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September 16, 2021 6 min read

Adapting to a good fitness habit can keep our body healthy for a long time. Fitness vibration platform exercise machine, also called full body shaker machine, is a kind of multi-functional exercise equipment, which is ideal for our plan to form such a good fitness habit. For people who lack endurance due to various situations but still want to stay active and do some kind of physical exercise, the easy-to-use vibrating plate is an interesting alternative to heavy aerobic exercise equipment, and the vibration exercises that can be completed on this gym exercise equipment can be a good substitute for any other traditional exercises. When the vibrating machine platform is activated, you will feel that your whole body receives high-speed vibration in multiple directions. At this time, the muscles in each part of your body will be activated and stimulated, and then you will quickly enter the state of exercise. The muscles will reflexively contract and relax dozens of times per second. As a result, physical activity increases, and the good effect of muscle improvement is self-evidently highlighted. Even if the slimming vibration plate workout is not under the control of your consciousness, standing on the home vibration platform still requires enough energy to work hard for your body, which will allow you to easily get the effect of burning calories. Use the vertical vibration machine to complete the whole body vibration 3 times a week, and it only takes 15 minutes each time. After a few weeks of training, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your bone mineral density and fat-free mass have been improved to varying degrees, and your muscle strength is also strengthening, while the loss of muscle mass is avoided. In the past, we always thought that this kind of professional indoor gym equipment would only be seen and used in some gyms. In fact, there are also reasonably priced full vibration machine on the market for you to use indoors in your home.

But surprisingly, ultra slim whole body shaper vibration machine may also have a role beyond weight loss and fitness. After some studies, it has been found that if the vibrating platform for exercise is performed correctly during fitness, it can even alleviate the back pain that has plagued you for a long time. We all know that back pain is usually caused by poor posture or long-term excessive use of back muscles at work. Although the degree of back pain is usually not life-threatening or disabling, once your back pain develops into a persistent risk, however, it is inevitable to greatly affect your daily life and reduce the quality of life. The use of total vibration machine to complete vibration plate training regularly will train and relax the back muscles. Standing on a fast shaking platform can make you clearly feel the changes in muscle tension and circulation, and then its strength and flexibility will also increase unconsciously. When the spine and posture are better supported, muscle cramps or pain will naturally decrease accordingly. However, it should be noted that in order to avoid the recurrence of the same muscle group overtraining, the workout vibration board training plan aimed at reducing back pain should remember to pay attention to both the larger and smaller muscle groups at the same time, and perform alternating activities. Please share with me a few minutes of your free time, temporarily put aside other chores at hand and read the following points carefully, I will provide you with a 3D vibration machine training plan that you can refer to. Let these simple vibration machine for body exercises help you get rid of the trouble of back pain and bring you into a new healthy life.Vibration Machine Exercises
Basic vibration platform plate exercise
1. Push-ups
If you want to get more excitement on the home exercise vibration machine, please set the machine to a higher frequency and add this difficult action, it will definitely make you feel more challenging. Place your hands on the platform of the vibration training machine and use only your hands to support your body weight. Then lower your chest to the surface, and when your chest is almost in contact with the body vibration exercise machine, pause for a few seconds and then push it back to its original position. When doing this, make sure to tighten the core while your hips, heels, and shoulders should be straight and aligned.

2. Plank support
Planks are a good example of core exercises that can be performed on top vibration machines. Whether you are doing regular or oblique planks on the body vibration machine, this posture allows you to exercise your abdominal muscles and back area at the same time. However, compared to those with back injuries, the requirements will be relatively difficult, so it is recommended to fitness people with a certain exercise foundation. For them, this is definitely a secret to shaping a slim abdomen and a clear waist area.

3. Basic standing
The less demanding vibration board exercise is the basic standing posture. When you choose a low frequency, you will find that it is more like a massage than fitness. And if you choose a higher frequency, then a strong whole body vibration workout is mainly aimed at muscle strengthening in the legs, buttocks and core area. First, please stand on the all body vibration machine and hold the handle to make sure your body is balanced. Next, please stand with your feet apart and keep your thighs shoulder-width apart. Finally, after obtaining the correct posture, bend your knees and squat for 30 to 60 seconds, and you will have completed a complete set of basic standing.

Vibration platform training for the back
1. Lower back release
The above mentioned that for people with back discomfort, doing planks or push-ups is too tired, there is a potential risk. So in contrast, this posture is perfect for people who just want to relax and release their tense back muscles. After setting the electronic vibration machine to a lower intensity before starting exercise, stand on the home training equipment with your feet apart to feel the vibration in the lower back area.

2. Pelvic tilt
Start with the basic standing posture taught you before, stand on the vibrating plate workout machine with your feet apart, keep your knees bent a little, and then grasp the handle of the full vibration machine to adjust your core muscles until you find your pelvis slightly lean forward. Then straighten your back and start to feel the vibration and hold this position for 30 seconds, then return to the starting position, wait for the breathing to calm down to a normal level before re-entering the circulation.

3. Side lift
This action is mainly for the shoulders and back but can also exercise the entire upper body. Most fitness vibration platform workout machines will be equipped with an elastic band, which you can use to assist in the completion of the action when performing lateral elevation. At the same time, you can alternate this exercise with biceps curls and triceps stretches for a rapid upper body stimulation cycle, but it is perfectly fine to simply stand on the vibrating gym equipment for 1 minute and perform a classic lateral flat lift.

The above are a few whole body workout vibration platform training I brought you. Of course, there are many other exercises you can try with the vibrator machine. As long as you have enough creativity, you can make full use of this home fitness equipment to complete different fitness exercises. There have been articles published in well-known magazines that prove that as long as you follow the instructions of vibrating gym equipment correctly and limit the training length to a suitable time, a large number of vibration plate exercises and postures means that you can use this machine to exercise all major muscle groups. Therefore, it effectively reduces any stiffness around the affected back muscles and joints, and fully restores the flexibility of your back muscles. In other words, it is very important to use the vibrating gym equipment as part of the back exercise program, plus a little easy adjustment of settings to suit your fitness level, and the low-impact body shaker vibration machine can rebuild your back strength. Just put this best indoor training equipment into your healthy life vision, I promise that the vibration body shaper will make you regain confidence in getting a relaxed back.

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