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March 15, 2023 5 min read

Maintaining a healthy weight is considered a vital thing nowadays. However, there are people who prefer being slim. We want to eat everything but not want to gain weight. Therefore, weight loss methods are always improving. As a result of continuous development in this sector, we now have the vibration platform exercise machine. If you keep hearing more about it lately, there is a solid reason for that. The innovative fitness equipment has become a favorite subject of investigation in a number of scientific studies and the results have been quite astonishing. Stronger muscles, improved circulation, denser bones, faster physical recovery are just some of the numerous benefits offered by this machine. Better yet, the vibration plate is also useful for weight loss. Thanks to the high-frequency vibrations produced by the plate, our muscles are forced to work harder, and our fat tissue is left with no chance but to go away. And if you have asked yourself any of the following questions: “How often should I use the vibration platform exercise machine?”, or “How many calories does the vibration platform exercise machine burn on average?”, or “How many calories does a vibration platform exercise machine burn in 10 or 20 minutes”, then you have come across the right article. Let's read on together.

the Vibration Plate is Also Useful for Weight Loss

How often should you use it?
Due to its broad spectrum of potential benefits, the vibration platform exercise machine has attracted the attention of many scientists. The research on this equipment has been growing steadily over the past couple of decades and the results appear to be pretty promising. So far the science is unanimous, proving the numerous applications of this machine, and revealing the recommended daily and weekly usage. So, how often should you use the vibrating exercise machine? That depends on several important factors, such as your fitness or health goals, the type of vibrating equipment you are using, and the range of settings offered by the machine. As general guidance you can follow these tips:

1. For best results, choose a machine that offers a pivotal type of movement (and not a lineal one).

2. In terms of settings, the most favorable ranges have been established to be: 5-40 Hz (vibration frequency); 10-25 Gs (G-force acceleration); 2-8 mm (amplitude).

3. The plate can be used all year, given you are training accordingly.

4. In terms of daily usage you should not attempt to train for more than 30 minutes a day.

5. When it comes to weekly usage, the ideal number of sessions has been shown to be in the range of 3-4 days a week.

6. Always allow at least 48 hours between daily sessions, in order to give your body the needed rest for recovery.

How many calories does it burn on average?
Similarly to the usage of the equipment, the total number of the vibration plate calories burned during exercise depends on various factors. Among the most important ones is the type of the machine (pivotal or lineal), the settings (frequency, G-force, amplitude), the body position (standing, sitting, laying down), the duration of the activity (10, 15, 20 minutes, etc.), as well as your body weight, fitness level, and even age.

According to scientific research, the vibration platform exercise machine calories burned on average is about one fifth (20%) more than those burned during conventional exercise. In other words, if you do squats on the ground and burn let’s say 100 cal in 20 minutes, you will burn around 120 cal performing squats on the vibration platform exercise machine for the same time period. Once again, this number will vary depending on the aforementioned factors.

Taking all of the above data into consideration, we can say that the average number of vibration platform exercise machine calories burned is about 10 cal per minute. It is also important to mention that these calories would be burned even if you simply stand on the platform. That means you can increase the number of calories burned if you include various exercises in your training program.

How many calories does it burn in 10 minutes?
Similarly to traditional physical activities, such as jogging, cycling, or swimming, whole-body vibration forces your muscles to work harder and burn more calories. The longer you exercise the more calories you burn. However, during WBV you benefit from the extra high-frequency vibrating element, which adds additional calories burned per minute.

The higher the frequency, the bigger the number of calories burned. Scientists postulate that thanks to the accelerated mechanical oscillations delivered by the vibration machine, your body experiences faster metabolism, greater oxygen flow, and more favorable circulation. This is why, when you exercise on a vibration platform exercise machine, you are able to achieve your desired fitness goals in a shorter time frame.

So, what is the number of vibration platform exercise machine calories burned during a 10-minute exercise? Once again, the number will depend on a range of factors, but on average you can expect to burn the following amount of calories per 10 minutes: Just standing (100 cal); Aerobic exercises (150 cal); Jumping rope (170 cal); Squats (130 cal); Push-ups (120 cal).

Calories Burned on the Vibration Machine During a 10-minute Exercise

How many calories does it burn in 20 minutes?
Knowing already what is the average calorie-burning rate during whole-body vibration, including the rate per 10 minutes on the plate, it is now time to gain an idea of the average calorie-burning rate per 20 minutes. As a basic guide, you can use the above-mentioned findings per minute and multiply by 20, so as to come up with the results, however, it is slightly more complex than that.

For example, in the first few minutes of the exercise, your heart rate will go higher, thus making your body burn more calories. As you progress with the exercise, your heart rate will start normalizing, which will lead to a reduction in the calories burned per minute. The same is true for when you improve your fitness level over time, meaning the more physically fit you become, the fewer calories you will burn during physical activity.

The bottom line is that you are likely to burn slightly fewer calories between minutes 11-20 of the exercise, compared to the calories burned during minutes 1-10 on the vibrating exercise machine. To make it simpler, you can deduct 10% of the calories burned during a 10-minute WBV session, in order to find the calories burned during a 20 minutes session [(10 mins x 2) – 10%], or: Just standing (180 cal); Aerobic exercises (270 cal); Jumping rope (306 cal); Squats (234 cal); Push-ups (216 cal).

As you can see, after reading this article you will know how many calories you can burn on a vibration plate. 15-20 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week on it is enough to get all the benefits including calorie burning.

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