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Magnetic Rowing Machine for Home Gym Office Workout 16 Level Adjustable Resistance with LCD Monitor

  • This Indoor rowing is used for effective full-body, low-impact workout for stress relief, weight loss and shaping, physical fitness training, improving the heart and lungs healthy and muscle strengthening.
  • Foldable Slide Rail - Foldable design allows for more convenience and easy storage.
  • 16 Adjustable Resistance for all grades of personal exercise.
  • An integrated functional LED shows you the most important parameters: count, distance, calories, time and Strokes per minute.

Note: Mat will be sent separately in different packages.

Fitness Mats
  • Adaptable Monitor Holder, Super convenient

    Fantastic cardio & strength training

    Multi-Purpose Home Gym Equipment

    Rowing is a fantastic cardio and strength training workout that works several major muscle groups (chest, core, abs, glutes, upper body, and lower body), you’re building strength while simultaneously burning calories, burning twice as many calories as cycling, with far less stress and impact on your joints.

    Unique Benefits Of Rowing:

    • Cardio and strength training at the same time
    • Low impact and easy on joints
    • Fit for Full Body Workout & Home Fitness

    Product Parameters / Design

    Unique Shock Absorber & Double Sliders - The shock absorber in between is aimed to reduce the pressure and distribute impact. Its double aluminum slider brings the most quiet rowing machine ever. Cannot be more suitable for home use.

    Ergonomic Design & Frame Material :

    The large alloy steel monorail and comfortable ergonomic seat ensure a smooth sliding effect and a long service life.

    Technical Details / Specification:

    • Item dimensions:153 x 48 x 80 cm (L x W x H)
    • Colour: Black
    • Weight: 20.5 Kilograms
    • Suggested User’s Height: Up to 6’2

    Why Choose Our Mute Aerobic Sports Rowing Device?

    LED data display help you control exercise at any time and adjust exercise intensity in a timely manner; Regular rowing exercises can help you lose weight, relieve stress, and activate all of your vital muscles to increase your overall physical strength, as well as your aerobic capacity and endurance.

    16 Level Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

    Functional LED Digital Monitor Display

    Super Silent Aluminum Sliding Frame

    Ergonomic Foot Pedals

    Home Use Magnetic Rowing Machine

    A top quality Rower for your Health and Wellness

    Upright Storage for Space-Saving & Non-slip Handlebar

    Foldable design allows for more convenience and easy storage. With silent magnetic resistance and fluent sliding, you will enjoy the entire rowing motion without noise. Additionally, it can be stored upright and the screen can be folded for convenience.

    Durable textured handlebar not only provides anti-slip grip for consistent use; but also increased endurance and comfort in every rowing workout.

    Using Your Rower Correctly

    1. Remember to start off every workout with a 5-10 minutes warm up and cool down.

    2. Start with a low resistance level to make sure you’re comfortable, then increase resistance as needed.

    3. Sit on the seat and secure your feet on the pads.

    4. You don’t want to be rowing without shoes on or wearing clothes that are too baggy as the fabric can get caught between the seat and the beam it slides on.

    • For the “catch”, keep the back very straight with arms extended while holding the bar or handles of the rower.
    • For the “drive” phase, push off in a controlled motion, powering through your heels into the pads and straightening your legs. Pull the cable toward your chest, but don’t worry about pulling it all the way in.
    • At the “finish”, your legs are fully extended, shoulders back, and the bar pulled near the upper chest with wrists straight, not curled.
    • On the return or “recovery”, allow your arms to straighten and your knees to bend. The recovery is where your core muscles such as abs and lower back can get a good, safe workout so keep them engaged.
  • Product Specifications

    Product Name Magnetic Rowing Machine
    Color Black
    Product size 153 x 48 x 80 cm (L x W x H)
    Frame Material Alloy Steel
    Weight Capacity 110kg
    Rowing Machine Net Weight 20Kg
    Adjustable resistance 16 level
    Display LCD Monitor

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Speedy delivery, quite easy to assemble.

Roger S.

Efficient delivery. Clear building instructions

Graham D.

The item arrived with no delays and the assembly was straightforward. The item appears to be well made and sturdy


Delivered on time, good product, relatively way to assemble and really enjoying using it


The machine arrived the same week I ordered it and had minimal self assembling