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December 24, 2021 3 min read

Rowing workouts develop strength, explosive power and endurance, making it an ideal exercise for improving your overall health. It requires mobilizing your legs, core strength, back and arms, making it a very comprehensive and integrated workout. If you want to complete this training at home, then a home rowing fitness machine can be very good to meet our needs. Of course, if you know something about rowing machines, two common air and magnetic rowing workout machines you should not feel strange. Many people may be interested in them both but have a hard time deciding between them. Please don’t worry. There is a detailed description of their differences below, which can provide you with a good reference to find the most suitable one for you.

Magnetic rowing machines
Magnetic rowing machines are magnet-based rowing sport machines, which means they rely on magnets built into the flywheel rather than air. It primarily uses magnetic breakage in the flywheel to generate resistance, which can be increased or decreased by powerful magnets to increase or decrease the amount of resistance when rowing. The vortex generated by the magnet interacts with the flywheel, and the closer you get to the flywheel, the greater the level of resistance. This type of rowing workout machine can provide very smooth and strong consistent resistance when rowing. Even if the harder or the faster you pull, the resistance of the magnetic rower will not increase. However, it can still provide a physically demanding workout. It is also much quieter than other rowing fitness equipment due to the lack of friction, making it ideal for home workouts.

Air rowing machines
Air rowing sport equipment, as its name implies, is an air-based machine that can rotate to produce air similar to a fan. It mainly uses flywheel to generate resistance, and the resistance level can be adjusted according to your exercise needs. When pulling, the force and speed of the pull causes friction, resulting in a high level of extension force. It can provide us with a smooth trip and the feeling of naturally simulating rowing. This is helpful for professional rowers, or even those who just want a high intensity workout, as it ensures that you are putting in a high level of effort throughout your workout.

Air Rowing Machine

The difference between them
We all have a detailed understanding of their respective operating principles. Their specific differences are mainly reflected in four aspects: resistance, noise, monitor and cost. You can refer to the following four factors as the basis of your choice.

1. Resistance operation. From the above description, we can easily see that they have essential differences in resistance control. Air rowing exercise machines usually have no adjustable resistance. In order to feel greater resistance, you must speed up the row. The magnetic rowing machine can be adjusted by dial or button, which makes it easier for you to complete the exercise systematically according to your needs.

2. Monitors. When it comes to monitors, their superiority depends more on your personal preference. Both machines can have simple or more sophisticated monitors. However, air rowing workout equipment usually have monitors that are more accurate, better at tracking training data, and more suitable for professional Olympic athletes, or indoor rowing racers. Magnetic rowing cycling machine, on the other hand, are usually filled with preset programs, while they can record a large number of data points, play games and pre-program workouts, making them easy to use for professionals and beginners alike.

3. Noise level. As mentioned above, the magnetic rowing machine is the quieter of the two. When you use the air resistance machine, it is often accompanied by the sound of air. However, magnetic rower do not use contact resistance level, which makes it almost silent. If you like listening to music or watching TV while boating, then the latter may be best for you.

4. Cost. In terms of cost, you can find two styles of products suitable for most budgets. Having said that, in terms of maintenance cost, the magnetic rowing workout machine doesn't need too much maintenance, so it won't generate too much maintenance cost in the later period.

They all have their own advantages, so you can make the best choice for your home according to your needs. If you pay more attention to quietness and preset exercise plan, then magnetic rower is a better choice.

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