearing of the fitness bike and its net weight
The stability of the fitness bike is one of the most important considerations, because it is the worst thing if you get injured while riding. If the fitness bike shakes during exercise, you can directly eliminate it. Of course, many people like online shopping. When shopping online, you can refer to the weight of the fitness bike to choose.

Theoretically, a heavier product will be more stable. Heavier fitness bikes need to be equipped with moving wheels, otherwise it takes a lot of effort to move them. Last but not least, measures shall be taken to ensure that your weight does not exceed the maximum user weight indicated on the exercise bike, otherwise the safety of use cannot be guaranteed.

5. Noise of the fitness bike
Not everyone is bothered by noise. However, you must know that because of different resistance systems, some fitness bikes can have very little noise. Fitness bikes that use wind resistance usually have louder noises. The faster you step, the greater the wind and the generated noise. Most fitness bikes do not make harsh sounds in operation, but in some cases, such as listening to music or watching TV, you still need to consider noise factors.

6. Safety of using the fitness bike indoor
If you have children at home, you must consider whether the home fitness bike has a protective device in making a choice. There are data showing that thousands of children are injured every year due to improper use of fitness bikes. In order to avoid accidents, you must ensure that the moving parts of the fitness bike (such as drive chains or belts, flywheels, etc.) are covered by protective covers. In this way, the children will not have their fingers or other body parts be caught in the moving parts.

Although I have tried my best to consider the factors that you need to measure when purchasing a fitness bike, you must clearly tell yourself that you must use it when you buy it before spending any expenses. Both heavy cycling enthusiasts and ordinary users can always find a fitness bike that suits you. Your task is to find it and make the best use of it.

Indoor Fitness Bikes Workout

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