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June 25, 2021 2 min read

The weight bench is a central part of almost all weightlifting equipment. The structure of the basic weight bench is simple: it consists of a plank about one foot wide and three feet long, which is usually cushioned for comfort. The weightlifter sits, lies on the ground, or leans his back on the bench to do various exercises. Exercises performed by athletes usually include barbells and dumbbells. This is why the bench is called a "weight bench". Additional equipment can be placed on or around the bench for more exercises.

The weight bench can support individuals to carry out weight training. When evaluating a weight bench, the two main attributes that need to be considered are robustness and its support. In order to support the weight of lifting, dumbbells and barbells in use, the bench must be strong enough. The main parts of the bench should be made of metal, and the bench should be thick enough to prevent bending. In addition, the workout bench should be balanced and supported. Since many exercises are performed on one end of the weight bench, it should have enough support. In this way, when the weight is unevenly distributed on it, it will not tip over and hurt the user. Some weigh benches provide functions that allow users to perform sit-ups on slopes. The incline weight bench is not necessarily parallel to the ground. Some incline weight benches have an acute angle upwards, while others slope downwards. These angles are used for different exercises to promote the use of specific muscle groups.

An inappropriate use of weight bench may cause pain on the lower back. There is usually other indoor fitness equipment around the weight bench, or other fitness equipment attached to it so that the athlete can perform additional exercises. A large barbell can be placed at one end of the weight bench to assist in weightlifting exercises. The device that puts heavy objects on the bench is called a stand, although it can also be called a shelf. Leg attachments can be equipped to one end of a weight bench so that exercisers can perform so-called leg curls and leg extensions, or a bench can be added as well. In this way, when doing sit-ups on the bench, you can stay in a different posture, allowing different muscle groups to work. Weight bench are usually associated with press exercises. The inclined bench press is a variant of the flat bench press, which mainly acts on the muscles of the upper chest and shoulder.

Weight Bench Workout

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