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April 08, 2022 4 min read

I believe it is necessary for everyone to take regular exercise, especially for those who often sit in front of the computer to work and are overweight. If a person is sedentary for a long time or obese, it will inevitably bring many health problems to the body over time. As we all know, exercise is one of the best ways to prevent the body from getting out of shape and staying away from diseases, which can not only make you burn a lot of calories but also keep you healthy. Generally speaking, a good exercise effect is often inseparable from a piece of good fitness equipment. If you mainly want to strengthen your lower body, then using a squat assisted machine is your best choice. It is very easy to use and can bring you unexpected fitness effects.

Exercise with the Squat Trainer

The squat assisted Row-N-Ride trainer is a piece of very good fitness equipment. At the same time, the squat assisted Row-N-Ride machine can also bring you many benefits, the most important of which is to exercise and strengthen muscles. If you use it properly and give full play to its potential, it can not only exercise your lower body muscles but also strengthen your shoulders, arms, chest and back to some extent. But if you are a person who is experiencing knee pain, you may want to know if you can still use a Row-N-Ride trainer for exercise. In fact, you can still use it for exercise even if you feel knee pain, but you must pay attention to its four components. In the following article, I will teach you how to use its four components correctly to relieve the knee pressure that may occur during the routine squat.

When you use the Row-N-Ride trainer to do squat and upright staggered exercises, the seat can provide you with the strongest support. If you are a person who occasionally feels knee pain or discomfort while squatting, then I suggest that you can gently use the seat to help you keep your balance instead of relying on it every time you squat. But if your knee pain is severe, you'd better lean on the seat as much as possible to reduce the pressure on your knee when exercising with the squat trainer. In addition, when your knees are in front of your toes at the bottom of the squat, it will also put unnecessary pressure on your knees. Therefore, in order to avoid the aggravation of your knee pain, you must set your seat reasonably until your knees feel comfortable. Generally speaking, a Row-N-Ride trainer has three levels of seat inclination (30, 60 and 90), which you can adjust according to your comfort level.

The Row-N-Ride Trainer with Three Levels of Seat Inclination

By using handlebars, you can reduce the pressure on your knees well because you can use them to help you squat and upright safely and painlessly. Holding the handlebars will make you confident that your hips will sit back when squatting, which can help you reduce the pressure on your knees and increase the participation of your hips and hamstrings. In addition, if you feel the knee pain getting worse while exercising with the Row-N-Ride machine, you must adjust the height of the handlebar in time. It will be most comfortable to adjust the handlebar height somewhere between the ribs and navel. Remember not to adjust the height of handlebars too low or too high, because this is not only detrimental to the realization of all-round exercise, but will further aggravate your knee pain.

Once you start exercising with the Row-N-Ride trainer, you will notice that it is usually equipped with anti-slip pedals. This means that when you squat and upright, your feet can be well fixed on the pedal without sliding easily, which can help you relieve the pressure on your knees to a certain extent. In addition, some Row-N-Ride trainers are equipped with rotating pedals. When you move, the pedal will rotate with you, so your knees won't feel any pain or discomfort when you squat.

As the squat assisted machine provides adjustable resistance, you can still use it for exercise even if you feel knee pain. If you are a novice, please don't increase resistance in the initial squat and upright exercises. You know, it's not advisable to increase resistance blindly to achieve better exercise effect, which will not only overload your body but also pull up your muscles so as to lead to aggravation of knee pain. The correct way is that after your knee has fully adapted to the current resistance without any increased pain, you can try to slowly increase the resistance to raise your exercise to a new level.

As you can see, the Row-N-Ride machine is a piece of incredible fitness equipment that can relieve knee pressure when squatting. People with knee pain can use it, but only if the four components of it are used correctly.

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