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August 13, 2021 4 min read

In the past few years, you may have noticed that there are more and more people around the rowing machines in the gym. They are long and low, and are usually hidden in walls or corners. Although people rarely used it in the past, it eventually became a dust collecting machine. With the increasing popularity of rowing machines, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the role of rowing machines.

What is a rowing machine
What is a rowing machine, as the name suggests, is a fitness equipment that imitates the action of rowing. Its multiple uses include low-impact exercises, high-intensity sprint intervals, low-intensity endurance development, full-body strength training, core training, heart health, and posture control.Magnetic Rowing Machine for Home Gym

Master the rowing machine
Just like running or elliptical training, rowing is a full-body exercise. Start in a sitting position on the machine, with your knees bent, and your feet fixed to the foot poles or straps, depending on the equipment of the machine you are buying. Then you can grasp the handle connected to the front of the machine through the cable. Next, use your legs to push back and use your core muscles to tilt your body back in a smooth, controlled motion, with your arms contracted to your chest. Then slide forward, return your knees to the bend starting position, and extend your arms and handles forward toward the front of the machine. This movement should be a smooth movement from beginning to end, you only need to repeat the movement for half an hour to achieve the effect of exercise. After you adapt to the initial difficulty, you can also use a resistance device, which will affect the tension of your pulling and make your rowing action more difficult to complete.

Rowing and other aerobic exercise equipment
In any case, there is no saying that one machine is better than another. Because each fitness equipment has its own special function, it is set for people with different fitness needs. But for those who cannot run or ride a bicycle due to joint pain, the rowing machine is safe.

According to data from Harvard Medical School, in terms of calories burned, moderate rowing and moderate cycling consume roughly the same amount of calories, and every 30 minutes of exercise will consume 200-300 calories. However, using an elliptical machine for training or running will consume more calories, reaching 240-400 calories every 20 minutes.

A full-body workout
Although rowing seems very simple, it is also a very effective way of exercise. Rowing is both aerobic exercise and strength training. It is extremely useful. You can adjust the tension of the machine to get heavier pulling force, and use your legs and hands to exercise. When you pull back and forth, your back will also get the corresponding exercise. In fact, we should exercise our back muscles more. Because many of us are staring at the computer or mobile phone all day, this will cause your spine to bend. So it is very important to improve the posture of the spine.

If you are injured or just start exercising, can you use a rowing machine?
The rowing machine is suitable for people of all ages and with various fitness abilities. Because you can really use it as a means to achieve many different fitness goals.

If you have injuries to limbs
For those who are recovering or in a new state, rowing machines are usually quite safe. Because rowing has almost no risk of injury. So it is an excellent choice for those who are recovering, are experiencing joint pain or discomfort, or who want to increase their strength without being overly stressed. For this reason, many athletes use rowing as an important part of their cross-training or recovery from injuries. However, for safety reasons, if you are seriously injured, then you should ask your doctor if you can use the rowing machine for some low-impact training. Under normal circumstances, moderate training can speed up the body's recovery.

If you have a back injury
For most people, the rowing machine is a safe sport. But when the exercise intensity increases, people tend to use the lower back to promote exercise. When your body begins to fatigue, your lower back may take over to compensate for your tired muscles. For those who tend to lose their core strength when tired, this exercise may cause damage to the lower back. If you train slowly and in a controlled manner, rowing is safe in most cases. However, if you have a lower back injury and are interested in rowing exercises, you should perform this training under the guidance of a doctor and adequate supervision.

Can rowing be your all exercise machine
Do you want to use the rowing machine as exercise equipment for all your fitness programs? Rowing training brings many powerful benefits to your heart, lungs and overall health. You can increase the intensity while improving. This means that you can increase the difficulty of exercise as long as you want. Some people think that rowing is too easy, but the rowing machine is great because you can choose the difficulty of the exercise, you can be more explosive when rowing, and you can maintain a fast pace.

Keep it in the right form
As with all other sports, you need to ensure that you follow the correct form when rowing to get all the benefits and protect yourself from harm. It is important to keep your knees straight and neutral. If you bow to one side while doing the movement, this can cause hip problems. Just make sure you don't lock them when you pull back.

The correct posture is very important, and it may be more difficult to maintain the correct posture under stressful situations. You need to keep your shoulders back and your head straight. Don't bend over and keep your head down. If you don't maintain the correct posture, it can cause problems in your upper and lower back and back cramps. If you pull your body higher, such as pulling your chin instead of your chest, shoulder problems are also a risk.

Keeping these in mind can help you get the most out of your body and feel good every time you leave the rowing machine.

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