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August 31, 2022 4 min read

Maybe it's been a long time coming since you've thought about making a change to your body's physique. Or maybe you are becoming obese because you have to sit for a long time at work. No matter what, you need to add some exercise to your daily life to help you build up your body and keep a slim figure. As we all know, using a good piece of fitness equipment is the key to bring you high-quality exercise. If you don't know which fitness equipment to use for exercise yet, you can never go wrong with a running exercise machine. It is not only easy to use, but more importantly, it can bring you many unexpected benefits. Today, with its own advantages, the treadmill is also a popular choice for home gyms.

In terms of fitness, most women have specific plans. Although losing weight and fat is the goal and desire of many people, some women want to enlarge some parts of their bodies, especially their buttocks. Round, tight and bigger butt is not only beautiful, but also help to stabilize the core and improve posture. In most cases, genetic factors play an important role in the size of your butt, but you can also change the size of your butt by targeting your butt with exercises. With the increasing popularity of the running machine, many people want to know if it can help them get bigger buttocks. If you are one of them, please keep reading. In the following article, I will explain it to you in detail through three questions.

What muscles make up your butt?
Your butt is actually comprised of three muscles: the large gluteus maximus and the smaller gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. As the name implies, gluteus maximus is the most prominent and biggest muscle group of the butt. Moreover, it is also the largest and strongest muscle in the body. Although gluteus maximus is the largest and most prominent muscle of your butt, the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus should not be ignored. They contribute to pelvic stability, which keeps you free of injury and helps you maintain good form when you walk, run and squat.

Can a running exercise machine help you get a bigger butt?
The answer is undoubtedly yes. Running and walking on the running exercise machine can help to reduce the fat of your butt, while increasing and exercising its muscle mass, thus strengthening your gluteus maximus. In short, running and walking on the electric treadmill can exercise your butt, thus helping you get a bigger, rounder and firmer butt. According to a study in 2020, there is no significant difference in biological characteristics between outdoor running and running on the running exercise machine. Therefore, running exercise machine training will activate your butt and hamstrings like running outdoors. Even better, the running exercise machine is equipped with an incline function to help you grow your butt. Raising the inclination provides excellent resistance and forces you to engage the core and lower body, which can make your butt bigger over time.

Running and Walking on the Electric Treadmill Can Exercise Your Butt

How to get a bigger butt on a running exercise machine?
If a flat, saggy butt makes you feel less confident, don't be discouraged. By exercising on the running exercise machine, you can get bigger and shapelier butt. Below, I'll show you some ways to help your get a bigger butt on the running exercise machine.

1. Increase inclination
For best results, I suggest you change the incline of your treadmill every minute or two to keep your glute muscles active at all times. For example, start running or walking on the running exercise machine with an incline of about 3%, then increase to 10%, then decrease to 5%, then increase to 12%, then slightly decrease to 10%, then return to 12%, finally recover with an incline of 2% to 4%, and finally level the running exercise machine to zero incline. Increasing the inclination of the running exercise machine is an effective way to maximize your glute muscles to help you get a bigger butt.

2. Add interval training
Interval training is an excellent way to burn calories and lose body fat, and it's also an excellent way to exercise your butt and help you get a bigger butt. Running is one of the best ways to do butt-lifting and toning exercises on the running machine, because your glute muscles will be fully activated. I suggest that you take a brisk walk or jog on the running exercise machine. After every four minutes, increase your speed to 4.5 mph to 6 mph, and then run for a whole minute. Continue alternating intervals throughout the running exercise machine workout.

Add Interval Training in the Running Machine is an Excellent Way to Help You Get a Bigger Butt

3. Combined with lunge training
You can also do lunge training (such as walking lunges, side lunges and skateboard lunges) on the running exercise machine to make your butt bigger. Lunges help to isolate the glute and thigh muscles, which will help strengthen your butt, while also toning and shaping your backside. For walking lunges and side lunges, set your running exercise machine to a slow walking pace and do them as you would normally do them on solid ground. Skateboard lunges are a little trickier but can be beneficial to your gluteal muscles. Firmly place one foot on the rear of the side platform of the running exercise machine and then lunge forward with the opposite foot and ride the belt all the way back, simulating pushing a skateboard. After your desired number of reps, switch legs.

As you can see, a treadmill can help you get a bigger butt. I hope the above listed ways of exercising on it will help you!

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